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I know I have been MIA for much longer than anticipated, with that said I AM BACK!  Back with a fab review of a brand new kit from It Cosmetics.  I have to say that I am a total QVC junkie. I tune in to all the cosmetic and skincare lines like I am in my own personal beauty classroom.  I love to learn about all the new products on the market and also love to see how they are applied.

When I was asked if I wanted to review some products from It Cosmetics I couldn't write back fast enough.  I was expecting to receive a mascara and perhaps another product, I never expected to receive a 5 piece, full size kit.  This kit is actually on QVC as we speak as the TSV.  The price is $54.96 and it is available on 3 easy payments!  Ok now let me tell you my thoughts. Hurry we only have 24 hours!

This kit comes with the Celebration Foundation, Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush, Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer, Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara, and last but not least Vitality Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lip and Cheek Stain Stick.

The first product that I couldn't wait to try was the foundation with that amazing brush. I read all about the wonderful ingredients packed into the foundation and thought that this would be perfect for my skin concerns.  The brush definitely lives up to its name, it is heavenly.  The color that I was sent in the foundation was medium.  Due to the fact that I am a self tan queen, this was a little light for me.  I will definitely be ordering the foundation in the tan which will be perfect.  I did use it to see the coverage and whether or not it would look dry on me. This product was NOT dry at all.  It actually looked moisturizing and had wonderful coverage.  This felt like silk going on my skin.  The combination of this foundation with this brush created a flawless finish on my skin.  Since I was unable to wear this all day due to the color,  I decided to bring it to work and share with my friends.  I put it on two of my friends at work to see how it would wear throughout the day and also get their opinions.  The women I used this on loved this product. It stayed on all day and looked flawless from the first application until the end of the day. Both of my friends couldn't wait for tonight to order. It was nice that I was able to see it on different skin types.

The mascara and primer are something that I used on myself and I must say I was totally impressed with this duo.  My lashes were out of control, in a good way of course!  My sister had actually ordered this mascara a few months ago and had told me how in love with it she is. I love the ball on the end.  I can really get in there and extend even the shortest lashes.  The Tightline primer is a unique product. This has a super skinny wand that allows you to get right in and coat the lashes right at the root.  This can also be used as an eyeliner which is genius!

The Vitality Stick is such a fab product as well.  This is a product that can be used on the lips and cheeks.  It gives a perfect flush of color, the perfect color for everyone. Usually when I apply products like this they tend to be quite dry and turn a funky color of red. This product did not turn red and actually turned a gorgeous flush of pink.  It made my skin look like it had a natural glow. This was moisturizing and stayed on for hours. This is also something that I wanted to share with my friends.  I had used this with a disposable brush for myself and my two friends that I used it on.  I had to disclose that so everyone knows I didn't have everyone using the same stick!  Both of my friends loved this so much.  Ok so now I have to tell you that this stick is no longer in my possession.  One of my friends had it on her desk and then next thing I knew it was in her purse! OK I guess that's what friends are for.  Little does she know that when she orders her kit tomorrow, THAT Vitality stick is MINE! 

Jamie Kern Lima is the Co-Founder of It Cosmetics which  actually stands for Innovative Technology!  Jamie suffers from Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation. If you are able to catch her on QVC you will actually see her take her makeup off and reapply it on camera. This is an amazing transformation.

Jamie believes in solving beauty problems, making our life easier, making us feel our most beautiful and most importantly bringing us joy.  I have really been enjoying these products and so have the friends I have shared them with. I too believe that the correct beauty products can bring joy! I love to share beauty finds with my friends.

In the case of finding a wonderful cosmetic line that makes it as easy as one, two, three - This case is SOLVED!

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Jennifer Bradley - Medical Grade Cosmetics & Skincare

I will start off this post by telling you that being able to blog is something that I feel so lucky to do.   Not only do I get to try some amazing products such as skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, & even jewelry, I get to meet some of the most amazing people.  One person who I recently was able to talk to is the gorgeous Jennifer Bradley.  I was sent some of Jennifer's products to review and then I went to order some more on her website.  This is where she emailed me about a question I had, and then we started chatting about all of her amazing products. 

Jennifer is a celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert.  Jennifer has worked as a television actress, model, and singer. Jennifer had a personal struggle with acne and decided to research and develop her own products that she would use as a makeup artist. She has worked with some of the best names in the business such as - Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore, Sharon Osborne, and she was also the personal makeup artist for President and Michelle Obama! 

Jennifer has a full line of medical grade skincare and cosmetics.  She is constantly adding new products on her site.  She even has a perfume, which I am dying to try! So what is different about Jennifer's makeup you ask?  After a full investigation, let me tell you what I have found!

I was able to try a variety of Jennifer's products such as - 4 in One Camera Ready Smart Makeup #7, Lip Gloss in Mint Hush Pink, Mascara, Rosweood Liner, Lipstick in Bronze Gold, Bush in Pink Champagne, and Bronzer!  Here is a photo of my products, well the lipstick is missing because my good friend Cathy opened the tube and her eyes lit up, I couldn't even think about trying to pry it out of her paws!  With that said, she has worn it everyday and is IN LOVE with this gorgeous "Perfect Red". 

On the top you will find Jennifer's Bronzer which is simply called "Best Bronzer."  You only have to use this once and you will see exactly why the name fits it.  I am a bronzer junkie and always on the search for something perfect for my skin.  I have to say that this works amazing on my skin tone.  The color is natural and never looks orange or muddy.  I can definitely see this working on any skin tone.  The next product is Jennifer's 3 in 1 Fresh Cleanser.  This cleanser makes my skin feel so clean and fresh.  It also helps tighten pores and has anit-aging properties in it.  The middle product is Pink Champagne, which is actually a highlighter that I use on my cheekbones and also on my eyes to highlight under my brows.  This is the perfect shade, that doesn't make me look like a shiny little disco ball.  The mascara is wonderful. It lengthens and also holds my curl.  The Hint of Mint gloss smells so wonderful and fresh with that mint scent. The color is a gorgeous pink. Perfect to wear alone or over lipstick to make the lips appear fuller and stay moisturized.  The Rosewood liner, goes with the Perfect Red lipstick, which Cathy has!  I didn't give her a chance to take the liner because I am in love with lip liners. I use this color with all of my pink or berry lip products.  Ok so I have saved the best for last!! This needs a new paragraph.

The final round compact to the left of the photo is Jennifer's 4 in One Camera Ready Smart Makeup.  I usually don't do this but I am taking the description right off of Jennifer's page -

*** Foundation. Concealer. Dewy Powder Finish. Sun protection. Incredible coverage, with a weightless, undetectable finish. Improves skin texture, and gives your skin a radiant glow. Takes the redness out of skin immediately. OIL FREE AND NEVER CAUSES BREAKOUTS

Lasts about five to six months, even when used everyday. This is the best foundation you will ever use in your whole life. Prepare to be amazed by this magic makeup product. TOP SELLER

*Created by a makeup artist for makeup artists, busy moms, and  people who want to look high maintenance.

**If you need help choosing your color, call me and I will match your color based on the foundation that you are currently using.
Sounds too good to be true - It is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  This has been my holy grail product since the first time I tried it.  My skin looks flawless with this foundation. I use Dr. Feelgood Primer by Benefit under and then apply this with a foundation brush. I don't even use my concealer anymore! I then apply my Bronzer on top and I am good to go.  This is AMAZING! I am totally in LOVE!

Ok so I have gone on long enough about Jennifer and her amazing products.  It is time for you to head over and check it out for yourself.  Remember if you have any questions about ANY products, Jennifer will answer you herself.  She takes pride in her company and the research that goes into these products.  They are made to help your skin be the best it can be.

The Social Media junkie in me has to give you all of Jennifer's connections -

Website  -  
Facebook  - 
YouTube -

In the case of finding yet another makeup line that I am totally addicted too - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


The Makeup Detective - Where have I been? What am I doing? I am going to tell!

Sorry I have been MIA the past month, I have been super duper busy working and getting settled into my new life with my son off in college.  You would think that would give me more time to blog, guess again! 

I recently went back into my love of cosmetics by taking a part time job as Prestige Consultant at Ulta.  Working at Ulta has been such a dream come true for me.  I actually walked up to someone the other day who said it was her first time in and I said, "Welcome to Ulta, your one stop beauty destination!" Ok really those words actually came out, and then I went through the entire store like a flight attendant showing the exits for passengers safety!

I am so happy that I get to see my clients that I used to work with years ago at the counters.  I remember each and every one, and to my surprise they remember me.  Ulta is like my beauty play land.  Someone the other day said to me, "Oh you are going to work?" I replied with, "No, I am going to play!"  Yup I love it that much.  I work with a group of amazing people who make it so nice to come to work and play with!

Ok, so now you know that working at Ulta has not helped my makeup shopping addiction, it has added to it.  I have found so many "must haves" to add to my makeup routine I don't even know where to begin. 

I just wanted to write a little note explaining where I have been and what I have been up too.  I have a ton of products to review that have been sent to me, and that I am totally loving.  You know makeup is much like Project Runway - One day a product is in, and one day, it is out! You know you totally said that in Heidi Klum's accent!  Please stay tuned for my many reviews on some fab products that I have discovered.

In the case of wondering if The Makeup Detective will ever return - This case is SOLVED!

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Attention: The Dr. is in and is here to help!

While chatting about our favorite products at Ulta last night, my gorgeous friend Andrea told me that one of her favorite products is by Benefit and it is called "dr. feelgood".  After looking at her flawless skin I knew this was a product that I must get into my hands STAT!  I tried it today for the first time, usually I wait longer before I blog about a product, but after showing photos on Instagram and Twitter I knew I couldn't wait to let this cat out of the bag any longer.

Let me first start by saying that this product is said to be a velvety complexion balm.  After putting it on my face that is exactly what it is, and so much more.  I applied this product immediately after my moisturizer with the sponge that it came with.  Immediately my skin felt silky smooth and my lines became less apparent.  I looked in my magnifying mirror and was pleasantly surprised by the results.  I then put my normal foundation over it and continued with my bronzer.  After I was finished I decided to pat it over my skin as a finisher and viola my skin looked like I went over it with a magic eraser!  When I read the package of this miracle balm it said to pat and smooth over makeup with its accompanying sponge or wear it alone.  I have to say that this is a fab multiple use product.  You can use it as a primer and it doesn't interfere with your foundation, it makes it even better.  You can also use it in place of powder for touch ups throughout the day.  It refreshes your face and smooths it while taking away any shine you may have.

Ok really I could go on and on and on but I must leave you with a photo of this product for your viewing pleasure -

All I have to say is, "Who ever said that makeup isn't a magic wand, simply didn't have dr. feelgood in their hands!" 

In the case of finding something to help erase the hands of time - This case is SOLVED!
Detective Kathy


Who Wears It Well?????

I am sure with a title like this you would like to know the answer to the question, "Who that wears it well?"  I will tell you that the "who" is me now that I have been wearing The She Wears It Well Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills!  A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail.  As soon as I opened the package and saw this palette I knew it was love at first sight.  I have other nude shadow palettes, but I must say this is the one I have been using every day since I received it. 

First let me start by telling you what makes this palette so special.  That would be the colors!  The colors are so gorgeous and really brighten up my eyes.  The colors are - Trophy; Glow; Latte; Foxy (MY FAV); Sunset; Frosting; Almond; Onyx; and Toffee.  The colors Almond (taupe), Toffee (brown), and Onyx (black) are matte shades.  The others are not loaded with shimmer and have just the right amount of sheen.  I am so addicted to using Almond all over the entire eye, Foxy in the crease with a little bit of Onyx over top, and a bit of frosting or sunset under the brow.  I have even used Sunset as a cheek bone highlighter.  This palette really has something for everyone.  The color payoff is fab and they stay on all day even without a base.  This palette comes with a big mirror which makes it easy to travel with.  I will be honest and say that I usually discard the brushes in palettes the minute I open them up.  This was not the case with this.  I actually use it if I am on the go and want to add a little more Onyx to go out for the evening.  Here is a photo of this gorgeous palette -

See how gorgeous this is!  The top photo show the promotional goodies that I received along with the palette.  The cards show looks on the back.  The last photo with the lipstick and foundation is a photo that I posted on Instagram (@makeupdetective).  The tag was to choose your 3 favorite beauty products and post a pic.  As you can see this palette was one of my top 3! 

I was informed that this palette will only be available for the next 3 weeks so I suggest you hurry up and scoop one up!  It can be found at Sephora and - This retails for $34.00 and is a $90.00 value! It can also be found at Anastasia's website where it will be featured, along with videos, right on the home page -

This palette is described as - Classic Hollywood glamour meets modern moxie with this array of shadows that impart a sophisticated smolder to the eyes. Anastasia's Illumin8 formula features Youthful Synergy Complex®, clinically proven to illuminate, firm, and hydrate the skin.  What more could you ask for out of an eyeshadow palette!

Just a little secret that I have uncovered, please keep it to yourself because I wasn't supposed to tell, Anastasia will be coming out with a new palette for holiday - "Want You To Want Me", AND "Kisses On My List" gloss set!  Stay tuned for those because if they are like everything else that Anastasia creates, those will be must haves. 

In the case of uncovering the answer to the question, "Who wears it well?" - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy


nuNAAT Hair Care Product Review

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you know that I get sent products for review.  I am contacted by someone who offers to send me their products, or products that they sponsor to review.  One thing I will never do is accept a product that I would not purchase with my own money.  With that said, that is why there will be NO review of contact lenses with the Italian Flag or smiley faces on them in my blog! 

Hair products for me are a touchy subject since I have holy grail products that I have used for years.  I usually deny the hair products but there was something that made me want to try this line called nuNAAT.  It started with a survey and a conversation with Stephanie who helped me choose the correct products for my natural curly and unruly hair.  Stephanie was so kind to send me the entire line of Karite Special with Shae Butter products for dry, damaged, and broken hair.  Let me start by saying that I thought it was about time to review these products as I was on the website trying to purchase replacements!!!

Here is a photo of the products she sent me -
From left to right - Karite Special Combing Cream; Karite Nourishing Shampoo; Karite Reconstructive Conditioner; Karite Anti-Frizz Thermo Activator; and Karite Special Hair Mask. 

I have been using these products since the beginning of August and must say I am SOLD, I guess you can tell when you read above that I was purchasing replacements.  In the summer my hair is very dry and damaged due to the sun, pool, and the highlights that I get.  I began using the shampoo and conditioner and immediately saw a difference in the texture of my hair.  I use a little of the Thermo Activator mixed with my normal styling cream and then dry my hair with a diffuser.  If I have any frizz pieces or pieces that need to be tamed, I add a little of the combing cream and it takes care of that situation.  Lastly, I like to actually put the mask on my dry hair at night, about once a week, and sleep in it.  I have done this for years with various products.  I feel like my hair is more hydrated when I do this.  My hair has really never looked more healthy and frizz-free, especially for hot humid summer days.  The recommended use for the mask is twice a month for 15 minutes but I like to say, when it comes to my hair, go big or go home!

I can honestly say that these products are amazing!  I still have the shampoo and conditioner left but want a back up just in case I run out!  As for the other products, these will last me a while longer.  The mask comes in that huge tub.  With all of these products a little goes a long way.  I wash and condition my hair every day so these products tend to go first with me.  For reference the mask comes in a 17.6 oz tub! 

Ok now are you ready for the best part ..... I feel like there should be a drum roll......these products are sold at Walgreens, Sally Beauty Supply, and  Just for reference the Combing Cream is $2.49! 

As I mentioned above I usually pass on the hair products, especially an entire system, but I am so happy I said yes to these products.  Don't worry if you don't have curly or dry hair, they have a product system for every type of hair out there.  They even have a do it yourself Brazilian system!  The website walks you step by step through to help you find the products that suit your hair care needs.  You can choose by ingredients, hair type, or category.  Check it out at -  You will be so happy you did! 

In the case of finding a new product line to help my dry,damaged, and broken locks - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Stay tuned because there will be a giveaway happening soon with your chance to win your very own hair care system from nuNAAT! 


Tia Cosmetics Review

So friends and fellow beauty lovers I feel like I have been away forever!  With the smell of fall in the air, and the temperature of my pool being below 70, I am BACK on the blog circuit.  I have a ton of goodies that I have received over the past month that I need to share with all of you. 

I am starting it off with a line of cosmetics from a 15 year makeup veteran Bettina.  I actually met Bettina on, where else, the social network that I love Twitter!  From Twitter it went onto Instagram where I am also a huge fan.  I started talking to her and ended up on her website.  With her help, and my constant addiction to all nude lipsticks and glosses, I decided to get a lipstick along with a gloss to wear over top.  I bought the Micro Bubble lipstick in Nude, and Lip Lacquer in Cooper Topper.  I have to say that I have been wearing this combo every day since I received it.  The micro bubble lipstick is so creamy, moisturizing, and long wearing.  I have had a problem this summer with my lips due to the sun.  My lips have been so dry and wearing my favorite nudes had been a problem until this formula graced my pout.  I use it straight from the tube, which means it is a wearable nude.  I then put a little Copper Topper on top to give it a sleek shine.  The combo is just gorgeous and makes me very happy!  Here is a picture of the colors -
See I told you....just gorgeous!  While I purchased the two lip products, there were two goodies that were added into my order for me to try out.  One is a gorgeous eyeshadow duo in the most gorgeous shade of purple I have ever seen. As you can see below, this color gorgeous and goes on so soft and blendable.  It also is a long wearing formula that lasts all day!
The next product that she sent me is a product that I almost ordered but was unsure if the color would be dark enough for me.  It is the Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20, in the color Deep.  I immediately used this the minute I received it and have to say it is absolutely amazing.  First of all you only need a little to cover your entire face.  This multi-purpose foundation is oil-free, hypo-allergenic, and contains sunscreen and antioxidants.  It nourishes, protects, and moisturizes for a flawless and even look to the skin.  I love products that are multi-purpose and this does not fall short! 
Here is a photo of the products all packaged in their cute black bags the way they came to me.
Well there you have it my friends, a product review FINALLY!  If you are interested in Tia Cosmetics, which you definitely should be, they can be found at -

You can also follow her on Twitter - @tiacosmetics

In the case of finding another beauty website to spread my hard earned $$$ around - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy