Calling All Pretty Girls - Let's Save Some $$$

So here's the 411 for all my pretty girl followers of my blog posts and on my favorite media outlet Twitter!  As you all may know from one of my previous blog posts about my fav daytime diva Sharon Case, I was on the hunt for her favorite lipgloss and lipstick.  My investigation was successful and I found that "Pretty Girl Makeup" was Sharon's go to company for her perfect pout.  If you follow her on Twitter, you will even find a picture of her with her Pretty Girl Lipgloss in "You're A Doll".

To my surprise, Christina Flach CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup emailed me today with something special for me, and something for me to share with all of you!  Christina knows that after purchasing a few of her products, I am so in love with her colors, formula, and packaging.  She gave me a 25% off code for myself, and also for my followers and friends!  I am so excited because there are  more colors that I would like to add to my collection!  Just for reference, Sharon's favorite colors are - Lipgloss in "Soul Mate" and "You're A Doll" and lipsticks in "Let's Go Shopping" and "Rich Husband".  The first two colors that I received are pictured in my post - "Update on Sharon Case's Lip Colors".  The other one I received a few days later.  I will post a photo below for you.  This is the color - "Day At The Spa".  I have been getting a ton of compliments on this color whenever I wear it.  Its the perfect pink pearl color!
So here is the website so you can go on and order -  All you have to do is type the word - "PRETTY" in the box where it says Voucher.  When you order, please comment below and let me know what you are getting.  I am certain that you are going to fall in love with Pretty Girl just like I did! 

In the case of saving money and wearing the same colors as our favorite Pretty Girl Sharon Case - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy 


Update on Sharon Case's Jewelry POMP

Yesterday while I was doing my usual stalking of my Twitter news feed, I came across an exciting post.  Sharon Case announced that her Jewelry line POMP  is now available.  I immediately went on and found so many of the pieces I have been drooling over for the past months.  Sharon's designs are absolutely breathtaking.  It's funny that on Friday's episode I was staring at Sharon's gorgeous diamond pendent and now it will be mine.  I only ordered one piece, this time, from the site.  It was so hard to choose because every single piece is stunning.  I chose the Pave Coin Pendent in silver as my first purchase.  My next will be the Crystal Cluster Earrings.  I am so excited to receive my necklace.  I know this is going to be a piece that I will wear all of the time.  I have a favorite diamond cross that I received for Christmas about 3 years ago, this piece will look perfect layered under it.  Here is a photo of the necklace taken from the POMP website -

Isn't it gorgeous?  I will update you when I receive my piece.  I just had to share with all of you just in case you don't have a Twitter account.  I didn't want any of the Sharon fans to miss out on these pieces.  I have to also comment on the prices of her pieces.  This pendant above is $29.95!  I think that is TOTALLY reasonable for a piece that looks like this.  Also to actually own something that the gorgeous Sharon has created is actually priceless! 

Here is the website  Go check it out and post a comment below letting me know what you think of the pieces, and if you decided to purchase any!

In the case of owning a unique design by my favorite Daytime Diva - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy


I Just Love to Be A Winner!

As far as makeup products, you may think that it takes a lot to impress me!  You might be thinking  if it doesn't come in a shiny black compact with white interlocking CC's, it usually doesn't make it in my makeup bag.  That is actually not true at all.  I have so many products from all different lines.  I have products from the drug store, department store, and speciality stores alike!  I love them ALL, I would be lying if I said I loved them all equally, but anyway I love them so let's just leave it at that!

I had mentioned in a previous post that I won a contest on Twitter.  The contest was from the website - "Beauty Undercover"  They have something called "Swag Alerts" everyday.  This is where they alert their Twitter followers once the give away is open.  You simply go on the website and fill out the info.  I hate to say it but the first time I entered, I was a WINNER!  I won a NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit.  This little beauty holds 9 eye shadows and 2 lip colors.  When I opened it up I immediately thought it looked like a mini Naked Palette.  The colors were super pretty and I was excited to see how the pigment and staying power was going to be.  I used it the next morning and knowing the quality of all the other NYX products that I own, I should have known that  these were just as amazing!  The colors had a ton of pigment, went on smooth, and stayed on all day.  Can't beat that with a big fat bat now can we? I read that the palette is $13.00 and can be purchased at Ulta.  This is TOTALLY worth the price in my beauty book.  I would actually pay much more for something with this quality and convenience.  Most of the colors are matte, which I have been liking for a change.  Here is the palette below -

Ironic that the last Twitter contest I won was also NYX products!  I have been enjoying those as well.  NYX is a great line especially for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on cosmetics, but doesn't want to sacrifice the quality.  They have a ton of products to choose from with a vast array of colors.  I would definitely purchase more of these cuteee little NYX palettes.

Make sure you check out Beauty Undercover.  They have so much more than giveaways! They talk about current trends, cosmetics and a lot more.  It's a great site, and the giveaways are the fabu! Also how about that name - Beauty Undercover, I think that they should team up with The Makeup Detectives!  Imagine the cases of beauty that would be solved!

In the case of feeling like one of the luckiest girls in the world - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Viva Las Vegas - Chanel Style

So when we were young it was thoughts of sugarplums dancing in our heads, now that we are older sugarplums, probably not so much! I came across a photo today while checking out some fav blogs that has not stopped dancing in my head since I laid eyes on it.  This picture really had me at HELLO!  I love to read other blogs about --- Makeup!  Did you really think I would say anything else?  One of my fav's is called  "LaChanelphile" here is the link -   Let me just tell you something about this blog, this blog knows the ins and outs of Chanel! Everything from makeup, fashion, accessories, etc. it has it all!  I always check to see whats new and exciting.  Today something was definitely new and exciting.  I will post some of the info below, although I would recommend you clicking over to the site to check out the ahmazing photos!  Proper blog etiquette, I will not post photos from another blog, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go take a look! It is totally something not to be missed.

Ok so here it is - The fabu Peter Philips has created a Limited Edition collection for the Chanel Boutique at the Bellagio in Las Vegas!  It is currently closed for remodeling and for the grand opening there will be some glitzy gems that a true Chanel lover can't afford to miss out on.  Here is the info below -

"Las Vegas de Chanel includes four items: Lucky Stripes, a compact with four shades of sand and bronze to be worn on eyes, face or cheekbones; Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant, a sheer golden lip shade; Le Crayon Lèvres Vegas Gold, a gold lip pencil; and it wouldn’t be a collection without a covetable Le Vernis in Gold Fingers."

Wait until you see the Lucky Stripes compact, it is to die for! The rest of the products are glitzy and gorg as well but that compact is something extra special.  I tried numerous times to call the boutique today but lady luck was not on my side!  I do believe they are still closed for remodeling.  I have a  friend in Vegas, shout out to Sammie, checking on it for me tomorrow. 

As soon as I find out any info, I will let you all know.  I am going to take a gamble and try to call again later!  Don't forget check out the photos!  Do it right before you go to bed, that way you will have gorgeous and glitzy Chanel dreams!

In the case of my credit card aching once again because of CHANEL - This case will forever and ever be OPEN!

Detective Kathy


Detective Kathy's Lip Trio Of The Day

If you follow my posts you know that I am a total lip junkie! I am not the girl with the favorite lipstick she can't live without.  I am the girl with the 50 favorite lipsticks she can't live without!  As you know I ordered a few Pretty Girl Lipsticks and one gloss, which I love dearly!  I have been wearing "Day At The Spa" everyday since it arrived.  Today I thought I would go back in time to a combo I used to wear years ago.  I did add one new color to the combo to make it a trio of nude perfection!  The first color is my old stand by Lip Liner in Nude by Chanel.  I wore this color for years and years and then decided to try something new.  I called Heather from Nordstroms Mall of America the other day to order an Estee Lauder LE product, which I will talk about in a separate post, and I told her to throw in a Nude Liner for old times sake.  It came yesterday and I immediately fell in love all over again!  The color is just AH-MAZING and I couldn't wait to wear it today.  What I decided to pair it with is my newer Chanel lipstick from the Rouge Allure Matte line called LaFurtive.  I did show this in a previous post below.  This is limited edition and only available on  So I have my Nude liner, my matte nude lipstick, and I had to put a fabu gloss over top to make this lip look complete.  Sticking with the Chanel theme, I decided to break out another blast from the past, also in a previous post below, Twinkle Glossimer.  Twinkle is a gorgeous peachy gold with a frost shimmer.  Twinkle was actually one of the first Glossimers I bought years ago when Chanel first introduced them. I actually didn't think it was still being made but Heather found it for me! Here is the trio pictured below-

I really don't know if the picture does these colors justice! The three together create the perfect peachy and shimmery gold nude lip!  This was a perfect trio - for today at least! I am sure tomorrow something new will be gracing my lips! I have to say out of all cosmetics, for me, lip colors are my favorite! With that said, I did purchase one more lip product that I will quickly tell you about.

I bought the Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Barely Legal.  This is a gorgeous creamy, milky, matte, pale pink.  It has lip plumping agents in it like the Lip Injection Gloss that Too Faced is famous for.  I had passed this color up before but the other day at Ulta, I could not resist any longer.  It is a great color to use with a dramatic black smokey eye.  I will use it with my Chanel Nude liner and it will be pure, pink, perfection!  Here is the Barely Legal below -

Ok so that is all the lip products I have for you today.  I do have two other products that I will be writing about soon.  One is the Topaz Chameleon from Estee Lauder's spring 2012 collection.  I would like to use it a few more days before I give my review.  The next is a prize that I won from a Twitter Contest! Yes, another contest on Twitter! Have I mentioned that I LOVE TWITTER lately? 

In the case of purchasing more lip products than the law allows - This case will never be SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


It is Bond no.9 Time

No silly not Mambo #5, Bond no.9!  You all know that I love perfume and am somewhat of an addict!  All of the scents that I am attracted to all have the same dark and woodsy smell.  What I look for in fragrances are any or a combination of these notes - jasmin, creamy vanilla, sheer patchouli, musk, tobacco, cedar, and fig.  I seem to always choose a fragrance with at least two of these notes.  If you check out some of my old posts you will see that some of my favs are - Tom Ford Black Orchid, Angel, Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk, Fresh Cannibis Santal, Bvlgari Jasmine Noir, and Chanel #5 just to name a few. 

I was trying to decide which perfume I wanted to splurge on as a gift for Christmas and that was an easy choice.  The fragrance I chose is Bond no.9 Nuits De Noho.  This scent is absolutely gorgeous.  I would describe it as a sexy fragrance that is very unique.  I feel that Bond no.9, though quite expensive, are worth every single penny.  First you have the staying power.  Bond fragrances last all day and they also stay the same all day long.  What I mean by this is, did you ever have a perfume where you spray it on and first it smells like one thing, a little while later it smells totally different.  Bond fragrances will not do this.  They smell the same when you first put them on until you end your day.  The second reason why I love Bond is because they are unique.  The smells are unlike any other perfumes you may try.  I often spray perfume and it reminds me of something else, or worse reminds me of someone else.  The last reason why I love Bond perfumes is because they are named after my favorite place in the whole wide world - NEW YORK CITY!  So here is a picture of my gorgeous new jewel!
Here is the description taken from the Bond website about my sexy bottle of happiness -
A new kind of nighttime femininity: Irreverent, unapologetic, favors a shot of icy vodka. A contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent that’s the ultimate in sexy avant-garde urbanity.
Now doesn't that sound AH-MAZING??? I think so!

So if you are looking for a perfume that is truly unique, long lasting, and has a fabu name look no further Bond no.9 is a winner! Check out the website - to see what Bond has waiting for you!

In the case of smelling a little bit sexier in the new year - This case is SOLVED!

Oh to all my Sharon Case fans - I think I am going to ask Sharon the big question??? - Hello gorgeous Sharon, what is your signature scent?  I will report back with my discovery!  xoxoxo

Detective Kathy


Lipstick Combo of The Day & Nails of The Night

So today was mostly a relaxing and lay around day.  I did happen to step out for a little while to the store.  Though I wasn't at my Hollywood best in the makeup department, I still had a rockin lip combo.  I decided to wear my new lip colors from Pretty Girl Makeup.  As I said in my post below, the lipstick is a little dark for me by itself.  Once I applied the gloss over it this color was perfect!  Here is the combo below -

Isn't that gorg?  Ok so now it's that time on a Sunday that I polish my nails.  I usually try to have this done before one of my fav shows Glam Fairy starts!  The colors I have chosen are Nars Ecume and 5 different glitter polishes, once for each nail over the white.  Here are the polishes below -

The colors are (from left to right) NYC Starry Silver Glitter, Revlon Blue Mosaic, Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance, Wet & Wild Sparked, Wet & Wild Party of Five Glitters, and the star in the center Nars Ecume.  I like to sparkle it up a little with polish especially when its cold and snowy outside.  When I look down at my sparkly nails, it just makes me happy and think of spring!

In the case of finding finding the perfect pout and the perfect polish - This case is SOLVED!
Detective Kathy


Update on Sharon Case's Lip colors!

So after writing and posting my blog about Sharon Case the other day, I immediately wrote to her Makeup Artist Patti Denney and put a link to my blog post. Patti so graciously wrote back, my excitement could not be contained and my husband thinks I am even more obsessed than before, anyhew back to Patti's response.  "Sharon keeps a few fav lipstick and glosses in her set makeup bag. I will speak to her to confirm the shade." I was so happy that she had taken the time to write me back! I hope she knows how much that meant to me.  The next day to my surprise I received a tweet from none other than Sharon herself.  This tweet read - "Kathy, thx 4 that gr8 blog! The colors I luv r: Let's Go Shopping, Rich Husband, Soul Mates & Ur A Doll." Um can you believe she not only wrote me back, she read my blog post! I immediately ran to the Pretty Girl website and ordered, "You're A Doll, which is a gloss, and Let's Go Shopping, which is a lipstick.  Its funny that I had said I thought she had on Let's Go Shopping in my previous post!  I guess I have a good detective's eye!  So after ordering those colors I received an updated tweet from Patti regarding some other glosses that are in Sharon's makeup bag.  She said the colors are, MAC's Nymphette, and Loreal Colorjuice in Berry Burst.  I continued to tweet with Patti asking her what some of her fav lines to use on her clients.  Here is her reply - "I love MAC but many other lines, using Jabot right now too. Lancome has great products, Chanel, YSL, and of cours Max Factor."  I just have to thank both Sharon and Patti for their tweets. You both made one of the Makeup Detective's very happy, more than you will ever know! 

So on to the goods.  I ordered the products on Thursday and TODAY they were at my house! Now that's what I call super duper quick shipping.  The packaging is so unique!  It is cute and classy at the same time.  The lipstick pictured below has a clear case unlike any I have ever seen.  The gloss is huge and has the cutest picture on it of a girl and her dog.  Again, cute and classy all at the same time.  That is very hard to do and I am a tough one to impress when it comes to packaging.  Now on to the quality.  The lipstick is a gorgeous "your lips but better color".  It is true to color in the case as it is on your lips.  This is a little darker than my usual nudes.  With that said, I use the gloss over it and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I have to say that this TOTALLY looks like what Sharon has been wearing lately.  It is super shiny and a gorgeous creamy nude pink.  The gloss by itself is exactly as described on the website - A luminous frosty girlie pale pink.  So I actually loved the products so much I just ordered another lipstick in - Day at the Spa.  This is described as a little pink pearl.  This should be right up my alley!  Here are the pics of my two pretties -

The lipstick is coming up a little dark in the photo. It is definitely more pink in person.  The gloss seems to look perfect in the photo.  I will update once again when my new pretty comes!  I must say that I love taking the plunge and trying new lines, especially lip products.  I normally try once and then that is enough for me.  This was NOT the case with this line.  I am so impressed that I already ordered more.  I would eventually like to give the other products a try.  I'm all for cute and classy packaging.  I will also love telling people that I wear Pretty Girl Makeup!  Thank you to Sharon, Patti, and Christina CEO of Pretty Girl (@Prettygirlmkup on Twitter) for taking the time to chat with me.  I am sure we will be chatting in the future and I will blog about any new info I discover. 

In the case of finding the colors that grace the gorgeous Sharon's lips on Y&R, and in real life - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Excuse me miss what color lipstick are you wearing?

Yesterday while I was indulging in one of my guilty pleasures - watching The Young and The Restless, the show came to a stop.  Literally I stopped the show to inspect the gorgeous color that graced one of my favs lips.  This favorite of mine is Sharon Case.  Sharon is her name in real life and on the show.  On the show she is Sharon Collins, Newman, Abbott, Newman, and soon to be Newman again once she marries Victor!  Sharon always captivates me with her beauty.  While I am usually focused on her gorgeous hair, flawless skin, or her jewelry which she creates herself from her line POMP (which will soon be available at, this time I was drawn to her lipstick. 

After seeing this color on Sharon I had to open up the case and investigate.  My investigation did not have me armed with my normal magnifying glass, this time it was with my Twitter account.  What better way to find out what product Sharon had on her lips then to ask Sharon herself (@Sharonlcase on Twitter).  I hopped right onto Twitter and did just that, my gosh I LOVE social networking.  It makes my job so much easier! 

Sharon tweeted me that she had on a lipstick from  Of course I immediately hopped onto the site to find the color that Sharon had on.  I am thinking the color is "Lets Go Shopping".  This color is described as a wonderful creamy pink brown.  What a perfect name and hopefully the perfect "Sharon" color.  Before I place my order I feel another Tweet needs to take place.  One to Sharon and
Y&R's makeup artist Patti Denney (@MakeupPatti on Twitter).  WOW what I wouldn't do for Ms. Patti's job!  I will keep you updated with my reply Tweet from Patti. 

In the case of finding what color lipstick graced the gorgeous Sharon's lips the other day on Y&R - This case is still OPEN for further investigation.  Hey give me some credit I did get a tweet from Sharon!

Just in case you don't know who she is -

See I told you gorgeous!!!

Detective Kathy


2012 Is Here and Spring Has Sprung!!!

Ok if you read my title and you know beauty you will know that both of the statements above are true!  2012 is obviously here, you know we drank champagne and wore funny hats on our heads the other night.  Spring has also sprung at cosmetic counters all around the town.  If you follow my blog you will know that I am totally a CHANEL girl and the nano second that spring was on counter, some of it was being sent my way.  I only ended up picking up two products from the spring collection this time.  Not that the entire collection was desirable, I just had to stock up on some favs that were running low as well.  Also I had to put an end to my shopping Chanel madness, come on now even Santa has his limits!! So without further ado here are the products that Santa put in my stocking this year -

All I have to say is - How the heck did Santa know that I wanted all these ah-mazing products! He must read my blog or be the one writing it ; ) Ok so here they are from left to right - Double Perfection Powder Makeup in #170 Toffee, Eyeshadow in Beige Lame, The "STAR" Blush Horizon De Chanel, Nail Polish in May, Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in #31 La Furtive (an online exclusive), Rouge Coco Shine in #52 Fetiche, Tulip Lip Liner, Perfection Lumiere Foundation in #60 Beige, and #63 Beige Ambre, and last but not least #02 Brilliance Glossimer.  

The Double Perfection Powder is my holy grail and a refill since I hit pan on my last one. Beige Lame shadow is GORGEOUS! This is totally a must have in any shadow lovers collection.  I find myself wearing it all over my entire lid and using a brown or taupe in the crease. Blush Horizon De Chanel is absolutely gorgeous.  It is totally a splurge, which I usually don't take on blushes.  The color is a shimmery baby pink and I have worn it everyday since I got it.  The May polish is pretty but for me a little too normal.  I probably would have passed on it if I saw it in person.   It is absolutely perfect for everyday.  The foundation is ah-mazing as well.  I have to say that this is one of the best foundations I have ever tried to date.  The reason I have two colors is for when I self tan and when I do not.  I also like to "cocktail" my foundations to create my perfect color since my coloring always changes.  Brilliance Glossimer was a blast from the past for me.  This was the very first glossimer I ever bought many years ago when they first came out.  Heather, my fav Chanel girly, called it a "cult favorite".  If you love that shimmery silvery light pink, this is a must have for you. The Velvet lipstick is non drying especially for a matte color.  The color to me is similar to my MAC Honeylove.  Unless you are a total Chanel-a-holic like me, I would probably get the MAC for $14.00.  With that said, spend the money on the Blush, Foundation, and Beige Lame.  These products are totally worth the price of admission!

Ok so there you have it ... my Santa Chanel haul.  I did get some other cosmetic products as well but you know that Chanel has to have its own special post. 

Just to let you know what I am currently investigating - I got the inside scoop from Heather who told me a little about Summer 2012!  This is going to be a bronze collection with a ton of colors that will be must haves for me and everyone who likes to be bronze beauties. I will post when I have more details and some pictures! Heather told me that the bronzer is to die for and limited edition.  You know that is like music to my ears, and to my wallet!

In the case of Santa getting me exactly what I wanted for Christmas - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy