Happy New Year!

I know that I have been MIA lately in the blogging department.  It has been a crazy end to 2011 with Christmas and New Years.  I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR.  This past year for me has been so rewarding.  I am able to get on the blog and talk about things that make me happy.  What I especially like is that people actually read what I write because it makes them happy as well.  My new years resolution is that I am going to continue to blog about makeup, skincare, fragrance, and everything else in between.  I want to thank you for reading and for your wonderful comments.  Blogging is truly something that I enjoy doing.  I finally found a place where I can go on and on about things that I enjoy.  I hope that you truly enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. 

Well I am off to get ready for my night out with Detective Lynn and our boys!  Just a peek into the new year for blogging - I am looking forward to blogging about all my makeup gifts that I received this year for Christmas.  I also already bought tickets for IMATS NYC in April.  I just found out that someone I met on Twitter is going to be there and I couldn't be more excited to meet her in person! I see YouTube tutorials and vlogs in our future! Please continue reading to see whats to come, and what cases the Makeup Detectives are going to solve in 2012! 

Again, thank you to everyone who enjoys reading our blog.  Please have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve!  As for the coming year, may it be filled with love, happiness, and peace.  May all your glammy wishes and dreams come true! Oh and may you buy at least one limited edition piece of Chanel!  ; )

As for ending the year on a glamorous note - This chapter is CLOSED! 

Detective Kathy


Santa came early today!

So on my way home from work I happened to hear one of my all time favorite Christmas songs - "Dominick the Donkey" hee haw hee haw hee haw, just when I thought my day couldn't get any better I pulled into my driveway and spotted a big box!  There was a package there waiting for me with NYX in big letters!! To my surprise I had forgotten that I won a contest on Twitter that NYX Cosmetics was having.  Ok so if you dont know I will tell you that I tweet like its my job! You had to be one of the first few people to tweet your favorite NYX product.  My little paws can type mighty fast and of course, I was a winner!  They told me that they would send me out my prize. 

Today in the mail I received some fabulous goodies from NYX!  I think NYX products are awesome and a lot of fun to work with.  For being a less expensive brand, the quality of NYX can hold its own against any of the more expensive products on the market!   If you look at some of my past posts you can see that I actually have quite a few NYX products.  So here is what they sent me, all FULL SIZE!  Doll Eyes Mascara, Peach Blush, Jumbo Pencil in French Fries, Black Eyeliner Pencil, Mega Shine Gloss in Desert, Lip Liner in Citrine, Eyeshadow Base in SkinTone, and Triple Eye Shadow Palette in Rock & Roll.  Can you believe all of those goodies, all for me, for free!  It was like Santa had come early to my house!  I currently use the Eye Base, Jumbo Pencils, glosses and lip & eye pencils and LOVE THEM!  The colors that they sent me are so gorgeous!  I am most excited to try the Doll Eye Mascara.  This was such a generous gift I am so lucky!  Here is a photo of my goodies -

Aren't they GORGEOUS?  I would like to thank NYX Cosmetics for sending me all of these wonderful products.  As I said, I love their products and have used everything before accept for the mascara.  I will be investigating this tomorrow.  I will let you know what my discovery is.  I am sure it will be ahmazing just like all the other NYX products on the market! 

In the case of Santa NYX coming early with some cosmetics for me to open - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

P.S. Before Ulta rolled into town I would stock up on my NYX products at  This is the perfect place to get all your NYX goodies and they usually have a discount.  Check them out! 

** I assure you that I am in no way affiliated with, NYX Cosmetics, or Dominick the Donkey in any way, shape, or form.  The products were sent to me as a result of winning a contest.  All of the opinions expressed above are my own.**


The Holiday Tag

Well its that time again.  Time for me to do a tag!  I love YouTube, as all of you know and I love tag videos.  Here is a tag that I found while I was watching MakeupByMel on Youtube.  She is one of my favs!  I will put a link to her video below. The holiday that I celebrate is Christmas.  So here are the questions along with my answers -


Favorite Christmas Movie? - Home Alone 2 Lost in NY
Are you on the Naughty list or the Nice list? - It depends who you ask!
Have you ever had a White Christmas? - Every year since I was born.  I live in Upstate NY!
Where do you usually spend your holiday? - At my house with my family
Play or Sing your favorite Christmas Song! - Well since I cannot play or sing, I will tell you that it is "Last Christmas" By George Michael
Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? - YES only one from my husband.  We each open one, my husband and son open only one too.
Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? - Vixen, Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, Rudolph, Donner, that's all I think!
What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year? - Seeing what is in my stocking on Christmas morning- MY FAVORITE! Santa brings me LOTS of Chanel! My dad and sister also come over because Santa comes for them as well! 
Is your Christmas tree real or fake? - Fake, it was real all of my life but the past few years we got a fake one. Its gorgeous! There is a picture below!
Hands down, what's your all-time favorite holiday food and holiday sweet treat? - I love all the fish that we eat on Christmas Eve.  I love all the different Christmas cookies, especially since I don't bake.
Be Honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better? - Giving, I like to make people happy!
What would be your favorite place to visit for the holiday season? - I absolutely LOVE NYC at Christmas time! 
Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make? - UM no, I really don't like to cook or bake at all so I don't help with that.
Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably? Fail miserably for sure.  You can ask the customers who would come to the Lancome, Clinique, or Estee Lauder counter and want their gifts wrapped.  Yup they were better off paying that stand in the middle of the mall to wrap them!
Most memorable Holiday moment? - My son's first Christmas and the year my husband gave me my engagement ring.
What made you realize the truth about Santa? - I heard my dad downstairs filling the stockings.
Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you stick to them? - I make them, and NEVER stick to them. Maybe this year!
What makes the Holidays special for you? - Spending time with my family and friends makes the holiday special for me.  I love listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and seeing all the beautiful decorations.  Here is a picture of my Christmas tree which makes me happy every time I look at it -

Well this was a little peek into my life and what I like about Christmas.  I would like to take this time to extend holiday wishes to each and everyone of you reading.  I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family.  Please comment below and tell me what holiday you celebrate and what you love about it. 

Here is the link to Mel's video -

In the case of giving you a little peek into my holiday world - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Urban Decay - Naked 2

So the word on the street was that Urban Decay was creating a Naked 2 palette.  As all of you makeup mavens know by now, that is totally true.  The website had a sign up to be notified once this product was available to be sold.  The sale date was 12-1-11.  I was planning on a midnight shopping experience but Urban Decay's facebook page said to go catch some ZZZ's because it would not be available at the stroke of midnight.  I woke up early that morning and still no Naked 2.  So the day went on and I clicked the Urban Decay website like it was my job.  The only time I couldn't click was when I went to lunch.  No worries, my friend Emmalee who is equally as obsessed as I am clicked for us.  Our goal was to get our greedy little paws on 2 of the Naked 2.  One for me and one for her!  After lunch I continued on with my clicking obsession until all of a was available.....AHHHHHHH it was like the Heaven's had opened up and the Angels were singing.....BUY ME hurry up GET ME IN YOUR CART AND CHECKOUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  My heart was racing and my fingers could barely put in the numbers to my credit card.  Then there was one last CONFIRM ORDER and it was DONE!! Emmalee and I had our wish fulfilled.  We were proud owners of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.  Ok so this took place on Thursday mid afternoon.  How about a few minutes ago it was at my door.  I have one thing to say - URBAN DECAY YOU ROCK MY WORLD with you super duper fast FREE shipping.  I am so excited I can hardly stand myself.  I have this palette in all its gorgeousness in my greedy little paws right now as we speak, or as I write.  So without further ado, here it is -

These colors are ahmazaballs!! Really just when I thought Urban Decay couldn't possibly create anything prettier than the original Naked Palette, they did it.  I will be rocking these colors today for sure! I actually have to run to Ulta for some self tanner so I just might put this bad boy in my purse for a little show and tell. 

If you have any questions about this palette please let me know in the comments below.  I can't wait to use it.  The brush that it comes with looks equally as amazing as the colors.  It also came with a little lipgloss. This was $50.00 and TOTALLY worth the price of admission.  The shipping was FREE and if you sign up for the Urban Decay website, they give you 10% off your first order.  Really it doesn't get any better than that! 

Ok have to hurry so I can start playing with these beauties!!

In the case of finding something even more gorgeous than the original Urban Decay Naked Palette - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


I Love NY.....I Love NY....lalalalala

If you happen to follow me on Twitter you know that I spent Thanksgiving in my favorite city New York!  This tradition started last year when we made our way down to see the parade for the first time.  Now it is a tradition that I see happening for many years to come.  My sister lives in Bayside which, by train is only about 20 minutes to Penn Station.  We wake up early and go to the parade, and then have dinner at her house.  Of course for me no trip to NY would be complete without some shopping.  I ended up purchasing my birthday present which was something that I have been wanting for such a long time.  I will save that until the end. 

Not far from our hotel is a shopping mecca in Long Island called Americana Manhasset.  This is a dream come true even though I usually end up window shopping.  I always go into Chanel, unfortunately not to purchase a handbag, but to check out the cosmetics.  They have a wonderful woman working in cosmetics.  You know I love Heather for all my Chanel needs but I cannot pass up a live counter, and especially a Chanel Boutique.  I only ended up getting two items.  My birthday present was quite extravagant so I didn't want to press my luck!  I purchased a nail polish which the woman suggested called Rose Cache.  This is quite light for my taste but she was right, it is very pretty.  The other item was a Rouge Coco Shine in #41 Canoter.  This is a gorgeous shimmery pale gold.  I love going into the Chanel Boutique to catch a glimpse of all the gorgeous bags and jewelry.  It is nice that I am only spending money on cosmetics, and get treated like someone who is purchasing a $4000.00 bag!  OK now on to Sephora.  I ended up only getting two lipsticks that I have been wanting forever.  I purchased Fable by Illamasqua, and Agatha by Kat Von D.  These were recommendations by Vanessa, The Bombshell Suite on YouTube.  I also ended up getting a blush from Illamasqua called Ambition.  This is a gorgeous shimmery pink.
When I was in Times Square I ended up going to Inglot, which I also love.  I purchased one of their Freedom System Palette's for my sister.  I chose some gorgeous colors for her.  One blush, two shadows, and a pressed powder.  I always tell her how much I love mine.  I got myself a gloss which is a frosty pink.  It is similar to Brilliance by Chanel.  Here is a picture below -

OK so now on to my birthday present.  This actually speaks for itself -

YAY YAY YAY She is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in Damier Ebene! If you look close you will see my initials Hot Stamped on the handle in gold.  This is actually the first bag that I was able to go into a store and purchase.  My first Louis, I ordered from, which is no longer open.  My second, I ordered over the phone.  My Niece Sammie came with me to help me pick out the perfect bag (you can see Sammie in all her cuteness if you go to my Newspaper nail polish post).  We had a lot of fun, and Mr. Fung was
ah-mazing.  He made me feel special which made waiting to go to the store even better. 

WOW this was an ah-mazing 4 days!  I will leave you with a few pictures from the parade, and also a few of my favorites from the Bergdorf Goodman window displays.  These were breath taking in person.  Oh and my favorite Louis Vuitton window, of course.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  xoxoxox

In the case of having a lot to be thankful for this year  - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


So many items ... So little money!

I received a call from my sister in law the other day telling me that a Rite Aid was closing its doors.  What that meant was 75% off everything in the store.  She told me how she got some great cosmetic deals when she was there!  This was a few days ago, and unfortunately I haven't had time to go take a look until today.  When I walked in the store was practically empty.  I was about to walk out and then I saw 3 stands full of cosmetics.  As I approached the sale racks I saw my holy grail Revlon Foundations in a plethora of dark colors!  These are right up my self tanned alley!  I ended up picking up 3 bottles of Revlon foundation.  I got a variety of colors since I like to mix them to get a custom color.  If I self tan, I am obviously darker than when I don't.  I bought one of the Photo Ready in #007 Cool Beige, and 2 of the ColorStay in #380 Rich Ginger, and #370 Toast.  I also decided to pick up some lip liners.  I got two Revlon ColorStay liners, one in Rose and the other in Natural.  I also picked up a Cover Girl Lip Perfection Liner in #210, and a Prestige Liner in Natural.  A few more goodies that I could not pass up were Revlon Color Burst Gloss in #014 Rose Pearl, Revlon Gloss in #200 Lilac Pastelle, Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in #300 Warm Latte, and the square lipgloss palette from the Revlon Gucci Westman Collection. 

Ok so now I am going to break it down for ya - That is 4 Lip Liners, 2 Lipglosses, 1 Lipstick, 1 Lipgloss palette, and 3 Foundations.  The total without the discount came to $97.05.  The total WITH the discount came to.......drum roll please.......$ $26.41!! YAY Can I get a - YOU GO GIRL!!! Can't beat that with a big fat bat!  Just call me bargain shopper.  All in all I am happy with my purchases.  I especially LOVE the Maybelline Lipstick.  It is so shimmery and pretty!  I am going to wear it tonight with a smoky bronze eye. 

Here is a picture of my treasures, I was so excited I didn't even take the ugly price tags off! - Let me just remind you one more time that you are looking at $97.05 worth of products below for a obscene low price of $26.41!!!
In the case of saving a lot of money on some drug store treasures - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Excuse Me Smashbox Cosmetics .. Why Haven't We Met Before?

Since my milestone bday a few weeks ago I have been obsessed with looking younger.  I tanned both in a tanning bed and in the sun since I was about 15 years old.  I feel that I am actually lucky that my skin doesn't look like a piece of alligator skin because of all the damage, or at least I hope it doesn't!  One plus is that I learned about good skincare at an early age.  I used to have acne in my 20's and realized that good products and cosmetics were a must.  I blogged about my skincare routine a while ago and honestly nothing has changed.  I still LOVE my Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair.  It is my holy grail of skincare items.  It is expensive but I totally believe worth every single penny!  As for foundation and other face products I have used Chanel powder foundations and bronzer for years now. 

As the years go by I finally realized that it is time to stop tanning!  Anyone who knows me probably won't even believe that one.  I was obsessed with being tan for as long as I can remember.  I now try to maintain a healthy SELF TAN and stay out of the beds.  For now at least!  Its like a 12 step program for me.  I really want to try and save the skin I have and not make it any worse! Um like the pac man shaped sun spot on my left cheek - um ya not so pretty!

So on to the topic at hand - Smashbox Cosmetics.  I really never had the opportunity to see Smashbox products up close and personal since Utla rolled into town about a year ago.  I always watched Holly on QVC doing her thing and was curious but never ended up purchasing.  I found myself with a bunch of Ulta gift certificates in my paws after my birthday and wanted to try something new.  I also wanted to be able to try the colors on to see if they were right for me, thanks Detective Lynn!

Here is what I ended up with  - Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation, Photo Set Pressed Powder, Soft Lights Shimmer, Bronze Lights Suntan Matte, Camera Ready Concealer, and Double Take Lip Color in Gossamer.  I realized that all of the other face products were way too dark for my newly lightened skin.  I wanted something that made my skin look more soft focus and glowing and  not so matte from all of the powder.  I also wanted something that photographs well.  Um because you never know where that paparazzi is hiding : P  Here is a photo of the products I bought along with some free gifts when I ordered the lip liner stick on the website -

I have to say that I am so happy with all these products.  The foundation is super long wear and gives a great coverage.  Its not too cakey and doesn't get in my lines (soft focus)!  To be honest I haven't tried the concealer as of yet.  I have been sick since I got it and haven't had a chance to wear it.   I will be using this tomorrow and will report back.  The shimmer powder is so pretty.  It gives my face a soft highlight and doesn't make me look like a shiny little disco ball!  The pressed powder is great to set my makeup and for touch ups throughout the day.  I got the color Medium in the pressed powder.  Usually I would go for the darkest of the bunch but I decided to look more natural these days.  The bronzer is matte, so again no disco ball.  It adds a healthy pop of color and doesn't make me look orange or like I am trying too hard.  I will be trying the highlighter in the little round pot tomorrow as well.  That was a free gift on the website, along with the little bag and lip colors.  Those were my bday gift from the website.  Most of my products were purchased at Ulta but the website offers fabu deals.  I have 2 more of the lip pencil/color coming tomorrow and I got a free full size gloss, along with a free mini gloss.  There was also a free Halo sample in the little pot (I can't wait to try this).  I would strongly suggest checking out Smashbox's website.  I have never received so many fun free gifts before.  This is a great way to try the products.  Oh and if you like double ended lip pencil and lip color sticks, run to the website because they are on Last Call Sale!!! 

If you have any questions about any of the products, please comment below or email me.  All in all I am so happy that I discovered Smashbox.  Don't worry I am still completely in love with Chanel, just thought I would try something new. Oh and believe me those dark colors will come in handy in about 5 more months when the sun shines down on Upstate NY again!

In the case of turning 40 and trying to look fabulous - This case is SOLVED! 

Detective Kathy


Nude/Pink Lip Trio - Featuring YSL Rouge Volupte Perle

As I sit here sipping down cough medicine like it's my morning coffee, I decided to write about a new lip trio I am loving.  Well I haven't been able to love it in days accept for in the Emergency Room!  Bronchitis is NOT my friend!  Anyhew, here is a new lipstick that Detective Lynn picked up for me on her recent romp through NYC! 

This is the YSL Rouge Volupte Perle lipstick in #107 Beige Impetueux.  YSL came out with the Perle line of Rouge Volupte sometime last year.  I have one which I like but it is a little bit gritty.  I read about the new ones being less gritty and more wearable than the original YSL RV's that are very matte.  If you have any sort of dryness on your lips these are not for you.  They also need to be dabbed on and not put on straight from the tube.  I have 2 of these and wear them only sometimes, even though the colors are gorgeous. 

The new Perle is very creamy and can be applied straight out of the tube.  The color that I got is a ... SURPRISE SURPRISE, a light nude pink.  I will swatch it below so you can see just how pretty it is.  I wear this color with Whirl lip liner from MAC and it is just gorgeous.  I have also worn this with Chanel's Sweet Beige Glossimer over the top.  This glossimer is the only item I ended up getting from the Holiday Collection.  I thought I would give my Nordstrom's card a break this holiday season! 

Here are the colors -

For thew swatches, the lipstick is in the middle, Sweet Beige Glossimer is on top, and the bottom is Whirl liner.  This trio is gorgeous together.  This is a high end nude/pink lip!  I am sure that there are a ton of less expensive products that would look the same.  I have to be honest and say that for me, there really is nothing like a gorgeous YSL lipstick and Chanel Glossimer to make me happy when skies are grey! 

In the case of finding yet another, Nude/Pink lip trio to grace my pout - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


B-day Haul Featuring - Tokyo Milk, Jo Malone, Nars, Deborah Lippman, & Hello Kitty

Well my Birthday was last Thursday and I had a fabulous day and weekend spending it with my wonderful friends and family.  I have also been sick and unable to spell my name, let alone write interesting words on my blog!  I thought that this was a perfect time to show you what I have accumulated over the past week. See what happens when you are home sick - you prowl the Internet like a hungry tiger!  I will write brief descriptions of everything so if you have any questions, please ask in the comment section! 

Here is a  picture of some items that I received for my birthday -
The first on the far left is the candle with the skull and crossbones.  This is from one of my favorite perfume lines Tokyo Milk.  I have written about one of their perfumes before called Dead Sexy.  This is a gorgeous fragrance which includes Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid, and Ebony.  The gorgeous smelling candle is in the round tin, and a new bottle of perfume is next to it.  The perfume was actually a gift from my son who went all the way to my favorite store and bought it for me! Next up is fragrance by Jo Malone called Blue Agava & Cacoa Cologne.  I had heard of Jo Malone fragrances before but was never able to get my greedy perfume lovin hands on one until now.  This smell is exquisite!  Very sexy and fresh.  This also came with a TON of samples of Jo Malone's other amazing fragrances.  They are meant to mix and match, which I love to do.  Next up is an amazing eyeshadow palette from Nars called Arabian Nights.  If a shimmery, dark smoky eye is what you crave, this bad boy is a must!  I have a ton of black shadows that I always get compliments on.  Everyone says that they like the BLUE on my eyes.  This palette is true BLACK in every since of the word.  Since I am not tan anymore this is gorgeous and really makes that smoky "Glam Fairy" eye that I love.  Next is a polish from Deborah Lippman, my first and definitely not my last.  It is in the color Bad Romance.  This color is to die for!  Dark, rich, and mysterious.  LOVE IT!  Next are two other products form Tokyo Milk.  These are from their Dark Collection.  I received the  hand cream in Bulletproof.  This  features notes of Smoked Tea, Coconut Milk, Crushed Cedar, and Ebony Woods.  I also received the Lip Elixer in Salted Caramel.  It smells Divine and tastes so good you want to eat it!  Last but not least is my Hello Kitty Roller Ball Bling perfume in Grapefruit.  This cutie little roller ball makes me smile every time I pull it out of my handbag.  The smell works wonderful with my Jo Malone and compliments it perfectly.  WOW I went from dark and mysterious to Hello Kitty in a matter of seconds! 

I want to put a close up of the Nars palette so you can really see the colors -
I received a lot of gift certificates from Ulta which I couldn't wait to use up!  I actually decided to try a new line for me - Smashbox.  Detective Lynn and I spent countless hours, well maybe just one hour, finding just the right products for me!  I only had a few random Smashbox items and thought, since I am another year older, I should get some soft focus, HD products for my skin.  I will do a separate post on all of those products.  I used them all last week and they seem to work wonderful.  If you follow me on Twitter, you see that I received a new package from them yesterday.  So many perks ordering from the Smashbox web site.  I will tell you more in my next post. I also started using a new line for my curls called Quidad.  I am loving that as well.  So much more to share but one post at a time!

I hope that you enjoyed my haul.  I LOVE everything and cant wait to get better so I can wear all my new favs!

In the case of having a wonderful birthday this year - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy


The best $5.99 I have spent in a long time!

I wanted to write a super quick blog post about something I came across today at my local Sally Beauty Supply.  I popped in to get a tube of my hair color, due to the fact that I look like I have my grey witches wig on for Halloween, and I came across a Breast Cancer product display.  On this display was the Hemp Silky Body Moisturizer.  There wasn't a tester and the scent said Chocolate Covered Cherries.  I could not pass up something that smells anything remotely like chocolate covered cherries, especially when it was only $5.99 and for a fabulous cause.  I got home and immediately tested this out.  First of all the feel is super silky and soft when you put it on.  Second, the smell is absolutely ah-mazing!  I literally cannot stop smelling it.  Some chocolate scents are a little too sicky sweet for my liking but this is definitely not one of those.  Here is a photo below along with the two other products that I got, minus the color for my hair (witches wig).  One is my holy grail, has been for years, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  This is the best especially since i now have my own little natural paws.  This helps the polish stay on and does dry super fast.  The taller bottle of polish is something that I got for free.  It is a nail striping polish.  I got a pretty pink glittery one.  I probably would not have purchased this item but it was free so I had to pick one out! 
Since it is almost the end of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am not sure how long Sally's will have this special edition lotion.  I would RUN and gobble this up before its gone. It is a huge 18 oz. size with a pump!  Love pumps...hear me REVLON put one on your Color Stay Foundation PLEASE!!!

In the case of finding a yummy smelling treat with zero calories - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


I traveled some place I thought I would never go!

The place that I traveled too was my local Rite Aid!  Ok so I do go there to get medicine, candy, cards, and toothpaste, however I have never gone there to purchase foundation.  I am in no way, shape, or form a snob when it comes to makeup.  I have every brand in my makeup collection from Wet and Wild to Guerlain.  I WAS however a snob when it came to foundations.  I really haven't bought a drug store foundation since Max Factor was sold in my local CVS.  Lets just put it this way, Max Factor is not sold in any store I know of anymore, at least around me and CVS is no longer in my area either. 

So after reading blog post after blog post, and watching YouTube video after YouTube video, I decided to give Revlon Foundation a try.  I must admit I have had luck with Revlon, as you know from my Gucci Westman post so I was very open to trying their foundations.  I ended up purchasing a concealer from Revlon a few weeks ago at Target and have been loving it.  The concealer, which I will show below, is the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer.  The color is spot on and the coverage is ah-mazing!  This has actually replaced my MAC in the pot that was my holy grail for years. 

So on to my review of the foundations.  I first ended up getting Revlon's Photo Ready at Ulta.  I bought this because they didn't have Revlon Color Stay in a color dark enough for me.  The color that I bought in the Photo Ready is #009 Rich Ginger.  I read that this foundation was comparable to MUFE HD, and Nars Sheer Glow.  I have never tried either of these so I really didn't know what to expect.  What I found was a sheer to medium coverage that blended well.  This foundation looked nice on my skin and seemed to even it out a bit.  I really felt that I needed more coverage since I have some icky sun spots that I like to keep under wraps at all times.  I did like the feel of this on my skin.  It felt light weight and gave my skin a nice sheen.  I did find myself adding powder quite a bit over top throughout the day to make it less glowy. 

After reading my new friends blog - I decided to pick up a bottle of Color Stay as well.  The color I have in the Color Stay is #370 Toast.  I have been using the Color Stay for the past few days and have to say that I am IN LOVE!  The coverage is a bit heavier than the Photo Ready, which I like. It makes my skin look more matte, which I also like.  It lasted the entire day with only one touch up of powder.  The only slightly negative thing I can say about this is that it is a little harder to blend than the Photo Ready and it doesn't have a pump.  I have to say that it NEEDS a pump.  Please Revlon just make it have a pump.  That would make my life much easier, and less messier! 

*Just a quick note that all Revlon Foundations are on sale at Rite Aid for 40% off!  It comes to a little over $7.00 which is incredible for a foundation that can hold its own with my MAC and Chanel's.*

Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing of all ----- NO breakouts!!! YAY  I think this is one of the huge reasons that I used the expensive foundations for all those years.  My skin is super sensitive and would break out from almost everything I tried.  Here is the photo below, I must add they they are photographing very light in color.  These shades are pretty deep in person.
So at the end of the day I sit here with three more Revlon products that are absolutely wonderful.  As I said I have never been a snob when it comes to cosmetics by any means.  I am still waiting for Heather to call from Chanel to tell me the new Velvet Lipsticks have come in!  There are just some cosmetic items you can never replace! 

In the case of finding a less expensive brand of foundation so I have money left to spend on other things - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Detective Kathy's Fall Favorites "Tag"

I am going to do my first "Tag" blog!  These type of "tags" are usually done on YouTube but I have seen them on blogs as well.  My friend Leslie - had asked for her subscribers on YouTube to either do a video response or a blog response.  I thought this was a fun tag so here are my fall favorites -

Fall Loves Tag:

Top 5 Fall Makeup Items - This was of course my favorite question! 

1. Lipstick - I tend to lay off the gloss a little in the fall and winter.  Chanel "Secret" Rouge Coco is gorgeous for fall. This color has a little more color than my usual nudes.
2.  Eyeshadow - My Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I love this for fall because the colors are darker and seem to look better when I am less tan.  I also love Chanel's Fauve.  This is absolutely gorgeous.
3. SELF TANNER!!! - This is my favorite product for fall and winter so I can keep some of my color.  My self tanner of the moment is St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse. 
4. Liquid Foundation - This is a must for fall and winter to cover all of my imperfections.  I am currently using MAC Pro Longwear.  I am actually waiting for samples of Chanel's new Perfection Lumiere to see if I like that. 
5. Highlighter/Bronzer - I know, I know that is two!  I love highlighter in the fall because I am usually too tan to wear it and I look like a shiny little disco ball.  I love MAC Chez Chez Lame at the moment.  I love bronzer to make me look tan of course.  I have been using Chanel's Terre Ambre for years.  I like to contour with Bobbi Brown in #4 Deep.

Fave fall hair product - My favorite hair product is Terax Crema conditioner.  This is a must have for my dry, course hair in the fall. 

Fave fall nail polish - Chanel Graphite. I LOVE this color and have used over half the bottle.  Out of all my colors this is my absolute fav.

Fave fall scent - Tom Ford Black Orchid - I have been wearing this scent for years now. It is so sexy and strong.  Love it for fall and winter.  I also love Fresh Cannabis Santal mixed with it. 

Most worn clothing item and accessory - My most worn clothing item for fall and winter this year will definitely be my Missoni for Target Scarf.  I have only worn it twice because the weather has been extremely hot but I know once the cooler weather hits, I will be sporting it.  My favorite accessory for fall is my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.  I like to put my Neverfull away for the winter to rest.  The Speedy seems to fit my lifestyle better in the winter because it is a lot smaller.

Random Fall Questions
Beauty and Fashion:

1. Who's your fall style icon? - Leslie from The Style Supreme.  I love the way she puts outfits together and stays on trend!
2. Going to a corn maze, what do you wear? - This was last weekend actually.  It was extremely hot so my fall clothing was not in attendance.  What I would have worn if it was a normal fall day - My Ugg boots, stretchy black pants that I love, Missoni Scarf and my jean jacket.

3. Fave Halloween movie? - Halloween - all 25 of them! : P

4. Fave Halloween candy? - Butterfingers - Probably the only time I eat them.

5. What are you going to be for Halloween? - I haven't decided yet.  Last year I was Snookie!

Well this was my first "tag" blog.  I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed posting it!

In the case of doing my first of many "tag" blogs and sharing some fun facts with my readers - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Chanel = The Best in my beauty book!

Lately when I think about makeup and new color collections coming out I think of Chanel.  Chanel is that brand of luxury cosmetics that makes me so happy.  There are a lot of fashion houses who have expanded into makeup lately.  Though I am sure these products are top notch, for me nothing really comes close to a Chanel product.  Chanel, for me, is the epitome of luxury, class, grace, elegance, and classic beauty.  Just a little trivia, the first bottle of Chanel No.5 was introduced in 1922!  Chanel is on the cutting edge of technology with skincare and also color cosmetics.  Chanel may not come out with the most wild eyeshadow palettes, but they make up for it in their funky nail colors and amazing highlighters.

Today, I went to the mall and couldn't help stopping by the Chanel counter to pick up an old favorite, and a new lippie.  I bought Blizzard Glossimer which I have owned for years.  My first encounter with Blizzard was in 1999 when my friend sent it to me from Singapore.  I met her on and we began shopping for each other doing swaps.  She sent me two colors one was Blizzard, and the other was a shimmery purple called Igloo.  It took a few years for Blizzard to come to the US.  I was so happy it had come, Igloo, however did make its way over.  So anyhew, I was wishing for a brand new Blizzard to try to help me sway away from my nudes of summer.  I ended up getting that and a new Coco Rouge in Plumetis.  This color came out in the Fall 2011 collection, and I guess I had passed it up at first.  The two colors together are absolutely gorgeous.  I cannot wait to wear them to work tomorrow.  Here is a picture of these two new beauties -
As you can see these are definitely darker than my normal nude colors.  I thought it was about time that I added some color into my life!  Just another quick note: Blizzard is that perfect color that looks great on every skintone!  Unfortunately, the new Holiday 2011 collection was no where to be found.  Just an empty tester unit with the Look Book photo by its side.  It was like pure torture!  I do have a glossimer on its way thanks to my friend Heather at the Chanel counter, Nordstroms Mall of America.  They received their Holiday Collection this weekend, the tester unit AND the color!  Heather immediately called me to see what I wanted shipped.  What would I do without Heather, shes the BEST!  I think I will have to plan a trip to meet her someday.  She is always there to give me the inside scoop and get me all of the Limited Edition, Nordstrom goodies that Chanel has to offer.  I usually wait to buy from her but walking in front of that Chanel counter, it just calls my name.  It calls my name and reaches out to me with those interlocking CC's and I am there! 

I truly believe that every cosmetic line has some wonderful products to offer.  I have a plethora in my collection, however, there really is nothing like an item from Chanel in your cosmetic bag.  It makes you, well me, feel special!  Really who could ask for anything more?

In the case of finding more interlocking CC's to add to my collection - This case will always and forever be OPEN!

Detective Kathy

Who doesn't love a little Gucci?

When I say Gucci I am not referring to the gorgeous handbags you were probably thinking of with my title, I am actually referring to the fabulous Gucci Westman.  Gucci has a career that many Makeup Artists would kill for!  When I was the Counter Manager for Lancome Cosmetics in 2005 Gucci rolled out her first color collection.  This collection, introduced for spring of 2005, was called French Riviera.  I can remember unpacking those boxes like it was yesterday.  The colors were absolutely amazing.  To have something with Gucci's name on it made it extra special.  I had followed her career as a Makeup Artist and was so proud when she joined Lancome.  Lancome was a wonderful company to work for.  Always on the cutting edge of skin care and color collections. 

Today, Gucci Westman is the Global Artistic Director for Revlon cosmetics.  To be honest Revlon is not something I usually go for.  While shopping today in Ulta I couldn't resist the display with Gucci Westman's name on it.  I ended up getting 3 products from the collection.  They are all gorgeous and I could not wait to share.  I actually was in the car putting on the polish and posted a picture on my Twitter because I couldn't wait.  If you like glitter, which I usually only do on one nail, this color is for you.  I attempted to put it on only one and there was no way I could stop there.  This color is absolutely ah-ma-zing!!!  It is called Blue Mosaic #934.  I cannot wait a minute longer to get the picture up so here it is -

This really is unlike anything that I have ever owned.  I have to tell you that I do have Chanel Blue Rebel on under it.  I am not really sure if it alters the color or not.  From what I can tell from the consistency, it should be the same without the blue under it.  Either way this is a must have for someone who likes glitter.  There were only 2 out of 3 pieces left at my Ulta.  I am seriously thinking about going back tomorrow to get the other.  This color is that gorgeous.

As for the other two products, one is a lipstick and one is a liquid Colorstay lipstick.  I was disappointed because I thought it was a gloss.  I did try it today and am not really sure if it is something that I will end up using.  I am going to try it again tomorrow and wear it for longer than 15 minutes.  That will be the true test.  The color is gorgeous, it is called Buffest Beige #002.  The lipstick that I got is called Sky Line Pink.  This color is a gorgeous frosty pale pink.  This is right up my alley!  Here is a photo of these -
Here is a picture that I found of the full collection which included more polishes, lipsticks, new eyeshadows, and also a limited edition lip palette.
My Ulta did not have the purple polish.  I think I might have to go search for this tomorrow at another store. Ulta has buy one get one free on Revlon items right now.  There is also a $5.00 off coupon that came in the mail.  I ended up getting all of these for a fabu price.  I will update you on whether or not I like the Colorstay lip color.  I have never tried anything like this before. 

In the case of rekindling a relationship with Gucci Westman after all these years - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy


Goin to the Chapel and we're gonna look pretty!!!

One of my favorite things to do as a Makeup Artist is wedding makeup.  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to do makeovers on my friend Sandie and her two sister in laws. 

Throughout the years I have scaled down my travel makeup kit quite a bit.  I learned that you don't have to bring every single eyeshadow and blush that you own to the event.  I tend to have my favorites and stick with them especially on brides and bridal parties.  With proms and dances I can get a little more funky.  With wedding makeup you really want to enhance and never over do it.  I always like to tell my girls that you want to look at the pictures and be able to recognize yourself. 

On Sandie, Sam, and Tracy I stuck to the smoky eye, nude shimmery lip, and glowing bronze skin.  One of my favorite products of the moment is Bronze Universal De Chanel Sun Illuminator.  I am totally addicted to this huge jar of sunshine.  This compliments every skin tone and gives the skin a healthy sunkissed glow.  This can be used on the darkest or lightest of skin and looks flawless.  Another product that I am totally in love with is Chanel's Ombre Tissees Iridescent Effects Eyes.  This product is just ah-mazing.  I like to use this on the eyes as an allover color and also on the cheeks to highlight.  I was a little unsure about how much I would use this when it first arrived.  I have to say I use it every single day.  I actually have one I use on me, and one for my kit because of its fabulosity!  This is the perfect color that is not too shimmery and adds a sheen like nothing else I own.  For the girls lips I used MAC's Lip Gelee.  They really didn't want lipstick so I applied these gorgeous, shimmery glosses on their lips and away they went!  Obviously there were many more products in the mix but these were definitely the stand outs.  Here is the finished photo -
As a makeup artist there really is nothing like seeing a photo of your finished work!  It makes me so happy and proud.  What makes me happier is that people allow me to be part of their special day.  Weddings are a joyous occasion and letting me into your home on that day, for me, is just priceless!

In the case of making two Bridesmaids and one Maid of Honor happy - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Daily News Anyone??

The other day I got the cutest picture from my Niece Sammy who is away at college.  She is just like her Aunt/Godmother and loves fun nails, makeup, handbags, jewelry, and fashion.  It was funny because I am usually the one with the scoop and when that text showed up I had to do a little investigating. 

What she had done was something called "Newspaper Nails" let me tell you they are so cute I wish I would have thought of them.  Here is the picture so you can see what they look like -
I immediately asked her how these cutie nails were done!  She told me that the nails were painted first with regular polish.  The newspaper was cut into small strips that were sized to fit over the nails.  Once the nails were completely dry, she poured a little bit of alcohol into a small dish.  She took one finger at a time and dipped it into the alcohol for about 15 seconds.  She grabbed the newspaper and pressed it firmly on the nail.  The paper was then rolled off of the nail and there it was - The Daily News!!! The final step was placing a clear top coat on to secure the paper and polish.  Cute and clever don't you thing? As I said before I am usually up on all the trends, especially for nails but this is one that I didn't know about.  Now all my girls at Proctor will have the heads up on this cutee trend as well!

As for my nails of the moment, they are adorned with my Chanel Fashion's Night Out limited edition colors in Coco Blue, and Blue Rebel.  Since my last gel nail experience, I have decided to give my own nails a try.  

In the case of handing down my love of all things beautiful, trendy, and fun to my Niece - This case is SOLVED!!!

Um ok I wish she handed down her hair to me!!!! Love you my gorgeous girl!  : ) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Detective Kathy

Sneak Peek - Chanel Holiday 2011

As I mentioned yesterday in my Chanel post, Holiday is coming out very soon!  I have to admit I look forward to each seasons offerings even more than the one before.  Chanel never seems to amaze me when it comes to color.  There are many items that are coming out but one definitely stands out in the crowd.  This product is Lumiere Sculpte de Chanel Highlighting Powder.  This is the photo that I printed out and have had hanging in my makeup room ever since. (I would like to give credit to for the photo which I took from her blog site).  I was told by Heather that the print on the powder is actually a replica of one of Coco Chanel's belts from her collection.  How freakin exciting is that!  Spring was her lover for pearls, and now its one of her belts.  Chanel not only makes beautiful products, they all seem to tell a story of Coco Chanel's intriguing past.  When I purchase something from the collections I feel as though I have a little piece of history and a little piece of Coco Chanel.  I think we knew each other in a previous life!  I am sure we shopped for handbags and pearls together.  Here is the photo that has graced my makeup room wall -

Have you ever seen anything that GORGEOUS??? I know, I know I have only been writing this blog for a few months and every time I turn around I purchase a new highlighting powder!  I can't help myself they are all just so gorgeous.  When I see that sleek, elegant, classy black case with those interlocking CC's something totally comes over me and I can't help but say "That MUST be mine!"   OK you know how I get carried away when it comes to talking about Chanel, happens every time.  I think I should get a tattoo that has a bow with the Chanel CC's hanging from it.  Oh wait, I already do have one!  Is that a true Chanel addict or what?

So moving on there are also quite a few other products in this collection.  As you can see above there is a red lipstick and polish.  The polish is called Rouge Carat.  There is a gold liquid eyeliner, and Feerie Soft Shimmer Powder.  I know that there are two glossimers, one is a shimmery gold, and the other a shimmery beige.  Chanel also includes sets with their Holiday Collections.  There is a magnifying mirror compact which I already have from years ago.  It came out as a Holiday limited edition and of course it had to be mine.  There are also some wonderful sets that include makeup bags.  These can be seen on My Beauty Black Book blog site which I posted above.  She actually has the inside scoop on everything including photos and the look book photo straight from the Chanel counter!  What a lucky girl!

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. "
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

In the case of Chanel coming out with a breath taking Holiday Collection for 2011 - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


911 Beauty Call - Fashion's Night Out Edition

So from my last post I revealed that I do have a job other than entertaining all of you beauties out there with my humor and love for all things beautiful!  While I was at work last week in a room full of about 15 people getting a huge project done, my phone happened to ring.  I looked down and the name that came up was Heather!  Since I have no family members or other friends with this name, I knew it could only be one person, Heather from Chanel at the Mall of America Nordstroms.  I looked down at the phone as my Jason DeRulo ringtone at full volume played - "Day-O me say Day-O daylight come and me don't" I knew I only had "wanna go home" left to play before Heather hung up.  I debated in my mind for just a mere second not to answer Heather's call.  It is funny how in a split second all of these thoughts enter one's mind.  OK maybe they just enter my mind.  I knew that her call could only mean one thing...Chanel had something fabulous to offer me.  I thought that it could it couldn't be....or could it?  Could it be that she was calling to tell me that her counter was getting the limited edition only available at Chanel Boutiques nail polish collection from Fashion's Night Out?   I immediately reached for the phone and could not say hello to Heather fast enough.  I knew that with everyone sitting around and a huge task at hand I had to make this quick.  I don 't think I let Heather do any talking.  I asked her if she was calling to tell me about the polishes.  To my sigh of relief, she WAS!  She told me that she was getting a limited (very small) quantity of the FNO polishes in her store.  I told her that I would definitely take the light blue one, I couldn't remember the name at the time.  The color is actually Coco Blue.  I knew I liked that one the best out of the three and it looked the most unique.  Here are the three colors in this collection and they are all gorgeous -
Someone Tweeted about these babies a week or so ago and I was wondering how I was going to get my greedy little paws on them.  Heather answered my prayers and thanks to her, Coco Blue (and a few other Chanel goodies) will be mine all mine!  Oh and btw I am SO over the gel nails!  Not being able to wear my Chanel polishes is like taking away my Stripdown liner and nude lip combo...PURE TORTURE! 

I just have to say that Heather has really been coming through for me on the Limited Edition Chanel goodies lately.  I wish I could fly to the Mall of America, trot right into Nordstrom's and give her a great big ol hug!  I should be getting my goodies next week so I will post pictures of them.  Until then Graphite will be gracing my nails sometime within the next few days.  I know that Coco Blue will be a color I will wear a lot!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I will post another blog soon about some fabu new Holiday Chanel goodies that are coming out very soon.  I am still doing a little investigating.  One item I am so excited about I actually have a photo of it right here in my makeup room!  I will save that for another day.  Can't have too much Chanel excitement in one day. 

In the case of adding yet another Limited Edition Chanel product to my growing collection - This case is SOLVED!!

Detective Kathy

Hair Today ... Gone Tomorrow

So the topic of curly hair came up at work the other day.  Yes, I have a real job though sitting here behind my computer writing about makeup, skin care, and perfume completes me!  Anyhew, the question came up about curly hair and whether or not people find it attractive.  When I was younger I absolutely hated my naturally curly locks.  I would have given anything to make my curls go AWAY!  I remember bringing my hair stylist pictures of girls with straight hair and wanting mine to look like theirs.  Unfortunately, the Brazilian Blow Out was not invented back then.  I learned to live with my curly locks and eventually learned to love and work with them and not against them. Today I embrace my curly locks and think of it as something that makes me ... me! 

I have been asked quite a bit about the products that I use for my hair.  I have to say that my hair is very dry, coarse, and if this makes any sense, the top has a life of its own!  I have been using the same styling products for a few years now.  They discontinued one of the products that I was absolutely in love with, and re-packaged the other.  I keep it simple and with my hair LESS is definitely more.  I also wash my hair everyday, which I know is a big no-no in the hair world, especially for curly locks. 

Here are the products that I use - I start with Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Shampoo.  After I shampoo with the Matrix I use a conditioner called Terax.  I have a ton of hair and this conditioner lasts me a long time.  I love the way this conditioner makes my hair look and feel.  While I am in the shower I brush this through my hair.  This is the one and only time my hair and a brush ever come in contact.  Once my shower is over I immediately put in one and a half pumps of my TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier.  This is my holy grail product to make my curls look alive.  Immediately after applying the curl cream, I spray a bit of the It's A 10 Conditioner in my hair.  I then place all of my hair on top of my head in a clip.  I put my makeup on which usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  I then take my blow dryer with a diffuser and blow dry my hair until it is completely dry.  One tip is to try NEVER to touch your curls with your hands.  This will cause the hair to frizz and the curls to separate.  After I am finished I put it in my clip, to calm down the top, and then spray it with my holy grail Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray.  

As I said above I have learned make my curls work for me not against. One thing that I do change often is shampoo.  I also color my own hair every 4 weeks like clock work.  So these are the products that I absolutely love for my curly locks.  If anyone has any recommendations please comment below.  I am going to try and add one more product to my curly hair routine.  Patrick Wellington owner of the Wellington Hair Spa in NYC  recommends in his blog using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to tame frizz and fly aways.  I actually met Patrick on Twitter and have been talking to him. reading his blog, and following his work.  I hope to make an appointment with him sometime in November when I go to NYC.  I would love for him to get his hands on my curls! I am hoping he can solve my problem of wearing a clip on the top of my head to tame the sides of my hair.  I have so much hair and I really don't know what to do with it.  I can do almost anything with makeup, but hair ummmmm not so much.  My hair right now is super long and I have been toying with the idea of cutting it.  I have to admit I would never cut it really short just because that just isn't me.  I am hoping if I take the trip to meet the hair master he can work his magic! 

In the case of finding a way to keep my curls at bay - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy

All of the products that I have listed above can be found at Ulta.  Also if you search this blog there are a few photos of me so you can see my curly hair, and my clip on the top of my hair as well!


Where in the world is Detective Kathy?

I know that I have been MIA for a week or so and it seems I am having some writer's block.  Not literally writer's block, as in I don't have Chanel Nail Polishes, or Inglot Makeup floating around in my head, writer's block as in there are so many things going on in the world right now.  Every time I go to write about a lipstick or nail polish I think of hurricanes, tornado's, and earthquakes.  If you read my posts you know that I rarely stray from the makeup talk.  Today I just had to stray for a minute. 

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what is going on in the world.  Sometimes things are more important that makeup, YES I did say that.  I wanted to tell all of my friends and family to stay safe during the Hurricane and whatever else Mother Nature has coming our way. 

Don't worry, I will be back to my regular makeup jibber next week. Believe me I have a TON to talk about!  I am just taking a break to let Mother Nature write her blog this weekend. 

God Bless and please take care everyone! xoxoxoxoxox

Detective Kathy


Ulta Rewards Program = Free Perfume!

If you follow my travels you know that a few months ago an Ulta store came to town.  You can also see from my haul posts that a lot of my treasures come from that fabu store!  A few weeks ago I received in the mail my Ulta reward points.  I was so happy because I reached a level 7.  The reward for this is a $45.00 bottle of perfume for free.  There were other items that I could have chosen but give me a certificate for a free $45.00 bottle of perfume and I am on board! 

The perfume that I chose was a little out of the norm for me.  I usually choose those sexy and woodsy, almost masculine fragrances.  I decided to venture out and give a new fragrance a try.  I ended up with Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Bloom.  This fragrance 's composition encompasses grapefruit blossom, freesia, tea rose, champaca, musk and cashmere.  If I had to describe it in my own words, I would say that it is much like Stella McCartney's Stella with less rose and more sweetness.  The bottle is cute as a button with one of my favorite things on it - a bow!
All in all this is a pretty fragrance.  I think I would definitely not reach for this in the winter because of the sweetness.  I am happy to add it to my collection but do feel as though the woodsy, sexy fragrances suit me a little better.  I like to wear this sprayed all over and put my Stella McCartney roller ball on my pulse points. I think this makes it stay a little longer.  I have to say that I did get compliments at work when I wore this.  That is always a good sign!

If you would like to know more about the Ulta reward program please feel free to email me or comment below.  I didn't want to write all of the details in my post. 

In the case of finding a fun, free, flirty, fragrance - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Just when I thought Chanel couldn't make anything prettier.....

Here I am again, twice in one day. This is something that just could not wait another minute, let alone another day.  As you know I have a few contacts at Nordstrom stores all over the country.  One is Heather at the Mall of America, and the other is Ondrea in Seattle.  It is basically whoever calls me first gets my order.  They are both the sweetest girls who would do absolutely anything to make sure my Chanel Limited Edition goodies arrive safely at my door.  With that said, here is something that arrived on a big brown truck this evening at 6:30 p.m.  I will post the picture before I even begin to tell you about it -

This beauty is by far one of the most gorgeous items that I have ever seen.  This picture does not even do it justice.  This is Ombres Tissees - Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges.  I received the call from Heather last Saturday about this and could not say the words "Put it on my charge!" quick enough.  I read about this a while ago and it was described as a highlighter powder.  When Heather was telling me about the new products that are part of the Chanel Ready To Wear collection only sold at Nordstroms and online now, I didn't realize she was talking about this.  The collection is called Les Aquarelles de Chanel and was first introduced by Peter Philips (my buddy), at the Couture show in Paris early Spring.  I did some investigation and found that this product can be used as a face highlighter and also on the eyes.  It comes in the black velvet pouch with a shadow applicator housed in it.  This product is definitely a must have for any Chanel lover or collector.  The photo below shows the product with the glitter overlay.  I haven't even touched it yet.  This is one of those, its too pretty to touch right now pieces.  The glitter overlay will go away once swiped.  I think this is going to work well on my tanned skin especially to highlight my cheeks and the eyes.  I am going to dive in and use it tomorrow.  For the remainder of the night I will sit here and admire its beauty.  Well probably not all night, maybe just another half hour or so.  I do have a life other than Chanel ya know!  I will leave you with one more picture of this compact in all its gorgeousness -

In the case of purchasing yet another limited edition product from Chanel before it goes to Chanel Heaven - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Dear Chanel, It's me Kathy......

This post is for Mr. Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Cosmetics.  Who knows he might just be reading! I am writing you to let you know that there is something I absolutely need you to create for Chanel.  I NEED, WANT, HAVE TO HAVE, AM BEGGING FOR Chanel gel nail polish.  After several years, I finally have my own cute little nails.  I love the idea of the gel manicure, however, the polishes just don't cut it for me.  They just are not my beloved Chanel, and not having Chanel on my nails is a little unsettling.  Chanel polish and my nails go together like Bronzer and a large kabuki brush.  Ok Peter we can compromise, just make one a season.  Is that really asking for too much?  Just package that pretty Mimosa, Novelle Vague, Peridot, Graphite, Black Pearl, or Paradoxal in a cute little tub to be used for a gel manicure.  That would really make me happy when skies are grey! 

So now that Peter knows how I feel, I will get on with showing you my new hot pink nails.  Don't get me wrong they are cute and all but they are just not Chanel. 

In the case of begging Peter to make me Chanel polish in gel manicure form - This case is NOT SOLVED yet!!!!

Detective Kathy


Chanel, Hourglass, & MUFE haul!

Last night I finally got to hang out with one of my oldest friends. We decided that we would go to dinner and of course, SHOP!  We took a short trip to a mall that is about 45 minutes away.  This mall has one of my favorite things in the whole wide world - CHANEL!  Our first stop was Lord & Taylor to visit one of my favs George at the Chanel Counter.  He was helpful as always and I ended up purchasing a few goodies.  I bought my beloved bronzer that I have actually been out of all summer.  I had switched to Nars Casino and though I really like the Nars, there is just something I really LOVE about Chanel.  I bought the Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in #63 Terre Ambre.  This is the best color for me.  It is not the darkest one because I feel that makes me look a little orange.  This color has just the right amount of pigment to give me that bronze look and even out my already tanned skin.  While I was there I tried on a lipstick and gloss.  They were absolutely gorgeous but I knew I had a few on my list to get from Sephora so I passed (now that is what I call control).  So I passed on the lippies but ended up with two of the most gorgeous eyeshadows ever.  They are two singles #89 Twilight, and #90 Fauve.  I read that they were originally only released in Europe and made their way to the US.  The Twilight is a gorgeous shimmery candy like pink with micro glitter.  The Fauve is a shimmery mauve-taupe with micro glitter as well.  The photo that I am placing below really doesn't do them justice.  They were just so pretty I could not resist.  I am excited to work with these since I have never owned any of the Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow singles from Chanel before.  Here are the photos -

Our next trip was to Sephora.  I had a few items on my list thanks to one of my favorite YouTube girls TheBombShellSuite.  Her name is Vanessa and I love her style and makeup.  She had purchased a few lipsticks and a liner that I had on my list to check out.  I ended up with a MUFE lipstick in #22.  That is not the one that Vanessa had because I thought it would be a little too bright on me.  I did however, love the packaging and feel of the MUFE so I got one.  It is a beigy nude and will be on the left of the photo below.  The next lippie that was on my list is one from Hourglass.  I had never owned anything from this line but wanted to try the color she had.  I ended up getting this one because it is right up my nude alley!  It is called Fable.  This is ironic because I have been on the hunt for another Fable which is sold out everywhere.  That Fable is by Illamasqua.  The Hourglass lipstick will be on the right of the photo below.  I could not leave without a trip to the perfume section.  I ended up with a back up bottle of my beloved Fresh Cannabis Santal, and also a new purse spray of Bvlgari Jasmin Noir.  Vanessa had said that she was going to purchase Mon Jasmine Noir from Bvlgari so I had to investigate!  I liked the Mon JN but decided that the Jasmine Noir was more me.  It is a woody Oriental which is what I tend to go for.  Those deep, dark, sexy, and mysterious fragrances.  I am also a sucker for purse sprays.  It was only $25.00 which is a great way to try, before committing to a large size.  Here are the photos below -

WOW these small hauls are really starting to add up.  I would say that I am going to stop purchasing makeup and fragrance for a while but we all know that is a flat out LIE!  I mean if I were to stop what the heck would I have to blog about!

In the case of having a long overdue 5 hour shopping trip with my oldest friend and getting some fabu goodies - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


New York City Haul - Lush, Sephora, & Inglot

Well I am back from NYC! I survived a Tornado warning on Friday, and a horrific hail storm today!  In between my coming and going, I had some gorgeous NY weather.  Saturday was a perfect day so we went to the beach.  No makeup there just fun, sun, and ocean waves! Oh and crab bites on my toes.  Let move on to Sunday now shall we?

On Sunday we made our way into the city.  Even thought I said it would not be a shopping trip, I did manage to sneak in a few stores.  The first store that I can face to face with was Lush!  I had never been in a Lush store before so was excited to venture in.  I was not the only one who ventured in, my son and husband followed.  Believe me, it was NOT to see what Lush had to offer, it was just a way to get out of the heat!  I have to say that I was quite overwhelmed going into this store.  Everything smelled so ah-mazing!  I didn't know what to look at first.  I ended up getting something that I thought was a body cream.  It was actually a face and body scrub called Ocean Salt.  The smell was Divine and I could not resist. It is described as sea salt, lime, and vodka. I need this in cocktail form for the pool!  This is something that I probably would have passed on if I knew it was for face and body.  With that said, I used it tonight and it made my skin feel so soft and silky.  This is definitely a keeper in my book!  The next item that I got was a chunk of soap.  I bought the Figs and Leaves which smells yummy! I am a sucker for anything that smells of fig.  I bought some lip products as well.  I had heard about the Lip Scrubs so I couldn't pass these up.  I got Sweet Lips which is cocoa absolute and vanilla extract.  This makes your lips feel soft and smooth and it tastes yummy!  I also bought the Lip Balm in Honey Trap.  This is a creamy scent with honey, vanilla, and shea butter.  The final lip product that I bought was a Lip Tint in Double Choc.  This is a dark chocolate, vanilla, and brandy scented tint.  You can apply it very sheer or darker for more color.  These lip products are ah-mazing!  The final product that I bought from Lush is a perfume solid in Vanillary.  You know what a sucker I am for perfume.  This is real vanilla, and tonka absolute.  All in all I will say that though Lush is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely worth every penny!  Thanks to Lush I don't think I will ever need to eat dessert again!  Here are the products -

Next was Sephora!  I was excited to visit Illamasqua when I went to Sephora since I don't have it here in mine.  Unfortunately, the stock was a little low on the products that I wanted.  I really wanted the Metal Palette, and also Fable Lipstick.  Those were two products that I was so excited to try and review.  I will just order from to get the products that were out of stock.  I was so happy to at least see a display.  I love the name and have always been curious about the brand.  I ended up with Sonnet Lipstick which is a gorgeous coral nude.  This color looks so pretty on and is a wearable nude.  I also got the Powder Foundation in PF240 which is the darkest that they had.  I used it today and it matched my skin perfect.  I am so happy with my purchases from Illamasqua.  I cant wait to order more!  I only bought two more items from Sephora, once again husband and son standing there getting cool, (feeling like I have to rush, I hate that)!  I got a YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm in #1 Lush Coconut.  The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, typical YSL.  The gloss is VERY sheer.  I just swiped it on my lips quick when I got home so I will have to report back on this one.  I want to try it with my liner to get the true color payoff.  I am thinking that it will be sheer. This is a great color to throw on when your lips need a little moisture.  I was thinking about trying it over the Illamasqua Sonnet for a little shine.  The final product that I got was a Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut.  Oh my I have typed Coconut quite a lot tonight!  Here are my Sephora goodies -
Just as we were about to wait in the long line at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, I detected something in the distance - was it - could it be - did I lose my mind and forget that INGLOT was in Times Square??? I was so excited..well you know how that goes!  I could hardly contain myself.  I had to just run in quick and take a peek!  A peek I did, I ended up getting something that I love, love, love!  It is one of the palettes in the Freedom System.  I did purchase one for lips at IMATS in April, along with a lot of other products from this brand. I wanted a palette that held eyeshadow, bronzer, and a blush.  That is exactly what I created.  The bronzer is a soft shimmery shade #17.  The blush that I bought is a shimmery berry #32.  I bought two shadows for the palette, one a shimmery grey # 393, and the other a matte gold #498.  This palette was only $44.00 and TOTALLY worth every penny!  Here is my palette -

There was one more item, cosmetic related that I bought.  This product is by Comodynes and it is the Make-up Remover wipes for face and eyes.  I used these the other day when I got them and they are wonderful.  Very soothing on the skin and they removed all of my makeup!  I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand again.  I hear they have a wonderful self tanner. 
Well that was my small NYC haul, not bad for only one day in the city with my husband and son in tow!  NYC is one of my favorite places, I love the excitement and all the different people.  Here are just a few of my favorite photos -

In the case of spending the day in NYC and grabbing some blog worthy goodies - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy