It's time to stop going nude!

Stop going nude with my lip color of course!  I have been MIA for a while due to the fact that - Upstate NY has finally seen the light, well the sun!  I have definitely taken advantage of this which means my makeup had to change.  I tend to get a ton of color in the summer since I am always outside.  Unfortunately, I can no longer pull of my favorite nude pout.  As I was looking through my lipstick/gloss collection, I remembered how much I love to wear glittery lips in the summer.  I came across some old favorites that I used last summer. 

The first combo is from Chanel.  The Lipstick is a Chanel Rouge Coco in the color Chintz.  This is a gorgeous pinky/peach.  This is actually pretty light but definitely not that nude color.  Over the top of Chintz, I like to put Chanel Glossimer in Coral Love.  This is a coral with a ton of gold shimmer.  Both of these colors are still available at Chanel counters and online.  This combo looks great with a tan! 
The next combo that I love is a color from last years MAC collection, Digi-Pop.  It is a lipstick called Win-Win.  I know that this is definitely not available at counter, however you could try a CCO to see if they have it.  This color is a shimmery (glitter stick) of pink.  Over the top of this, I use Christian Dior's DiorKiss in Fizzy Lemonade.  This can be found at most Sephora stores and online.  This is definitely a dazzling combo.
As you can see from the pictures, these are totally different from the nudes that I was loving a few weeks ago.  I know that I will still be able to pull off some of my favorite nudes in the coming summer months.  I do feel that the slightly deeper, and shimmery shades look better with my coloring. 

With my summer glitter lips I find myself liking a matte eyeshadow.  I definitely DO NOT want to look like a shiny little disco ball!

In the case of finding color combos to work with my tanned skin - This case is OPEN.  It is open because you know I will never stop looking for new lip combos.  What fun would that be and also what would I have to blog about? 

Next up are my May favorites! 

Detective Kathy


French Fries in my Makeup Bag

If you follow our blog I bet you clicked on this and thought to yourself, Detective Lynn occasionally posts about eating healthy, and now Detective Kathy is talking about french fries in her makeup bag! What has this blog become!!!

Actually if you are familiar with YouTube gurus such as JuicyStar07, Allthatglitters21, EmilieClarke, MakeupbyMel, and LovePeaceandLipgloss, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Before I continue on I just have to clear one thing up - I would never even put actual french fries anywhere near my precious handbag, let alone inside my makeup bag! 

What I am talking about is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color French Fries!! When Detective Lynn and I were holding our weekly Ulta investigation,  I had remembered the color French Fries was liked and used by a lot of the gurus.  I had to purchase this color and add it to my collection. 

This color is a gorgeous shimmery bronze brown.  When I first saw it I thought that it would be perfect with Wood Winked Shadow by MAC.  I wore this the other day by applying it all over my lower lid.  I then smudged it in and took Wood Winked and put it over that.  In the crease I chose a deep brown called Embark also by MAC.  The two colors together were gorgeous.  The NYX Jumbo Pencil helped the color stay on all day.  It also made it more vibrant and shimmery.  I finished it off with three of my  favorite eye products - Styli Style Waterproof Black liner, Milk pencil by NYX in my lower waterline, and Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara.  This was a gorgeous bronze combination. Here are the products that I used below -

* Ulta had a sale on NYX cosmetics.  They were buy two get one free.  I ended up getting French Fries, a sharpener, and also a Lip Pencil in #857 Nude Beige. 

In the case of me promising to never blog again about having French Fries in my makeup bag - This case is SOLVED!!!

Detective Kathy

Jouer Cosmetics

I was so excited when I got home from work yesterday.  My first Jouer package had arrived.  I purchased two lip glosses.  One is in the color Blush, which is described as creamy baby pink.  The other is Mimosa, which is described as shimmery golden pink. 

The tube is really unique.  If you go onto the website you will see that all of the compacts and lip gloss snap together.  This creates a palette which can be customized.  I love the idea of having things together and customized with my own colors.  I ordered a powder that will not be here until Wednesday.  Once I receive that I will show you how the lip gloss and powder snap together. 

I am not going to review these glosses yet since I haven't even had a chance to wear them.  I was just so excited I wanted to show you the colors!  I will review them once my powder arrives.  At first glance I can tell you that the colors are very pretty.  They are subtle and light.  They seem like they will be moisturizing as well.  I am sure that I will be pairing these with a lipstick under them.  The package is really cute and I like the unique shape. Below you will find some pictures of the two products, Mimosa is on top, and Blush is on the bottom.  Along with the glosses I received two samples of their Luminizing Moisture Tint in Deep Bronze.  I will be giving this a try as well. 

I am excited to try these glosses the next few days and also to receive my powder.  I will do a full review once I have had a chance to use these products for a while.

In the case of whether or not Jouer is going to be a keeper in my makeup bag - This case is still OPEN!

* If you sign up on the Jouer site they have email specials often.  I actually ordered the powder and it was 20% off with the email.  They offer their "Signature Collections" which are coordinating palettes already put together by makeup artists.  There is free shipping as well.

Detective Kathy


MAC Big Bounce Shadows - Revisited

A few weeks ago I did a review on MAC's Big Bounce Shadows.  I tried this product out and thought of it more as a "small roll" than a "big bounce".  After watching Thebombshellsuite's YouTube video, I decided to give these another try.  She had suggested putting a MAC Paint Pot down first before applying the wet shadow.  She also said that the Makeup Artist at MAC told her she could use these as a highlight on the cheek bone.  I decided to give these another try.

I used my favorite Paint Pot of all time, Vintage Selection.  I put this on using my concealer brush.  Over that I took a little of the Big Bounce in Trophy and patted it on the top.  The two colors together created this gorgeous shimmery, pink champagne color.  I then applied a thick layer of black waterproof liner, tons of waterproof mascara, and my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the inner rim of my lower lash line.  This look was very pretty and shimmery.  It seemed to stay on all day with no creasing.  The color brightened my eye area and gave a subtle shimmer.  Here are the products that I used below -

Thanks to Vanessa, I did give the Big Bounce shadows another chance.  I definitely would not purchase anymore colors, however I now have a use for the one that I have.   

In the case of giving something another try - This case is SOLVED! 

Next up - A review of my favorite waterproof eye products!

Detective Kathy

Here is a link to Vanessa's video review - 



Kate Middleton's Wedding Makeup - CASE CLOSED

BREAKING NEWS -  Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown confirmed that Kate Middleton and her wedding party received "makeup artistry assistance" from Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Hannah Martin, (lucky girl).  Below you will find the face chart that the beauty had done before her wedding.  This is what she took home to recreate the look for her fairy tale wedding. 

Finally after weeks of investigating, in the case of finding what makeup Kate used on her wedding day - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy

Beauty Maven - Kim Kardashian

I was searching the Internet today and came across this absolutely stunning picture.  It is obviously Kim Kardashian who I am a huge fan of.  I think that her look is absolutely flawless. 
I found this information about her favorite lip products - 

Lips: To get Kim’s signature nude lip look she uses a nude lipliner called Stripdown by MAC (find one to match your skintone). She then uses MAC’s Angel lipstick with NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss on top. For a matte nude lip Kim lines her lips with MAC Subculture lipliner then applies NARS Belle De Jour lipstick.

You all know from my previous posts that I love Stripdown, I also own Angel (thanks to Detective Lynn when I took it out of her makeup bag one night) and Turkish Delight.  Tomorrow this will definitely be the trio I will be trying!  Who doesn't want to have that Kim K gorgeous pout right?  

In the case of finding someone who I think is one of the most gorgeous people in the world - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy  


Upcoming Investigation - Jouer Cosmetics

Just a sneak peek of whats to come this week -

I placed an order with Jouer Cosmetics!!! Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn't until I watched YouTube videos from MissGlamorozzi (I will put her YouTube link below).  Don't worry, me being the good detective that I am jumped right on the case!!  I had to order some glosses to see what it's all about.  Once I receive the package, I will do a review and let you know if Jouer is something that needs to be investigated a little further!

Here are some fun facts about Jouer Cosmetics -

Jouer means "To Play" in French, and play is exactly what I will do when my package comes.  Jouer's mission statement - They have wearable colors, intelligent packaging, effortless beauty, quality formulas and they are beauty's little black dress. 
I am excited to see what Jouer has to offer.  It seems whenever I investigate a new cosmetic company, I start with their lipgloss.  If the lipgloss makes it into my makeup bag, and not just into my collection, I know it's good.  Lately I have been liking smaller and unique cosmetic companies.  I will be tracking the FedEx package like a stalker the next few days.  I cannot wait to get to the bottom of Jouer!!

Detective Kathy

MissGlamorozzi's YouTube link -


Review - Nude/Peach Lip Trio

Thank goodness the blog is up and running!  Yesterday it was down for maintenance and I was having withdrawals.  So the other day I posted my favorite Nude/Pink Lip Trio.  Today I am back with my Nude/Peach trio.   This includes a few more lip products from my new favorite store .... ULTA! 

I start with lining with my favorite lip liner from MAC in Stripdown.  This is a wonderful peachy nude color.  Before I purchased the Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner, Stripdown was my go to color with everything.  The next thing I use is my new Lorac lipstick in Nude Scene.  I haven't worn Lorac lipsticks in years.  The reason why I purchased this is because my lips have been so dry lately.  This lipstick claims to be moisturizing which is rare in some of the nude colors that I own.  I put this lipstick on straight from the tube.  The final in my lip trio is a gloss.  This gloss was on one of my favorite bloggers everyday essentials list - Dara from BelledujourNYC - I will put her link below.  The gloss is Prestige Skin Loving Minerals in Soft Peach.  Here are some pictures of these colors  -

This trio is absolutely gorgeous.  The effect is a light, natural, nude lip.  I wore it today at work and received a lot of compliments, (thanks Azerina).  If you are not a huge fan of lipstick, I would definitely recommend the lip liner and gloss combo.  Overall the Lorac really lived up to the moisturizing name.  My lips didn't feel dry today and the colors stayed put for hours.  Nude Scene is a wearable nude that will go well with every skintone.  The Prestige gloss is a wonderful buy especially since it was only $5.49.  Next time I am at Ulta, which will probably be tomorrow, I will be checking out more of these pretties! 

Please comment below and let me know what your favorite nude/pink, and nude/peach lip combos or trios are.  I am always up for trying new colors. 

In the case of finding a peachy/nude lip trio - This case is SOLVED!

Dara from BelledujourNYC's Blog -

Detective Kathy


Review - Nude/Pink Lip Trio

I wanted to post a quick lipliner, stick, and gloss review.  The trio that I have been loving the past few days has been the three that were featured in my Ulta Haul #2 post.  The products are as follows - Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner, Kat Von D Celebutard Lipstick, and Smashbox Limitless Gloss in For Keeps.  I had never tried the Smashbox glosses before.  I have to say that I am very happy with the product.  I will be purchasing more.  Just a quick note that the Kat Von D lipstick is not from Ulta, it is from Sephora. 

These three products create the most perfect wearable nude/pink on me.  I use the Too Faced liner first to outline and fill in just a little.  This color is a lot lighter than the Stripdown that I use from MAC.  It is also more pinky nude.  From the first moment that I put this on I could tell that it is going to stay on.  It has a waxy feeling, in a good way, like it will not move.  Next I use the Celebutard right from the tube.  If you read my post about nude lips I told you that I rarely can use any type of nude directly from the tube.  Celebutard is definitely an exception.  It goes on with a matte finish,  that is why I need the gloss on top.  Over the top I add just a little touch of the For Keeps.  I have to tell you that this trio stays put and looks gorgeous!  Here are a few pictures of the products -

In the photo, the gloss looks frosty, it is not frosty at all.  It is very shiny and that is what the camera is picking up.  The liner is on the top and a small swatch of the lipstick is in the middle.  I know it is hard to tell from the pictures just how pretty and wearable these colors are.  I suggest running, not walking, to your nearest Ulta and/or Sephora and picking them up!

In the case of finding a pinky/nude lip trio - This case is SOLVED!
Detective Kathy


Review - Purr by Katy Perry

In my Ulta Haul #2 you see that I purchased Purr Perfume by Katy Perry.  I have to admit that I am usually not a fan of the "celebrity" inspired fragrances, with the exception of Fancy by Jessica Simpson.  When Makeupbytiffanyd (YouTube) described it in one of her videos I had to go and smell it.  When I did I immediately thought that it was a gorgeous, sweeter than normal for me, fragrance.  I could smell the vanilla and the rose which I really liked. 

Here is the description taken from Nordstroms - Purr by Katy Perry eau de parfum begins with the aroma of peach nectar and forbidden apple, evolves with a distinct floral bouquet of jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose and vanilla orchid, and slowly reveals accents of creamy sandalwood and musk. Like the singer herself, Purr is playful yet sophisticated. Katy Perry transcends barriers with her music—so does her new fragrance.

So love at first spray was what I encountered at my local Ulta.  I had to bring this gorgeous fragrance home to add to my collection.  The bottle, personally, I DO NOT like at all.  I really don't have anything against cats but I usually go for a perfume bottle a little more classy than cutesy.  The juice itself, as I said before smells absolutely gorgeous.  There is one problem, the staying power.  I brought my purse spray to work today and found myself spraying it over and over.  This could be because I usually wear fragrances that are so strong. 

This is a fragrance that reminds me of Escada fragrances.  They have that sweet vanilla, almost tropical drink kind of fragrance.  Fun, flirty, fruity, and floral is how I would describe this.  I think I will save this for the summer when I want something light and fresh.  I am happy that I took TiffanyD's recommendation and gave this a try!
I guess in the case of finding a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect scent for summer - This case is SOLVED! 

Detective Kathy


Ulta Haul #2......

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!  I had some time and wanted to post a quick haul.  These are some things that I have picked up from Ulta in the past few days.  Detective Lynn and I spent about 2 hours in Ulta the other day searching for some must have goodies.  I came up with a few lip products and a new perfume.  Most of these were recommendations taken from MakeupbyTiffanyD, and TheBombShellSuite's videos on Youtube.  I will post a link to their videos below.  I will list the products and do another post to review them after I get to try them out for a few days. 

They are from Left to Right - Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, Purr Perfume by Katy Perry, free purse size GWP from Purr, Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in Nude Scene, Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Lipgloss in Soft Peach, Kat Von D Lipstick in Celebutard, Smashbox Limitless Lip Gloss in For Keeps, and Too Faced Perfect Lips Perfect Nude Liner.

I will tell you that I wore the perfume today and absolutely love it.  It doesn't have a super long staying power but it is a gorgeous fragrance.  The Celebutard lipstick is also something that I wore today and love it! I wore it with the Perfect Lips Liner.  I bought the Smashbox to go over the top and haven't tried it out yet.  I will post a review when I do.  I will also post swatches of the lip products so you can see what they look like.  I am so happy that Ulta came to my area.  My wallet is not happy at all! 

In the case of hauling even more products from Ulta , this case is - MIGHT JUST GO ON FOREVER!

Detective Kathy


Happy Mother's Day & My Beauty Inspiration!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and  I wanted to share with you my beauty inspiration....My Mother.  I was nine years old when she passed away so unfortunately I don't remember much about her.  I do however remember the Chanel bottle that sat on her dresser along with some perfumes from Avon and Estee Lauder.  There was also a brand called Jean Nate that she had in lotion, spray, and powder form.  Many of you have probably never heard of that.  I remember peachy almost flesh toned nail polish.  I can look down at my hands and picture the color as if it were yesterday.  I remember powder compacts that I would give anything to have right now.  I also remember scented body powder in a box with a large puff. 

As I grew up and got into makeup I always wondered if my mother would have come to the makeup counter to see me?  Would she let me do her makeup?  Would she come in to get the free gifts with her friends?  Would she be proud of me and the love that I have for beauty?   I recently found some pictures that I would like to share with you.  These pictures answer those questions for me -

In the case of me wondering if if I got my love for beauty from my Mother.  This case is  - SOLVED!

Tomorrow I will share my Mother's Day with some very special people.  I will make beautiful memories that will last a life time!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.  May you remember mothers that have passed, and make beautiful memories with the mothers that you are lucky enough to still have in your life!   xoxoxoxoxox

Detective Kathy


MAC - Big Bounce Shadow Review

When I went to the MAC counter to pick up my Lip Gelee's, I saw this new cream shadow called Big Bounce.  These are from the Flighty Color Collection.  Big Bounce shadows come in 16 shades.  Here is the description taken from the MAC website - Eyes are fresh and luminescent with beautiful sheen washes of vibrant color using new Flighty Eye Shadows. This spongy, mousse-like eye shadow is lightweight, lasts for hours, and imparts a cooling sensation upon application. 

When I first applied the Big Bounce shadow I thought of if more as a small roll!  I put it on and the color pay off was not enough for me to wear alone.  Btw the color I got is Trophy, which is soft peach with pearl.  I decided to put a color over this and use it as a base.  I chose MAC's All That Glitters to swipe over the Trophy.  I then continued with MAC's Carbon in the crease.  I have to say that the colors are a little more vibrant and so far they haven't creased.  One downfall would be that my pencil eyeliner was harder to apply.  It makes the colors used over it a little more frosty and shiny.  This is usually not a look that I go for anymore.  I guess here is a, "less is more" time for me.  I used to wear only frosty shadows.  Now that I am getting older I choose shadows with a light sheen or slight shimmer.  I try to avoid anything with frost.  I also avoid putting a color under my brow, especially a frost or shimmer.  I do occassionaly swipe on some glitter.  I guess I will never be too old for glitter : )

TIP - Applying an eyeshadow base will make the color stay longer.  I like to apply it with a concealer brush.  I apply a thin layer and then place the eye color over it.  I always do this when I do makeovers.  This ensures the staying power of the eyeshadow.  Brides are usually done early in the morning and the eye color stays fresh all day.  MAC and Clinique make bases with no shimmer or shine.  These will not alter the color of the shadow that you will use on top of it. 

All in all the Big Bounce shadows are not something that I would NOT re-purchase.  I have some other eyeshadow bases that I use and really don't need to add anymore to my collection.  I also would not choose to use this while doing makeovers on clients.  I would not want to take the risk of it creasing due to the fact that it is not a true base. 

I guess in the case of the "Big Bounce" I will stick to my first impression - It's a "Small Roll".  This case is - SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Perfume - Some wear one..I wear many!

At the moment I am addicted to perfume.  I have come so far from the days of only wearing Eternity by Calvin Klein.  When I was younger that was my signature scent.  These days its not a signature scent anymore for me.  It really depends on the mood I am in. 

For me wearing a fragrance really makes me think of a time and place in my life.  I posted that I recently bought Stella by Stella McCartney.  This fragrance takes me back to a Makeup Trade Show that I did in Buffalo, NY a few years ago.  I was working for Lancome and was asked to go to the show and be a makeup artist for them.  This was such an exciting time for me.  One makeover right after the other.  I was definitely in my glory!  The night before the show I purchased my first bottle of Stella.  When I smelled it on Saturday I had to purchase it.  Chanel fragrances remind me of being at the Chanel counter which is my home away from home.  They are so classy and sophisticated.  They make me very happy.  My mother wore Chanel #5.  When I wear this I think of her and can remember it sitting on her dresser when I was a child.

Below I have some of my favorites in my collection at this time.  From Left to Right -  Tom Ford Black Orchid, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel #5, CSP Vanille Mokha, Chane Eau Tendre, Prada, Bond No 9 Nuits De Noho, Fresh Cannabis Santal, Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, Lollia Wish, Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Victoria Secrets Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine.  Another favorite of mine is Angel but I cannot seem to locate it at this time. 

I also have a small addiction to roller ball perfumes.  Below you will find some of my collection -

I won't go through all of these but they are mostly Bond No 9 Bon Bon's.  Some were sent to me for free from the company.  If you purchase a full size there is a VIP card in the box.  They will occasionally send you a free Bon Bon that is worth $50.00 when a new fragrance comes out.  I love the small ones so that I can try them to see which ones I like the best.  So far my favorite is Coney Island.  I have yet to purchase a full size.  I think I love it because it actually reminds me of last summer when I went to Coney Island.  I love the old charm that it has!  If you have any questions about any of the fragrances shown here, please comment below.  Also tell me what your favorite is!

In the case of smelling good on a daily basis - I think that I have this case - SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


What's next for Detective Kathy........Monthly Favorites!

I have been thinking about my monthly favorites.  Until we get our YouTube channel up and running, I am going to start sharing with you my favorite products of the month.  I will do these at the end of each month.  They will be a collection of what I reach for most.  I will include skincare, makeup, nail polish, and anything else that I might love for that month.  I will also include some hair products.  I have naturally curly and very thick hair.  It is very hard to work with and I struggle to find the perfect product for my curls.  I am sure many of you suffer from the same unruly curls.  If you do please comment below and let me know what you use.  I am always on the look out for new products!  I cannot stay with the same products for too long or my hair gets dry and frizzy.  If I find something special that month, I will post that as well.

I will be starting this at the end of May since I know my choices for makeup will be changing due to the warmer weather.  I am also hoping to incorporate some Corals into my makeup collection.  Coral is such a hot color for summer and I really don't own much!

Detective Kathy

Nail polish color of the moment

As you continuing reading this blog you will find that for me, when it comes to nail polish, I am a Chanel girl through and through.  It all started back in 1994 when Chanel launched an extremely dark polish color called VAMP!  Demi Moore was seen wearing this in the movie, "Now and Then".  After seeing the movie I immediately called my sister Lori to go to the Chanel counter and GET ME THAT COLOR.  I was never really into nail polish back then but I was fascinated with this almost black shade.  I can still remember the day when she called telling me that they did not have in stock and there was a waiting list for the color a mile long. When I finally got my hands on Vamp nail polish, there was no turning back.  Lets just say that I was never put on a waiting list for any Chanel polish again!

My obsession with Chanel started with one polish and has gone much further.  Throughout the years I am always called to get the newest, hottest, limited edition, sell out shades.  There has been colors like Vamp, Black Satin, Blue Satin, Vendetta, Black Pearl, Paradoxal, Particuliere, Jade, Novelle Vague, Azur, and a limited edition collection of 4 that were made for the grand opening of the Chanel Boutique on Robertson Boulevard just to name a few.

Just when I thought Chanel couldn't possibly come up with new comes Summer 2011 and MIMOSA!! This is truly one gorgeous color.  Here it is in the bottle and on my nails -
It is funny because throughout the years people have come up to me asking me why I have such odd colors on my nails.  My response to them is - "If Chanel creates it, I will wear it." 

Can't wait to see what the Fall 2011 is going to bring to the tips of my fingers!

In the case of finding a unique polish for all 4 seasons - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Kate Middleton's Wedding Makeup

After googling Kate's makeup since she stepped foot out of the Bentley, I discovered this paragraph below. 

As for Middleton's flawless makeup, rumors are buzzing that she did it herself -- possibly using cosmetic brand Bobbi Brown. Just last week, the bride-to-be was spotted making a purchase that included "eye makeup and basics that were a shade darker than she usually uses in the winter" at the brand's cosmetic counter at London's Peter Jones department store last week, a source at the company tells Us.
Regardless of what the Middleton used, experts agree that she looked absolutely radiant.
"Her complexion was perfect and her makeup completed the fluidly femininity of her soft look," beauty specialist Sarah Chapman tells Us. "She carried off the English rose look well with fresh rosy cheeks and nude lips that were balanced by her strong eyes and glossy dark hair. You can tell she looks after her skin very well, which allows her to pull off a natural look."

Now I want specifics - This case still seems to be - OPEN!!!

Detective Kathy


Jerusha Talking about Inglot Makeup & The Makeup Detectives!

MAC Lip Gelee's - Review Post

As I was sitting here in my makeup room I looked over to see 6 gorgeous sparkly creatures staring back at me.  These are my 6 Lip Gelee's from MAC.  It seems that I usually wear these in the summer because of the gorgeous shimmer.  The colors are amazing and they keep getting better and better.  Yesterday I added two new ones to my collection.  These are from MAC's Fashion Flower Collection.  The two that I got are - Now In Season which is a shimmery soft gold, and Fashion Flower which is a shimmery pale pearly pink.  With these a little definitely goes a long way.  I have to admit that I really don't care for the squeeze tube applicator.  It seems that too much always comes out unless you are careful.  However, due to the gorgeousness of these glosses, I will continue to purchase and wear them all summer long. 

Beware - If you do not like shimmer these are not for you!!

Below are the colors that I currently own - From L to R - Fashion Flower, Sin-Tillation, Bubble Lounge, Now In Season, Straight To The Head, and Preppy. 
Unfortunately, these were all limited edition and I am pretty sure you cannot get them any longer at counter.  You could try checking out your local CCO.  You might be lucky enough to find one there.  Preppy which is the bright shimmery fuscia on the end is an oldie from the Lilly Land Collection.  That was out in January 2010.   The other three are from MAC's Cham-Pale Collection.  This was out in December 2010.  My two new colors are currently on counter!  These Lip Gelee's are always a quick sell out.  If you see them on counter or online my suggestion is to get them quick before they are gone!

In the case of finding a gorgeous shimmery lip gloss for summer - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Ulta Haul

I went to Ulta today for the second time.  It actually just opened in our area last Sunday.  Last Sunday was Easter so I really didn't have time to shop around.  Today I did have some time and just wanted to pick up a few things.

Here is what I actually bought  - Two NYX products.  I was so excited because of all the YouTube videos that are about NYX.  I had placed an order for a few NYX products on but have never been able to see them in person.  When I went over to the display on it was Blair (Juicystar07), and Elle (Allthatglitters21) from YouTube.  One product that I purchased is the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  I have heard so much about this white pencil.  I am so excited to try it out as a base for shadow and also in the inner rim of my eye.  I also got a lipgloss in Sweet Heart.  This is a gorgeous nude (of course).  One other item that was not NYX was a roller ball perfume set of Stella McCartney.  This was a set of 4 roller balls.  I had forgotten how much I love this fragrance.

A big shout out to my sister Joann who accompanied me on my Ulta trip! Now onto the goodies and surprises.  I had always read about everyone getting free stuff from Ulta and was always jealous because we didn't have one around here.  Well now I get free stuff too!!  With my NYX purchase, I got a little bag with a bow on it.  Inside it was a lipgloss in Sugar Pie, brow pencil, eye shadow in Black, Ultra Pearl Mania loose shadow, and liquid liner.  The only product that wasn't full size was the liquid liner.  I am so excited about these surprises, especially since I already own Sugar Pie and it is a gorgeous nude.  Next for signing up in Ulta's reward program I got, (all generous sample sizes) Its a 10 leave in spray, Goldwell shampoo, antibacterial hand cream, and a full size Ulta shadow in Sandstone.  The final thing I got for free, like I already didn't get enough, was a large pink tote bag.  That was with a fragrance purchase.  Below is a picture of the NYX gift.

What a fun little shopping trip to Ulta today.  I am so happy that we have one in our area.  I am sure this will be the first of many hauls at Ulta since I love makeup!  For reference the NYX Jumbo Pencil was $4.49, the gloss was $5.49, the roller ball set was $42.00, and I had a $5.00 off coupon!

I guess that in the case of racking up the free stuff and not spending a lot, this case is SOLVED!!!

Detective Kathy

The Reception Dress

There are no words -
Absolutely Stunning!!!

Detective Kathy

A break from the makeup talk ......

So today was obviously the Royal Wedding.  I had my DVR set to record this blessed event.  I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and found myself glued to the TV.  It brought me back to the day when I watched Princess Diana and Charles get married in 1981.  WOW that was so many years ago, I was just a young girl!  I probably wasn't even tan back then. 

My son is 17 and I asked him this morning if he knew who was getting married.  His response to me was, "Two famous people".  I then asked if he knew who those famous people were and thank goodness he said yes.  I told him to go and take a look at the wedding on TV for a minute.  I explained that someday his children will be watching William and Kate's children getting married, and he could tell his children he watched their parents.  I really cannot believe how time goes by, how things change, and people grow.  This was a wonderful moment in history that I am happy I was able to witness.  God bless William and Kate, may they live a long and happy life together.  Princess Diana must be very proud of her boy. 
Kate looked absolutely glowing and gorgeous.  Her sister Pippa looked gorgeous as well. Two words that come to mind are classy and elegant!

In the case of Prince William finding his soul mate - This case is SOLVED!!! 

Detective Kathy

Lips - Primer, Liner, Gloss, & Lipstick

When it comes to lip products I am a total junkie!  I just keep collecting lipsticks and glosses like it is my job!  I am sure that I am probably like most people and look down at their lip collection to find all similar colors.  I really don't stray away from a nude or nude pink lip. 

Step 1 - MAC Prep + Prime - This is a must have in your makeup bag especially when you are going for a matte nude look.  Nude lipsticks can often look chalky and show lines and wrinkles on the lips.  This product will soften your lips and get them ready to have that gorgeous nude color of choice.  I use this on and also around my lips to soften the lines. 

Tip - When applying a matte nude lipstick, press the lip color on your lips gently.  Never just swipe it on like you would do with a regular lipstick unless it is a glossy nude.  This will help it go on soft and not look like you have concealer on your lips.  Another tip is to choose a liner that is similar to the lipstick.  One shade deeper would be good.  You don't want to have that dark lined lip!

Step 2 - MAC Lip Liner in Stripdown - Do you see the nude lip developing! This is my holy grail liner.  I have a ton of others but always go back to this one.  I found it about 6 months ago and cannot use any other.  Chanel Nude is also a great neutral but MAC is less expensive and the formula is wonderful. 

Step 3 - That gorgeous Matte Nude of choice - If I had to pick my all time favorite nude, it would have to be MAC Peachstock.  This is probably the one I always go back to.  The colors below were the ones lucky enough to make it into my makeup bag, (I know I need help) - From left to right - Chanel Rouge Allure in Insoudante, Chanel Rouge Allure in Mythic, Inglot #263, Inglot #224, MAC Peachstock, YSL Rouge Volupte #2 Sensual Silk. 

Next I will move on to lip glosses!  I had a favorite that I used all of the time and that was Chanel Glossimer in Blizzard.  Whenever I was having a bad face day I would put on Blizzard and it made everything look better.  I have not had Blizzard in years since it is not a nude gloss.  When I went to IMATS I found a color from Inglot that is it's doppelganger.  It is Inglot Sleeks gloss in #62.  This is my new go to color when I am running out of the house or having a bad face day.  It makes everything look better! 

On to the glosses that made it to my makeup bag.  They are as follows, left to right - Inglot Sleeks #62, Inglot Sleeks Cream #92, Chanel Glossimer in #151, Chanel Glossimer #64, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Insoudance, MAC Creamsheen in Partial To Pink, and Nars Turkish Delight.  With the exception of #64, most of these are used over one of my nude lipsticks. 

There is one more lip palette that I have been carrying in my makeup bag ever since I got it.  I will actually save that for a post all its own!

These are my go to products of the moment.  I guess in the case of the Nude Lips, this case is definitely SOLVED!   Next up - the eyes have it!

Detective Kathy

Bronzers = LOVE

Now that I have gone through moisturizers, foundations, and primer I move on to two of my favorite products of all time.  With the risk of sounding like Olivia from Jerseylicious, I LOVE BRONZER, actually bronzer is my second BFF, Lynn is my first of course!!!  I love to be tan whether it comes from a bottle, bed, backyard, or compact!  As you know from my moisturizer I use my Clarins self tanner on my face to keep me tan. 

After my foundation and pressed powder there are a few bronzers that I go to on a regular basis. 

1 - Diorskin Nude in #050 Cafe Moka - This is pictured below and I have been using it since November.  It has a powder foundation (on bottom), bronzer (in the middle), and highlighter (top).  I use these blended together as a highlighter and contour on my cheekbones.  This is a wonderful product that I sometimes use to touch up with during the day.  When I do this I actually use the brush that it comes with.  I think this is the first time that I have ever used a brush that comes with a compact.  It is nice to contour with and too pick out the individual colors.

2 - Nars Bronzer in Casino - This has become my holy grail bronzer! This is a recommendation from Dara at  I have been following her blog and watching her YouTube videos for quite some time.  I love her style! This bronzer works well on my dark skin.  This never looks orange or fake.  I also like that it has a slight shimmer but you will not look like a shiny little disco ball.  As you can see from the picture below I have hit pan so will need a back up soon!

Tip - For darker skin tones Casino is your color and for lighter skin tones try Nars Laguna.  Laguna is a huge favorite with YouTube gurus who like a more natural looking bronzer.  Laguna was also in Sephora's top bronzer display.  A fiber optic brush makes the bronzer go on lighter and more even.  When I use my regular brushes it seems to have a heavier coverage that is harder to blend.

My final face product is blush. The color that I choose really just depends on the mood I am in.  I have a MAC palette with 6 blushes that I go to most.  This is pictured below and colors are from left to right - Breath Of Plum, Prism, Peach Twist, Mocha, Pinch Me, and Margin.  If I had to choose my favorite, can't live without blush from this palette it would be Peach Twist.  It really is amazing.

These are my go to products of the moment.  I guess in the case of bronzer and blush, this case is SOLVED!   Next up - lip liner, lip gloss, and lip stick!!!

Detective Kathy

Foundation and Primer

Yesterday I started with my two favorite skincare products, today I'm moving on to foundation and primer.   The term "Makeup Detective" came about because Lynn and I are always on the search for products that perform.  I also say that I don't necessarily believe that less is more when it comes to makeup as you get older.  This is one case where I feel that more works for me.  As I age my skin needs more moisturizer and also a primer under my foundation.  When I was younger I never had to worry about this.  I would just put on the foundation and I was out the door.  My personal goal is to soften all of the lines around my lips and eyes.  Here are the products that I use to accomplish this task.

Step 1 -MAC Line Filler Base - This works amazing to soften the lines around my lips and eyes.  I put a small amount on after my moisturizer every morning.  It goes on like silk and never cakes. 

Step 2 - MAC Studio Finish Concealer - The color that I use in this is NC42.  I use this around my eyes to help conceal any dark and also on any blemishes that I might want to conceal.  I use a concealer brush to help this product go on smooth and even.  A little goes a long way.  I personally use my concealer first before foundation.  This is a personal preference as I know a lot of people use it after the foundation.  This may differ on my clients based on their skin.

Step 3 - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - The color that I use in this is NW35.  I use a small amount that I put on the back of my hand.  One pump does one side of my face.  I have a foundation brush though I actually prefer my fingers to apply this product.  If I were using it on a client, I would definitely use a foundation brush. 

TIP - In my years working in cosmetics I have personally found that a sponge for foundation really just soaks up all of the product and doesn't move around evenly.  A foundation brush will distribute the product evenly and give an almost flawless effect.  If you start in the middle of your face and work your way out.  This uses less product on the jaw line and more product where it is needed. 

Step 4 - Inglot AMC Pressed Powder - The color I use in this is #66.  If you are not familiar with Inglot they use numbers and not actual colors.  I use this with a big fluffy brush and put it all over my skin.  This makes my skin matte and not cakey at all.  I also use this to touch up throughout the day. 

These are my go to products of the moment.  I guess in the case of foundation and powder, this case is SOLVED!   Next up - Bronzer & Blush!!!
Detective Kathy

A few of my favorite things .....Moisturizers

I am a total product junkie.  If someone blogs or tweets about a new product I have to try it.  I have my skincare routine down to two creams that I am totally in love with.  One is Chanel's Ultra Correction Line Repair.  This is amazing and doesn't break me out!  I feel as though my skin is smoother and my wrinkles are less visible after using this for about 2 months now.  I tried a sample and fell in love.  I just purchased the full size jar from Nordstrom at the Mall of America.  I call and order all my Chanel from Heather at the counter, she is such a doll.  If you ever want extra special treatment from a Chanel Beauty Advisor, Heather is your gal!  Her number is (952)883-2121.  I actually found her name and number on the blog -  I am so happy that I did.
My second skincare product of choice is one by Clarins.  This is a self tanner.  As you can tell by my photos, I love to be tan!  This product is called Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse.  Once again another amazing product.  I usually use this at night and the Chanel in the morning under my makeup.  This product gives me believable color without looking orange and fake.  It makes my skin soft and smooth and also doesn't break me out.  I have been using this product since December.  I got the full size jar in January after trying a sample.  I still have over half of the jar left.  This product is for face and body, however, I only use it on my face and neck.  This is a wonderful product.  In the case of finding the right moisturizer - this case CLOSED!

Detective Kathy

IMATS 2011 - NYC

A few weeks ago we attended IMATS in gorgeous New York City!  Inglot was the star for me (Kathy) at the show.  Well not knowing there were 2 hour wait lines involved, I lurked my way up to the counter a record setting 6 times! Yes, that is correct 6 times! What I purchased was - 2 lipsticks, 2 glosses, 1 Freedom Palette for lips, 2 eyeshadows, 1 bronzer brick, and last but not least 1 pressed powder.  I have to say that I am currently obsessed with Inglot! LOVE LOVE LOVE I have some pictures that I will post later on today from the event.  I will also post some photos of the products.  I got to meet Koren from EnKore Makeup and Petrilude.  That along with being able to experience Inglot Cosmetics were the highlights from IMATS NYC 2011.  This was an amazing experience since I had never been to anything like this before.  AMAZING and I cannot wait for next year!

Detective Kathy