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I will start off this post by telling you that being able to blog is something that I feel so lucky to do.   Not only do I get to try some amazing products such as skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, & even jewelry, I get to meet some of the most amazing people.  One person who I recently was able to talk to is the gorgeous Jennifer Bradley.  I was sent some of Jennifer's products to review and then I went to order some more on her website.  This is where she emailed me about a question I had, and then we started chatting about all of her amazing products. 

Jennifer is a celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert.  Jennifer has worked as a television actress, model, and singer. Jennifer had a personal struggle with acne and decided to research and develop her own products that she would use as a makeup artist. She has worked with some of the best names in the business such as - Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore, Sharon Osborne, and she was also the personal makeup artist for President and Michelle Obama! 

Jennifer has a full line of medical grade skincare and cosmetics.  She is constantly adding new products on her site.  She even has a perfume, which I am dying to try! So what is different about Jennifer's makeup you ask?  After a full investigation, let me tell you what I have found!

I was able to try a variety of Jennifer's products such as - 4 in One Camera Ready Smart Makeup #7, Lip Gloss in Mint Hush Pink, Mascara, Rosweood Liner, Lipstick in Bronze Gold, Bush in Pink Champagne, and Bronzer!  Here is a photo of my products, well the lipstick is missing because my good friend Cathy opened the tube and her eyes lit up, I couldn't even think about trying to pry it out of her paws!  With that said, she has worn it everyday and is IN LOVE with this gorgeous "Perfect Red". 

On the top you will find Jennifer's Bronzer which is simply called "Best Bronzer."  You only have to use this once and you will see exactly why the name fits it.  I am a bronzer junkie and always on the search for something perfect for my skin.  I have to say that this works amazing on my skin tone.  The color is natural and never looks orange or muddy.  I can definitely see this working on any skin tone.  The next product is Jennifer's 3 in 1 Fresh Cleanser.  This cleanser makes my skin feel so clean and fresh.  It also helps tighten pores and has anit-aging properties in it.  The middle product is Pink Champagne, which is actually a highlighter that I use on my cheekbones and also on my eyes to highlight under my brows.  This is the perfect shade, that doesn't make me look like a shiny little disco ball.  The mascara is wonderful. It lengthens and also holds my curl.  The Hint of Mint gloss smells so wonderful and fresh with that mint scent. The color is a gorgeous pink. Perfect to wear alone or over lipstick to make the lips appear fuller and stay moisturized.  The Rosewood liner, goes with the Perfect Red lipstick, which Cathy has!  I didn't give her a chance to take the liner because I am in love with lip liners. I use this color with all of my pink or berry lip products.  Ok so I have saved the best for last!! This needs a new paragraph.

The final round compact to the left of the photo is Jennifer's 4 in One Camera Ready Smart Makeup.  I usually don't do this but I am taking the description right off of Jennifer's page -

*** Foundation. Concealer. Dewy Powder Finish. Sun protection. Incredible coverage, with a weightless, undetectable finish. Improves skin texture, and gives your skin a radiant glow. Takes the redness out of skin immediately. OIL FREE AND NEVER CAUSES BREAKOUTS

Lasts about five to six months, even when used everyday. This is the best foundation you will ever use in your whole life. Prepare to be amazed by this magic makeup product. TOP SELLER

*Created by a makeup artist for makeup artists, busy moms, and  people who want to look high maintenance.

**If you need help choosing your color, call me and I will match your color based on the foundation that you are currently using.
Sounds too good to be true - It is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  This has been my holy grail product since the first time I tried it.  My skin looks flawless with this foundation. I use Dr. Feelgood Primer by Benefit under and then apply this with a foundation brush. I don't even use my concealer anymore! I then apply my Bronzer on top and I am good to go.  This is AMAZING! I am totally in LOVE!

Ok so I have gone on long enough about Jennifer and her amazing products.  It is time for you to head over and check it out for yourself.  Remember if you have any questions about ANY products, Jennifer will answer you herself.  She takes pride in her company and the research that goes into these products.  They are made to help your skin be the best it can be.

The Social Media junkie in me has to give you all of Jennifer's connections -

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In the case of finding yet another makeup line that I am totally addicted too - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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