My POMP by Sharon Case Order Arrived!

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of someone wearing a piece of POMP jewelry by Sharon Case is - WARNING!  This jewelry should come with a huge warning attached.  Here is what it should read:

Dear Pomp customer,
If you are someone who does not like to receive any attention, please DO NOT, I repeat please DO NOT purchase any piece of Pomp jewelry! If you do purchase and decide to wear it, you will receive nothing BUT attention and compliments from EVERYONE! 
Pomp Customer Service

I have to say I have seen a lot of jewelry in my time and this jewelry is exquisite!  The first piece that I ordered was the Pave Coin Necklace.  When this piece arrived I could not put it around my neck fast enough. It was even more gorgeous in person than it was on the website.  I wore it to work and everyone commented on it.  They thought that I had gone out and spent a fortune on myself!  The crystals are so sparkly.  I absolutely love it.  I loved it when Sharon wore it on the show, and I love it even more now that I have my very own. 

Today, I received my Crystal Cluster Earrings in silver.  I remember writing Sharon on Twitter about earrings that she had on when she was at the jail visiting Victor.  I was so mesmerized by the jewels in her ears, I didn't even pay attention to what she and Victor were saying.  I told her how much I loved her earrings and she told me that they were from her line.  Right there is when my obsession began with checking the Pomp website daily, like it was my job, to see if I could order.  As soon as I opened these earrings I was in shock at how absolutely gorgeous they are!  One thing that I love about the earrings is that they are not heavy.  They are the perfect weight and size.  I actually just wore these beauties to the grocery store.  I happened to see one of my friends and she commented on how gorg these earrings were.  OK YES, I did wear them to the grocery store! With that said, I will now insert one of my favorite quotes - "Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway." now those my friends are words to live by!

OK here is a photo that I took of these gorgeous creatures! -

Tell me these two pieces are not daytime drama worthy!  A lot of celebs come out with lines but never have I been so obsessed with jewelry like I am with Sharon's.  I have had the pleasure of talking to Sharon via Twitter and I have to say that she is as gorgeous inside as she is on the out!  She is one celeb who truly cares about her fans and makes them feel special! 

Alright I really have to run ... tooooooo to see what is next on my list.  Oh wait a minute...Valentine's Day is February 14th and I am sure my wonderful husband has not picked out my gift yet.  I am thinking a Starfish Necklace in rose gold would definitely do the trick! One Starfish necklace gift coming right up!

In the case of looking like a Daytime Emmy winner every single day - This case is SOLVED!!

Detective Kathy

*** Please stay tuned because I have some EXCITING things coming up in the next few weeks!  I will let you in on a secret....Sharon Case allowed me to interview her for my blog! I know ... CRAZY... right?  I actually could not believe it myself! I am so honored I cannot even tell you!  I asked her beauty questions (um of course I did!) and I cannot wait to hear her answers and share them with all of you!!

Also as you all know my last post was about Pretty Girl Makeup.  I have received a ton of questions about the line so product reviews will be up shortly!  BTW is still accepting the "PRETTY" code to receive 25% off your order.  If you have any questions before my reviews are up, please TWEET me or comment below! I would be happy to help! I think I will definitely be a Pretty Girl for life!  xoxoxoxoxo

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