GLEAM Body Radiance by Melanie Mills

When I was at IMATS I was approached by this gorgeous woman who had a tube of something in her hands.  At the time I didn't know who she was or what the tube held.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the tube would hold something that I don't think I will ever be able to live without!

The gorgeous and sweet woman that I met was Melanie Mills.  She told me about her product called Gleam Body Radiance.  Since I am already quite tan, and LOVE to be absolutely as tan as I can possibly be, this product is right up my dark alley.  I will also say that if you are not tan, this product is still for you, and I will explain why below.  Melanie took my arm and put this bronze lotion all over it.  I have to tell you that my already tanned arm transformed into this bronze gorgeousness.  My arm looked smoother, softer, and flawless.  I immediately asked her if it was going to get all over my satin blouse, she assured me that it WOULD NOT transfer at all.  Once this was all rubbed in she told me how it can be used on arms, legs, full body, and also FACE!  My black satin shirt began to hit my arm and to my surprise, Melanie was correct, no transfer at all.  I have had some of these products in the past which turned out to be so messy.  Most of them were an oil or a cream.  I would rub them in and in seconds everything I put on would turn to a bronze mess.  Also all the products I tried in the past were very glittery which would end up all over me.  This is NOT glitter at all, it is pure liquid bronze in a tube.  After the chat and the demo, I walked away with the largest tube of this product in the color Bronze Gold.  I also bought a Lip Radiance in the color Naked.  This is also an exceptional product.  Makes my lips look smooth and gives a gorgeous nude glow.  This is a long wearing gloss does not slide around the lips.  BTW the smell on the Body and Lip Radiance's is simply divine. 

As soon as I got home I immediately looked up Melanie and her magic products.  Here is what I discovered

*Melanie Mills is an Emmy Award winning makeup artist who has become one of the most sought after names in the industry. Melanie served as head makeup artist on ABC television’s smash hit Dancing With The Stars for five years, redefining the look of the makeup for the series.*

Um OK so really Mel, you forgot to mention all of this to me when we were chatting about this product, and to think I gave you my business card! Melanie was so sweet and this just goes to show that she didn't need to talk about anything other than her fabulous product to sell it.  Once it goes on and how it transforms your skin, there is no way you would pass it up!  After I was finished at IMATS and went out into the sunlight I could not believe that this product looked even more flawless outside in the light.

I wanted to be able to wear this for a few days at work to see the response I would get before I did this blog post.  I wore it all week on my arms not that they were exposed because its like 40 degrees here still,  and today I added it to my foundation.  The first reaction was this morning at the time clock when my friend Theresa commented on my skin.  She told me that I had a JLO glow to my face.  Ok so I have been trying for years to get that glow on my skin.  The next came as I was walking in the hall and two other friends Pam & Tammy commented on my glowing skin as well.  It didn't end there but I am sure you get the point!  So here is what I did to achieve that glow - I put on my moisturizer, added some Gleam in Bronze Gold to my foundation, mixed them together and applied them with a foundation brush.  No bronzer or powder was needed after this. After watching Melanie's YouTube videos last night I learned that it can also be used on the eyes.  I did try it on today to see if it would make my eyes tear, and how it would stay on.  The result was perfection! Stayed on all day and no irritation.  I am so happy that I ordered the Rose Gold.  I think this will look stunning on the eyes.

 Here is the description of this product taken off of Melanie's website -

About Gleam

GLEAM Body Radiance creates a natural lit from within glow for the skin in an easy application. The lightest to the deepest complexions are all made luminous by a formula that hides skin imperfections, even filling wrinkles and enhancing the texture of the skin thanks to GLEAM Body Radiance’s velvety botanical base. GLEAM can be applied in a light touch to highlight shoulders, décolleté or to massage in liberally like a lotion, for all-over perfection.
Velvety, weightless yet so very rich, GLEAM Body Radiance makes your skin look alive and gorgeous for any occasion. GLEAM Body Radiance is transfer-resistant and imparts the look of radiant skin health and is an instant confidence booster. GLEAM luminizes and perfects skin in a lightly-scented vanilla potion, as a foundation does for the face.
“GLEAM Body Radiance is fabulous for anyone, and I wanted to add ingredients that were wonderful for the skin,” says Melanie Mills. GLEAM Body Radiance is made of water and Olive Oil, infused with Jojoba Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, antioxidants Japanese Green Tea and White Tea extracts, Aloe Leaf Extract and Brown Seaweed, a hydrating marine extract that stimulates synthesis of Hyaluronic acid and increases elasticity. Together these anti-aging ingredients slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Color Overview

LIGHT GOLD is an ethereal ray, the lightest formulation of GLEAM with a pale yellow base that counteracts ruddy and reddish skin undertones. Pure creamy velvet finish for the light to medium skin-tones. Camouflages stretch marks, scars and other imperfections and imparts a subtle dewy glow.

Melanie Mills’ signature color and her personal favorite. This shade is the original color and was created first by Melanie for the “Golden Glow” that all Dancing with the Stars celebrities and pro dancers are finished with for the camera. Melanie wanted this creamy potion to emulate real Rose Gold and be liquid metal for the skin.

This shade is pure bronze, like a statue and has a wonderful yellow-orange undertone that also acts like liquid metal. BRONZE GOLD is the third deepest shade, perfect for medium to deep skin tones.

Pure luminous, chocolate soufflé, with red velvet undertones that never look ashy on the skin. Beautiful and rich, this deep liquid metal shade is a game changer and delivers the “Glow” for the most melanin-rich skins who want to hide pigment patches, scars, stretch marks, dark knees and elbows.

So there you have it! As you can probably tell I could go on for hours about this product.  I totally found Melanie on Twitter and cannot stop tweeting about this product.  I actually was so excited, I ordered two more colors last night (Rose & Deep Gold) so I can highlight.  I also ordered another Lip Radiance in "Pop My Cork".  I want to let you know that  Melanie has a YouTube channel that has videos on the application of these products along with swatches.  I watched every single one last night! 

I know I review a lot of products and also purchase a lot but I have to tell you that this product is a MUST HAVE especially for summer.  If you have any imperfections on your legs, arms, or face that you would like to conceal, this is totally for you.  The coverage is flawless and makes it looks like all the imperfections were airbrushed out of your skin.  Even on my face that usually gets blotchy from the tan, looks totally even and glowing! 

Here is the website to order - 
Here is Melanie's YouTube Channel -
Melanie's Twitter Name - GLEAMBODY
Here is the gorgeous Melanie -
Since this post is a total review I will disclose to you -
These products were all purchased by me and my opinions of these products are my own.  I am not being compensated in any way, shape, or form for my review of these products.  I just really love them and want to share my love with all of you.  Believe me if I had a store, these products would already be on my shelves! 

If you have any questions about these products, please Tweet me, or leave me a comment below.  You can also follow Melanie on Twitter and ask her questions too! 

In the case of finding some MUST HAVE products for my body, face, & lips - This case is SOLVED! 

Detective Kathy

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