The best $5.99 I have spent in a long time!

I wanted to write a super quick blog post about something I came across today at my local Sally Beauty Supply.  I popped in to get a tube of my hair color, due to the fact that I look like I have my grey witches wig on for Halloween, and I came across a Breast Cancer product display.  On this display was the Hemp Silky Body Moisturizer.  There wasn't a tester and the scent said Chocolate Covered Cherries.  I could not pass up something that smells anything remotely like chocolate covered cherries, especially when it was only $5.99 and for a fabulous cause.  I got home and immediately tested this out.  First of all the feel is super silky and soft when you put it on.  Second, the smell is absolutely ah-mazing!  I literally cannot stop smelling it.  Some chocolate scents are a little too sicky sweet for my liking but this is definitely not one of those.  Here is a photo below along with the two other products that I got, minus the color for my hair (witches wig).  One is my holy grail, has been for years, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  This is the best especially since i now have my own little natural paws.  This helps the polish stay on and does dry super fast.  The taller bottle of polish is something that I got for free.  It is a nail striping polish.  I got a pretty pink glittery one.  I probably would not have purchased this item but it was free so I had to pick one out! 
Since it is almost the end of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am not sure how long Sally's will have this special edition lotion.  I would RUN and gobble this up before its gone. It is a huge 18 oz. size with a pump!  Love pumps...hear me REVLON put one on your Color Stay Foundation PLEASE!!!

In the case of finding a yummy smelling treat with zero calories - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


I traveled some place I thought I would never go!

The place that I traveled too was my local Rite Aid!  Ok so I do go there to get medicine, candy, cards, and toothpaste, however I have never gone there to purchase foundation.  I am in no way, shape, or form a snob when it comes to makeup.  I have every brand in my makeup collection from Wet and Wild to Guerlain.  I WAS however a snob when it came to foundations.  I really haven't bought a drug store foundation since Max Factor was sold in my local CVS.  Lets just put it this way, Max Factor is not sold in any store I know of anymore, at least around me and CVS is no longer in my area either. 

So after reading blog post after blog post, and watching YouTube video after YouTube video, I decided to give Revlon Foundation a try.  I must admit I have had luck with Revlon, as you know from my Gucci Westman post so I was very open to trying their foundations.  I ended up purchasing a concealer from Revlon a few weeks ago at Target and have been loving it.  The concealer, which I will show below, is the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer.  The color is spot on and the coverage is ah-mazing!  This has actually replaced my MAC in the pot that was my holy grail for years. 

So on to my review of the foundations.  I first ended up getting Revlon's Photo Ready at Ulta.  I bought this because they didn't have Revlon Color Stay in a color dark enough for me.  The color that I bought in the Photo Ready is #009 Rich Ginger.  I read that this foundation was comparable to MUFE HD, and Nars Sheer Glow.  I have never tried either of these so I really didn't know what to expect.  What I found was a sheer to medium coverage that blended well.  This foundation looked nice on my skin and seemed to even it out a bit.  I really felt that I needed more coverage since I have some icky sun spots that I like to keep under wraps at all times.  I did like the feel of this on my skin.  It felt light weight and gave my skin a nice sheen.  I did find myself adding powder quite a bit over top throughout the day to make it less glowy. 

After reading my new friends blog - I decided to pick up a bottle of Color Stay as well.  The color I have in the Color Stay is #370 Toast.  I have been using the Color Stay for the past few days and have to say that I am IN LOVE!  The coverage is a bit heavier than the Photo Ready, which I like. It makes my skin look more matte, which I also like.  It lasted the entire day with only one touch up of powder.  The only slightly negative thing I can say about this is that it is a little harder to blend than the Photo Ready and it doesn't have a pump.  I have to say that it NEEDS a pump.  Please Revlon just make it have a pump.  That would make my life much easier, and less messier! 

*Just a quick note that all Revlon Foundations are on sale at Rite Aid for 40% off!  It comes to a little over $7.00 which is incredible for a foundation that can hold its own with my MAC and Chanel's.*

Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing of all ----- NO breakouts!!! YAY  I think this is one of the huge reasons that I used the expensive foundations for all those years.  My skin is super sensitive and would break out from almost everything I tried.  Here is the photo below, I must add they they are photographing very light in color.  These shades are pretty deep in person.
So at the end of the day I sit here with three more Revlon products that are absolutely wonderful.  As I said I have never been a snob when it comes to cosmetics by any means.  I am still waiting for Heather to call from Chanel to tell me the new Velvet Lipsticks have come in!  There are just some cosmetic items you can never replace! 

In the case of finding a less expensive brand of foundation so I have money left to spend on other things - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Detective Kathy's Fall Favorites "Tag"

I am going to do my first "Tag" blog!  These type of "tags" are usually done on YouTube but I have seen them on blogs as well.  My friend Leslie - had asked for her subscribers on YouTube to either do a video response or a blog response.  I thought this was a fun tag so here are my fall favorites -

Fall Loves Tag:

Top 5 Fall Makeup Items - This was of course my favorite question! 

1. Lipstick - I tend to lay off the gloss a little in the fall and winter.  Chanel "Secret" Rouge Coco is gorgeous for fall. This color has a little more color than my usual nudes.
2.  Eyeshadow - My Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I love this for fall because the colors are darker and seem to look better when I am less tan.  I also love Chanel's Fauve.  This is absolutely gorgeous.
3. SELF TANNER!!! - This is my favorite product for fall and winter so I can keep some of my color.  My self tanner of the moment is St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse. 
4. Liquid Foundation - This is a must for fall and winter to cover all of my imperfections.  I am currently using MAC Pro Longwear.  I am actually waiting for samples of Chanel's new Perfection Lumiere to see if I like that. 
5. Highlighter/Bronzer - I know, I know that is two!  I love highlighter in the fall because I am usually too tan to wear it and I look like a shiny little disco ball.  I love MAC Chez Chez Lame at the moment.  I love bronzer to make me look tan of course.  I have been using Chanel's Terre Ambre for years.  I like to contour with Bobbi Brown in #4 Deep.

Fave fall hair product - My favorite hair product is Terax Crema conditioner.  This is a must have for my dry, course hair in the fall. 

Fave fall nail polish - Chanel Graphite. I LOVE this color and have used over half the bottle.  Out of all my colors this is my absolute fav.

Fave fall scent - Tom Ford Black Orchid - I have been wearing this scent for years now. It is so sexy and strong.  Love it for fall and winter.  I also love Fresh Cannabis Santal mixed with it. 

Most worn clothing item and accessory - My most worn clothing item for fall and winter this year will definitely be my Missoni for Target Scarf.  I have only worn it twice because the weather has been extremely hot but I know once the cooler weather hits, I will be sporting it.  My favorite accessory for fall is my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.  I like to put my Neverfull away for the winter to rest.  The Speedy seems to fit my lifestyle better in the winter because it is a lot smaller.

Random Fall Questions
Beauty and Fashion:

1. Who's your fall style icon? - Leslie from The Style Supreme.  I love the way she puts outfits together and stays on trend!
2. Going to a corn maze, what do you wear? - This was last weekend actually.  It was extremely hot so my fall clothing was not in attendance.  What I would have worn if it was a normal fall day - My Ugg boots, stretchy black pants that I love, Missoni Scarf and my jean jacket.

3. Fave Halloween movie? - Halloween - all 25 of them! : P

4. Fave Halloween candy? - Butterfingers - Probably the only time I eat them.

5. What are you going to be for Halloween? - I haven't decided yet.  Last year I was Snookie!

Well this was my first "tag" blog.  I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed posting it!

In the case of doing my first of many "tag" blogs and sharing some fun facts with my readers - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Chanel = The Best in my beauty book!

Lately when I think about makeup and new color collections coming out I think of Chanel.  Chanel is that brand of luxury cosmetics that makes me so happy.  There are a lot of fashion houses who have expanded into makeup lately.  Though I am sure these products are top notch, for me nothing really comes close to a Chanel product.  Chanel, for me, is the epitome of luxury, class, grace, elegance, and classic beauty.  Just a little trivia, the first bottle of Chanel No.5 was introduced in 1922!  Chanel is on the cutting edge of technology with skincare and also color cosmetics.  Chanel may not come out with the most wild eyeshadow palettes, but they make up for it in their funky nail colors and amazing highlighters.

Today, I went to the mall and couldn't help stopping by the Chanel counter to pick up an old favorite, and a new lippie.  I bought Blizzard Glossimer which I have owned for years.  My first encounter with Blizzard was in 1999 when my friend sent it to me from Singapore.  I met her on and we began shopping for each other doing swaps.  She sent me two colors one was Blizzard, and the other was a shimmery purple called Igloo.  It took a few years for Blizzard to come to the US.  I was so happy it had come, Igloo, however did make its way over.  So anyhew, I was wishing for a brand new Blizzard to try to help me sway away from my nudes of summer.  I ended up getting that and a new Coco Rouge in Plumetis.  This color came out in the Fall 2011 collection, and I guess I had passed it up at first.  The two colors together are absolutely gorgeous.  I cannot wait to wear them to work tomorrow.  Here is a picture of these two new beauties -
As you can see these are definitely darker than my normal nude colors.  I thought it was about time that I added some color into my life!  Just another quick note: Blizzard is that perfect color that looks great on every skintone!  Unfortunately, the new Holiday 2011 collection was no where to be found.  Just an empty tester unit with the Look Book photo by its side.  It was like pure torture!  I do have a glossimer on its way thanks to my friend Heather at the Chanel counter, Nordstroms Mall of America.  They received their Holiday Collection this weekend, the tester unit AND the color!  Heather immediately called me to see what I wanted shipped.  What would I do without Heather, shes the BEST!  I think I will have to plan a trip to meet her someday.  She is always there to give me the inside scoop and get me all of the Limited Edition, Nordstrom goodies that Chanel has to offer.  I usually wait to buy from her but walking in front of that Chanel counter, it just calls my name.  It calls my name and reaches out to me with those interlocking CC's and I am there! 

I truly believe that every cosmetic line has some wonderful products to offer.  I have a plethora in my collection, however, there really is nothing like an item from Chanel in your cosmetic bag.  It makes you, well me, feel special!  Really who could ask for anything more?

In the case of finding more interlocking CC's to add to my collection - This case will always and forever be OPEN!

Detective Kathy

Who doesn't love a little Gucci?

When I say Gucci I am not referring to the gorgeous handbags you were probably thinking of with my title, I am actually referring to the fabulous Gucci Westman.  Gucci has a career that many Makeup Artists would kill for!  When I was the Counter Manager for Lancome Cosmetics in 2005 Gucci rolled out her first color collection.  This collection, introduced for spring of 2005, was called French Riviera.  I can remember unpacking those boxes like it was yesterday.  The colors were absolutely amazing.  To have something with Gucci's name on it made it extra special.  I had followed her career as a Makeup Artist and was so proud when she joined Lancome.  Lancome was a wonderful company to work for.  Always on the cutting edge of skin care and color collections. 

Today, Gucci Westman is the Global Artistic Director for Revlon cosmetics.  To be honest Revlon is not something I usually go for.  While shopping today in Ulta I couldn't resist the display with Gucci Westman's name on it.  I ended up getting 3 products from the collection.  They are all gorgeous and I could not wait to share.  I actually was in the car putting on the polish and posted a picture on my Twitter because I couldn't wait.  If you like glitter, which I usually only do on one nail, this color is for you.  I attempted to put it on only one and there was no way I could stop there.  This color is absolutely ah-ma-zing!!!  It is called Blue Mosaic #934.  I cannot wait a minute longer to get the picture up so here it is -

This really is unlike anything that I have ever owned.  I have to tell you that I do have Chanel Blue Rebel on under it.  I am not really sure if it alters the color or not.  From what I can tell from the consistency, it should be the same without the blue under it.  Either way this is a must have for someone who likes glitter.  There were only 2 out of 3 pieces left at my Ulta.  I am seriously thinking about going back tomorrow to get the other.  This color is that gorgeous.

As for the other two products, one is a lipstick and one is a liquid Colorstay lipstick.  I was disappointed because I thought it was a gloss.  I did try it today and am not really sure if it is something that I will end up using.  I am going to try it again tomorrow and wear it for longer than 15 minutes.  That will be the true test.  The color is gorgeous, it is called Buffest Beige #002.  The lipstick that I got is called Sky Line Pink.  This color is a gorgeous frosty pale pink.  This is right up my alley!  Here is a photo of these -
Here is a picture that I found of the full collection which included more polishes, lipsticks, new eyeshadows, and also a limited edition lip palette.
My Ulta did not have the purple polish.  I think I might have to go search for this tomorrow at another store. Ulta has buy one get one free on Revlon items right now.  There is also a $5.00 off coupon that came in the mail.  I ended up getting all of these for a fabu price.  I will update you on whether or not I like the Colorstay lip color.  I have never tried anything like this before. 

In the case of rekindling a relationship with Gucci Westman after all these years - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy