Update on Sharon Case's Lip colors!

So after writing and posting my blog about Sharon Case the other day, I immediately wrote to her Makeup Artist Patti Denney and put a link to my blog post. Patti so graciously wrote back, my excitement could not be contained and my husband thinks I am even more obsessed than before, anyhew back to Patti's response.  "Sharon keeps a few fav lipstick and glosses in her set makeup bag. I will speak to her to confirm the shade." I was so happy that she had taken the time to write me back! I hope she knows how much that meant to me.  The next day to my surprise I received a tweet from none other than Sharon herself.  This tweet read - "Kathy, thx 4 that gr8 blog! The colors I luv r: Let's Go Shopping, Rich Husband, Soul Mates & Ur A Doll." Um can you believe she not only wrote me back, she read my blog post! I immediately ran to the Pretty Girl website and ordered, "You're A Doll, which is a gloss, and Let's Go Shopping, which is a lipstick.  Its funny that I had said I thought she had on Let's Go Shopping in my previous post!  I guess I have a good detective's eye!  So after ordering those colors I received an updated tweet from Patti regarding some other glosses that are in Sharon's makeup bag.  She said the colors are, MAC's Nymphette, and Loreal Colorjuice in Berry Burst.  I continued to tweet with Patti asking her what some of her fav lines to use on her clients.  Here is her reply - "I love MAC but many other lines, using Jabot right now too. Lancome has great products, Chanel, YSL, and of cours Max Factor."  I just have to thank both Sharon and Patti for their tweets. You both made one of the Makeup Detective's very happy, more than you will ever know! 

So on to the goods.  I ordered the products on Thursday and TODAY they were at my house! Now that's what I call super duper quick shipping.  The packaging is so unique!  It is cute and classy at the same time.  The lipstick pictured below has a clear case unlike any I have ever seen.  The gloss is huge and has the cutest picture on it of a girl and her dog.  Again, cute and classy all at the same time.  That is very hard to do and I am a tough one to impress when it comes to packaging.  Now on to the quality.  The lipstick is a gorgeous "your lips but better color".  It is true to color in the case as it is on your lips.  This is a little darker than my usual nudes.  With that said, I use the gloss over it and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I have to say that this TOTALLY looks like what Sharon has been wearing lately.  It is super shiny and a gorgeous creamy nude pink.  The gloss by itself is exactly as described on the website - A luminous frosty girlie pale pink.  So I actually loved the products so much I just ordered another lipstick in - Day at the Spa.  This is described as a little pink pearl.  This should be right up my alley!  Here are the pics of my two pretties -

The lipstick is coming up a little dark in the photo. It is definitely more pink in person.  The gloss seems to look perfect in the photo.  I will update once again when my new pretty comes!  I must say that I love taking the plunge and trying new lines, especially lip products.  I normally try once and then that is enough for me.  This was NOT the case with this line.  I am so impressed that I already ordered more.  I would eventually like to give the other products a try.  I'm all for cute and classy packaging.  I will also love telling people that I wear Pretty Girl Makeup!  Thank you to Sharon, Patti, and Christina CEO of Pretty Girl (@Prettygirlmkup on Twitter) for taking the time to chat with me.  I am sure we will be chatting in the future and I will blog about any new info I discover. 

In the case of finding the colors that grace the gorgeous Sharon's lips on Y&R, and in real life - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Lindalouise said...

I found your blog because I have a google alert on Sharon Case because I believe her dress & makeup is second to none.

How much fun to find you so I can follow & enjoy.

Don't you love Sharon's wardrobe too. I think she is the prettiest & best pulled together soap star along with Kristen Storms.

The Makeup Detectives said...

Hi Lindalouise, Thank you so much for your comment, and for finding me! I absolutely LOVE Sharon. I have been watching Y&R for years and Sharon has always been my favorite. Her style is ah-mazing! What I also love about her is how down to earth she is. She always answers Tweets from her fans, which I think is awesome. I love to interact with her on Twitter. I also love how she interacts with her co-workers there. I will keep you updated for the launch of her jewelery website! I can't wait. Thanks again for reading! xoxo

Anonymous said...

This blog post gets a 2 thumbs way up from me.