My Beauty Interview with Sharon Case - Part II

I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to put up the second half of my interview with the gorgeous, talented, sweet, and gracious Sharon Case.  Ok, Ok, here it is! Once again, these are Sharon's exact answers which have not been altered in any way.  Now on with Part II -

I know that you mentioned that you get an occasional spray tan. Do you ever self tan yourself?  if so what products do you use?

A nice tan can make you look slimmer and in better shape overall. Whats fun is, you can dress in a wider variety of colors and styles when you're tan so you can change up your wardrobe that week. It also makes your skin silky soft. Its not only healthier than getting a real tan but it actually looks better too because it acts like a body makeup, it evens out your skin tone and covers up imperfections.
I do not apply the spray tan myself. I go to a salon where they do custom sprays or i use the spray tan booths which can be messy and a lot more work but costs much less. 

Do you have a favorite nail polish? If so what color and brand?

Yes, I love nail color but I don't often get to wear it because I cannot always wear it onscreen. In the winter I love to wear metallic dark blue. It looks almost black. OPI makes a great one and I'm sure it has a funny name, as most of their colors do. In the summer I like a french mani/pedi or ill wear red when I can get away with it at work.

What is your favorite perfume?

I rarely ever wear perfume but I like the old fashion scents like White Shoulders. I prefer to wear scented lotions instead. I like shopping for new scents all the time but my favorites are "Sweet Pea" lotion at Bath & Body Works or scented lotions & perfume.

When you are running out of the house quick, what makeup products do you reach for?

For a quick makeup ill put on a tinted moisturizer rather than foundation. Its easier to put on, takes less time, it has fairly good coverage and it doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup. I add mascara and lips and I can be out of the house pretty quick!

What brand of handbag do you carry?

I don't have a lot of handbags. Though I love bags, I really only need three or four. Ive had a large black Dior bag for years. I use it for work and for travel, this is my workhorse bag so I spent a lot of money on it. It fits my laptop, my scripts and all of the other silly things women carry around in their bags. At night I carry a clutch in either black patten leather or nude patten leather. The two I have now I bought at Aldo Shoes. In the summertime I use a large basket weave bag instead of my Dior. I usually find a new one every year in some small boutique around my house or while I'm traveling.

Well there you have it.  These are the questions that I had the pleasure of asking Sharon.  I would once again like to thank Sharon for doing this interview with me.  I have gotten to know Sharon through Twitter, as a lot of her fans have, and I will say that she is as gorgeous inside as she is out.  Sharon is a class act and I am honored to say that I get to chat with her from time to time.  I know I have said this before as well but I have met so many wonderful people through Sharon.  I look forward to chatting with all of them! 

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I am sure by now you know about Sharon's Jewelry line called POMP!  Sharon is introducing more pieces very soon and I am SO excited. The good detective that I am actually spotted her wearing a new piece on Y&R last week!  Also, I recently ordered another pair of earrings which I will talk about in a separate post. Here is also the link to Sharon's POMP website - Speaking of POMP, I think I need to give my Starfish necklace a rest for a day or two! 

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In the case of getting to know my favorite daytime diva a little more with each Tweet - This case is SOLVED! 

Detective Kathy

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