Goin to the Chapel and we're gonna look pretty!!!

One of my favorite things to do as a Makeup Artist is wedding makeup.  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to do makeovers on my friend Sandie and her two sister in laws. 

Throughout the years I have scaled down my travel makeup kit quite a bit.  I learned that you don't have to bring every single eyeshadow and blush that you own to the event.  I tend to have my favorites and stick with them especially on brides and bridal parties.  With proms and dances I can get a little more funky.  With wedding makeup you really want to enhance and never over do it.  I always like to tell my girls that you want to look at the pictures and be able to recognize yourself. 

On Sandie, Sam, and Tracy I stuck to the smoky eye, nude shimmery lip, and glowing bronze skin.  One of my favorite products of the moment is Bronze Universal De Chanel Sun Illuminator.  I am totally addicted to this huge jar of sunshine.  This compliments every skin tone and gives the skin a healthy sunkissed glow.  This can be used on the darkest or lightest of skin and looks flawless.  Another product that I am totally in love with is Chanel's Ombre Tissees Iridescent Effects Eyes.  This product is just ah-mazing.  I like to use this on the eyes as an allover color and also on the cheeks to highlight.  I was a little unsure about how much I would use this when it first arrived.  I have to say I use it every single day.  I actually have one I use on me, and one for my kit because of its fabulosity!  This is the perfect color that is not too shimmery and adds a sheen like nothing else I own.  For the girls lips I used MAC's Lip Gelee.  They really didn't want lipstick so I applied these gorgeous, shimmery glosses on their lips and away they went!  Obviously there were many more products in the mix but these were definitely the stand outs.  Here is the finished photo -
As a makeup artist there really is nothing like seeing a photo of your finished work!  It makes me so happy and proud.  What makes me happier is that people allow me to be part of their special day.  Weddings are a joyous occasion and letting me into your home on that day, for me, is just priceless!

In the case of making two Bridesmaids and one Maid of Honor happy - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Daily News Anyone??

The other day I got the cutest picture from my Niece Sammy who is away at college.  She is just like her Aunt/Godmother and loves fun nails, makeup, handbags, jewelry, and fashion.  It was funny because I am usually the one with the scoop and when that text showed up I had to do a little investigating. 

What she had done was something called "Newspaper Nails" let me tell you they are so cute I wish I would have thought of them.  Here is the picture so you can see what they look like -
I immediately asked her how these cutie nails were done!  She told me that the nails were painted first with regular polish.  The newspaper was cut into small strips that were sized to fit over the nails.  Once the nails were completely dry, she poured a little bit of alcohol into a small dish.  She took one finger at a time and dipped it into the alcohol for about 15 seconds.  She grabbed the newspaper and pressed it firmly on the nail.  The paper was then rolled off of the nail and there it was - The Daily News!!! The final step was placing a clear top coat on to secure the paper and polish.  Cute and clever don't you thing? As I said before I am usually up on all the trends, especially for nails but this is one that I didn't know about.  Now all my girls at Proctor will have the heads up on this cutee trend as well!

As for my nails of the moment, they are adorned with my Chanel Fashion's Night Out limited edition colors in Coco Blue, and Blue Rebel.  Since my last gel nail experience, I have decided to give my own nails a try.  

In the case of handing down my love of all things beautiful, trendy, and fun to my Niece - This case is SOLVED!!!

Um ok I wish she handed down her hair to me!!!! Love you my gorgeous girl!  : ) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Detective Kathy