Josie Maran, MUFE, & Inglot Review

I know I have been MIA for a few weeks but have no fear, I am BACK! I have lots of products to share with you and I decided my first would be some new lip products that I have been LOVING! 

This first product is by Josie Maran and it is her Argan Oil Color Stick in the color Petal Pink. This is the first Josie Maran product that I have tried, and definitely will not be the last. This product is 100% organic, I have to be honest and say those words do not sway me from buying a product or not. I was really looking for something to cure my dry lips. This is a big stick of gorgeous color that is filled with good stuff for your lips and cheeks. I chose not to use this as a cheek product just because I would rather use a powder on my cheeks as blush. I first apply MUFE Aqua Lip liner in 3C which is one of Vanessa, TheBombShellSuite, on YouTube's favorite. I finally went to Sephora and tried this out and am so happy that I did. This is a perfect your lips but better color that goes with any lipstick. It is also waterproof which is a huge plus! So I line my lips with the 3C, then I take the Color Stick and apply it right out of the big tube onto my lips. Just to let you know this does have a distinct smell, for lack of a better work, kinda herbal, due to the Argan Oil that is in it. This does not bother me in any way. I actually like the smell and it does go away after a little while. I do suggest going into Sephora and smelling this before you purchase if smells bother you. The color is a little too bright pink for me on its own so I do add a gloss, such as Inglot Sleeks in #48 on top. I bought this color at IMATS and it is one of my favs for summer! The trio is pure pink perfection, what more can a girl ask for! Here is a photo of the products, along with a picture of them on my lips!

I am really loving this color and the effect that it gives. The Color Stick only comes in two colors at this time and they sell for $22.00. This is a great price because the tube is huge and will last forever. The other color is called Rosy and is a deeper rose. I would definitely buy more of these if she came out with more light colors. Josie, if you are reading, I would adore this in peach. xo

In the case of finding a new lip trio that I am loving - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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