Excuse Me Smashbox Cosmetics .. Why Haven't We Met Before?

Since my milestone bday a few weeks ago I have been obsessed with looking younger.  I tanned both in a tanning bed and in the sun since I was about 15 years old.  I feel that I am actually lucky that my skin doesn't look like a piece of alligator skin because of all the damage, or at least I hope it doesn't!  One plus is that I learned about good skincare at an early age.  I used to have acne in my 20's and realized that good products and cosmetics were a must.  I blogged about my skincare routine a while ago and honestly nothing has changed.  I still LOVE my Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair.  It is my holy grail of skincare items.  It is expensive but I totally believe worth every single penny!  As for foundation and other face products I have used Chanel powder foundations and bronzer for years now. 

As the years go by I finally realized that it is time to stop tanning!  Anyone who knows me probably won't even believe that one.  I was obsessed with being tan for as long as I can remember.  I now try to maintain a healthy SELF TAN and stay out of the beds.  For now at least!  Its like a 12 step program for me.  I really want to try and save the skin I have and not make it any worse! Um like the pac man shaped sun spot on my left cheek - um ya not so pretty!

So on to the topic at hand - Smashbox Cosmetics.  I really never had the opportunity to see Smashbox products up close and personal since Utla rolled into town about a year ago.  I always watched Holly on QVC doing her thing and was curious but never ended up purchasing.  I found myself with a bunch of Ulta gift certificates in my paws after my birthday and wanted to try something new.  I also wanted to be able to try the colors on to see if they were right for me, thanks Detective Lynn!

Here is what I ended up with  - Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation, Photo Set Pressed Powder, Soft Lights Shimmer, Bronze Lights Suntan Matte, Camera Ready Concealer, and Double Take Lip Color in Gossamer.  I realized that all of the other face products were way too dark for my newly lightened skin.  I wanted something that made my skin look more soft focus and glowing and  not so matte from all of the powder.  I also wanted something that photographs well.  Um because you never know where that paparazzi is hiding : P  Here is a photo of the products I bought along with some free gifts when I ordered the lip liner stick on the website -

I have to say that I am so happy with all these products.  The foundation is super long wear and gives a great coverage.  Its not too cakey and doesn't get in my lines (soft focus)!  To be honest I haven't tried the concealer as of yet.  I have been sick since I got it and haven't had a chance to wear it.   I will be using this tomorrow and will report back.  The shimmer powder is so pretty.  It gives my face a soft highlight and doesn't make me look like a shiny little disco ball!  The pressed powder is great to set my makeup and for touch ups throughout the day.  I got the color Medium in the pressed powder.  Usually I would go for the darkest of the bunch but I decided to look more natural these days.  The bronzer is matte, so again no disco ball.  It adds a healthy pop of color and doesn't make me look orange or like I am trying too hard.  I will be trying the highlighter in the little round pot tomorrow as well.  That was a free gift on the website, along with the little bag and lip colors.  Those were my bday gift from the website.  Most of my products were purchased at Ulta but the website offers fabu deals.  I have 2 more of the lip pencil/color coming tomorrow and I got a free full size gloss, along with a free mini gloss.  There was also a free Halo sample in the little pot (I can't wait to try this).  I would strongly suggest checking out Smashbox's website.  I have never received so many fun free gifts before.  This is a great way to try the products.  Oh and if you like double ended lip pencil and lip color sticks, run to the website because they are on Last Call Sale!!! 

If you have any questions about any of the products, please comment below or email me.  All in all I am so happy that I discovered Smashbox.  Don't worry I am still completely in love with Chanel, just thought I would try something new. Oh and believe me those dark colors will come in handy in about 5 more months when the sun shines down on Upstate NY again!

In the case of turning 40 and trying to look fabulous - This case is SOLVED! 

Detective Kathy

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