So many items ... So little money!

I received a call from my sister in law the other day telling me that a Rite Aid was closing its doors.  What that meant was 75% off everything in the store.  She told me how she got some great cosmetic deals when she was there!  This was a few days ago, and unfortunately I haven't had time to go take a look until today.  When I walked in the store was practically empty.  I was about to walk out and then I saw 3 stands full of cosmetics.  As I approached the sale racks I saw my holy grail Revlon Foundations in a plethora of dark colors!  These are right up my self tanned alley!  I ended up picking up 3 bottles of Revlon foundation.  I got a variety of colors since I like to mix them to get a custom color.  If I self tan, I am obviously darker than when I don't.  I bought one of the Photo Ready in #007 Cool Beige, and 2 of the ColorStay in #380 Rich Ginger, and #370 Toast.  I also decided to pick up some lip liners.  I got two Revlon ColorStay liners, one in Rose and the other in Natural.  I also picked up a Cover Girl Lip Perfection Liner in #210, and a Prestige Liner in Natural.  A few more goodies that I could not pass up were Revlon Color Burst Gloss in #014 Rose Pearl, Revlon Gloss in #200 Lilac Pastelle, Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in #300 Warm Latte, and the square lipgloss palette from the Revlon Gucci Westman Collection. 

Ok so now I am going to break it down for ya - That is 4 Lip Liners, 2 Lipglosses, 1 Lipstick, 1 Lipgloss palette, and 3 Foundations.  The total without the discount came to $97.05.  The total WITH the discount came to.......drum roll please.......$ $26.41!! YAY Can I get a - YOU GO GIRL!!! Can't beat that with a big fat bat!  Just call me bargain shopper.  All in all I am happy with my purchases.  I especially LOVE the Maybelline Lipstick.  It is so shimmery and pretty!  I am going to wear it tonight with a smoky bronze eye. 

Here is a picture of my treasures, I was so excited I didn't even take the ugly price tags off! - Let me just remind you one more time that you are looking at $97.05 worth of products below for a obscene low price of $26.41!!!
In the case of saving a lot of money on some drug store treasures - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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Chelle said...

ooooooo jackpot!! I love sales like this :)