Deborah Lippmann Made My Mermaid Dreams Come True

If you follow me on any of the social media outlets such as; Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, you may have come across some of my new nail polish photos!  Last year I was totally into the, only one glitter nail, now I have totally changed my taste.  I went from one little piggy with glitter, to all of the little piggy's with glitter!  I have a combo of high end and lower end polishes and find them all to be absolutely gorgeous. 

I will start with one that I received last night from that wonderful UPS man who I love so much.  Come on now who wouldn't love a man that comes to your door at least twice a week and hands you presents?  The polish I received was one that I was actually on wait list for.  It is by the famous Deborah Lippmann, and it is called Mermaid's Dream.  This polish is just that, from the moment I took it out of the package, my day got a little bit brighter.  I could actually picture myself walking on the beach with the sand in my Mermaid Dream painted toes.  I immediately put this on, over another polish, and immediately removed it!  I really wanted to give everyone an accurate description of how it would look by itself.  I also wanted to be able to tell you how many coats it took to get the perfect color.  The answer to those questions, it looked gorgeous by itself, totally covered the whole nail.  As for the coats it took to cover, the answer to that is only2!  Here is the beauty in the bottle and on some of my little piggy's -

See how absolutely gorg that is?  I am totally in LOVE!  This is everything I thought it would be and more! TOTALLY worth the wait and the price. 

Now on to another polish that I recently acquired in my collection.  This one is from my beloved Chanel!  You know I can't let a Chanel collection pass me by without purchasing something.  I am totally set in the lip gloss department right now, thanks to my Pretty Girl purchases, so a new polish was the way to go.  This color is limited edition, as many Chanel colors are.  It is called Attraction and is absolutely gorg!  Here it is -
See how gorgeous that one is?  Sometimes I wish I had more hands!!! I just wanted to post another photo of some less expensive alternatives to a gorgeous, fun, sparkly nail.  These are all by Revlon and found at Rite Aid.  The colors are from left to right - Blue Mosaic, Sparkling, & Whimsical. 

These colors are gorg but are definitely more sheer than the Deborah Lippmann colors.  As you can see, I am all about purchasing polish these days!  It is funny because now that I no longer go to the salon to get my nails done, it costs me even more money.  I now can change my polish daily if I want.  This means more polish to purchase for me!  When I used to have them done professionally, I would keep the same polish on for weeks!  Now I love to change it up and experiment with new fun colors.

In the case of adding some more gorgeous colors to my nail collection - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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