New foundation, fragrance, and fun eye combo to share!

I have been purchasing quite a few items these days and I thought I would share a few with you.  This will be a quick one so if you have any specific questions about the products, please comment below and I will answer! 

I would like to start with a product that I have been loving this past week.  It is a foundation by Loreal called True Match Lumi.  I was at Ulta and ended up spotting it, remembering that Vanessa from TheBombShellSuite on YouTube bought it, I decided to give it a try.  This is a wonderful, light foundation.  It is sheer for me which I only really like, and can get away with in the summer.  The color suits my skin tone, which is hard to do these days so that is a plus.  I will continue using this for the summer and then most likely switch back to my Chanel's for fall and winter.  This is when I will need more coverage and my skin will be lighter.  Here is a picture of this foundation in the color C6 -
The next product that I would like to tell you about is a perfume oil that is actually a repurchase.  I was visiting my sister in Albany the other day and we went into my favorite store Circles.  A large sale table appeared and on it were Sage Fragrances for less than half the price.  Last year I bought one for $45.00, now they were all $20.00.  These are the cutest little perfume oils with the most  gorgeous scents.  If you are not familiar with Sage, her website is you can read all about her, and her amazing creations.  The fragrance that I bought is Turquoise.  It is so amazing for summer, very beachy.  This tiny little bottle packs a punch in the fragrance department.  I totally think that they are worth $45.00.  To find them on sale was a fab surprise.  I am actually going to have my sister pick me up a few more.  On Sage's website you can order samples, in case you don't have a place that sells them near you.  If you like unique scents, Sage is your girl!
The last products that I bought were also from Circles.  These are two products by Laura Mercier.  This is a brand that I usually skip over, accept for their concealer.  Once again I was watching a YouTube video and Michelle1218 was raving about the Metallic Cream Eye Colour in Rose Gold.  This is a gorgeous color and I really have nothing else like it in my collection.  I bought that and also a shadow in Pink Crystal.  Here is a photo of the shadow below.  As you can see its sparkly and gorgeous.  I haven't used it with the Rose Gold yet but I am positive it will be a winning combo -

Well that is all I have for you today my friends.  I do have other purchases that I will share at a later date.  I also have some fab new products to tell you about so stay tuned!

In the case of adding some more pretties that I cannot live without to my collection - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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