Chanel = The Best in my beauty book!

Lately when I think about makeup and new color collections coming out I think of Chanel.  Chanel is that brand of luxury cosmetics that makes me so happy.  There are a lot of fashion houses who have expanded into makeup lately.  Though I am sure these products are top notch, for me nothing really comes close to a Chanel product.  Chanel, for me, is the epitome of luxury, class, grace, elegance, and classic beauty.  Just a little trivia, the first bottle of Chanel No.5 was introduced in 1922!  Chanel is on the cutting edge of technology with skincare and also color cosmetics.  Chanel may not come out with the most wild eyeshadow palettes, but they make up for it in their funky nail colors and amazing highlighters.

Today, I went to the mall and couldn't help stopping by the Chanel counter to pick up an old favorite, and a new lippie.  I bought Blizzard Glossimer which I have owned for years.  My first encounter with Blizzard was in 1999 when my friend sent it to me from Singapore.  I met her on and we began shopping for each other doing swaps.  She sent me two colors one was Blizzard, and the other was a shimmery purple called Igloo.  It took a few years for Blizzard to come to the US.  I was so happy it had come, Igloo, however did make its way over.  So anyhew, I was wishing for a brand new Blizzard to try to help me sway away from my nudes of summer.  I ended up getting that and a new Coco Rouge in Plumetis.  This color came out in the Fall 2011 collection, and I guess I had passed it up at first.  The two colors together are absolutely gorgeous.  I cannot wait to wear them to work tomorrow.  Here is a picture of these two new beauties -
As you can see these are definitely darker than my normal nude colors.  I thought it was about time that I added some color into my life!  Just another quick note: Blizzard is that perfect color that looks great on every skintone!  Unfortunately, the new Holiday 2011 collection was no where to be found.  Just an empty tester unit with the Look Book photo by its side.  It was like pure torture!  I do have a glossimer on its way thanks to my friend Heather at the Chanel counter, Nordstroms Mall of America.  They received their Holiday Collection this weekend, the tester unit AND the color!  Heather immediately called me to see what I wanted shipped.  What would I do without Heather, shes the BEST!  I think I will have to plan a trip to meet her someday.  She is always there to give me the inside scoop and get me all of the Limited Edition, Nordstrom goodies that Chanel has to offer.  I usually wait to buy from her but walking in front of that Chanel counter, it just calls my name.  It calls my name and reaches out to me with those interlocking CC's and I am there! 

I truly believe that every cosmetic line has some wonderful products to offer.  I have a plethora in my collection, however, there really is nothing like an item from Chanel in your cosmetic bag.  It makes you, well me, feel special!  Really who could ask for anything more?

In the case of finding more interlocking CC's to add to my collection - This case will always and forever be OPEN!

Detective Kathy

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