I traveled some place I thought I would never go!

The place that I traveled too was my local Rite Aid!  Ok so I do go there to get medicine, candy, cards, and toothpaste, however I have never gone there to purchase foundation.  I am in no way, shape, or form a snob when it comes to makeup.  I have every brand in my makeup collection from Wet and Wild to Guerlain.  I WAS however a snob when it came to foundations.  I really haven't bought a drug store foundation since Max Factor was sold in my local CVS.  Lets just put it this way, Max Factor is not sold in any store I know of anymore, at least around me and CVS is no longer in my area either. 

So after reading blog post after blog post, and watching YouTube video after YouTube video, I decided to give Revlon Foundation a try.  I must admit I have had luck with Revlon, as you know from my Gucci Westman post so I was very open to trying their foundations.  I ended up purchasing a concealer from Revlon a few weeks ago at Target and have been loving it.  The concealer, which I will show below, is the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer.  The color is spot on and the coverage is ah-mazing!  This has actually replaced my MAC in the pot that was my holy grail for years. 

So on to my review of the foundations.  I first ended up getting Revlon's Photo Ready at Ulta.  I bought this because they didn't have Revlon Color Stay in a color dark enough for me.  The color that I bought in the Photo Ready is #009 Rich Ginger.  I read that this foundation was comparable to MUFE HD, and Nars Sheer Glow.  I have never tried either of these so I really didn't know what to expect.  What I found was a sheer to medium coverage that blended well.  This foundation looked nice on my skin and seemed to even it out a bit.  I really felt that I needed more coverage since I have some icky sun spots that I like to keep under wraps at all times.  I did like the feel of this on my skin.  It felt light weight and gave my skin a nice sheen.  I did find myself adding powder quite a bit over top throughout the day to make it less glowy. 

After reading my new friends blog - I decided to pick up a bottle of Color Stay as well.  The color I have in the Color Stay is #370 Toast.  I have been using the Color Stay for the past few days and have to say that I am IN LOVE!  The coverage is a bit heavier than the Photo Ready, which I like. It makes my skin look more matte, which I also like.  It lasted the entire day with only one touch up of powder.  The only slightly negative thing I can say about this is that it is a little harder to blend than the Photo Ready and it doesn't have a pump.  I have to say that it NEEDS a pump.  Please Revlon just make it have a pump.  That would make my life much easier, and less messier! 

*Just a quick note that all Revlon Foundations are on sale at Rite Aid for 40% off!  It comes to a little over $7.00 which is incredible for a foundation that can hold its own with my MAC and Chanel's.*

Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing of all ----- NO breakouts!!! YAY  I think this is one of the huge reasons that I used the expensive foundations for all those years.  My skin is super sensitive and would break out from almost everything I tried.  Here is the photo below, I must add they they are photographing very light in color.  These shades are pretty deep in person.
So at the end of the day I sit here with three more Revlon products that are absolutely wonderful.  As I said I have never been a snob when it comes to cosmetics by any means.  I am still waiting for Heather to call from Chanel to tell me the new Velvet Lipsticks have come in!  There are just some cosmetic items you can never replace! 

In the case of finding a less expensive brand of foundation so I have money left to spend on other things - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Chelle said...

Wonderful review and thank you for the mention! I agree A PUMP IS NEEDED for the Revlon ColorStay foundation!

The Makeup Detectives said...

Hey Chelle, Your welcome! Your post and our talks were the reason I ended up trying the ColorStay. Wore it again today and LOVE it!! So happy that I gave it a try! xoxo