Who doesn't love a little Gucci?

When I say Gucci I am not referring to the gorgeous handbags you were probably thinking of with my title, I am actually referring to the fabulous Gucci Westman.  Gucci has a career that many Makeup Artists would kill for!  When I was the Counter Manager for Lancome Cosmetics in 2005 Gucci rolled out her first color collection.  This collection, introduced for spring of 2005, was called French Riviera.  I can remember unpacking those boxes like it was yesterday.  The colors were absolutely amazing.  To have something with Gucci's name on it made it extra special.  I had followed her career as a Makeup Artist and was so proud when she joined Lancome.  Lancome was a wonderful company to work for.  Always on the cutting edge of skin care and color collections. 

Today, Gucci Westman is the Global Artistic Director for Revlon cosmetics.  To be honest Revlon is not something I usually go for.  While shopping today in Ulta I couldn't resist the display with Gucci Westman's name on it.  I ended up getting 3 products from the collection.  They are all gorgeous and I could not wait to share.  I actually was in the car putting on the polish and posted a picture on my Twitter because I couldn't wait.  If you like glitter, which I usually only do on one nail, this color is for you.  I attempted to put it on only one and there was no way I could stop there.  This color is absolutely ah-ma-zing!!!  It is called Blue Mosaic #934.  I cannot wait a minute longer to get the picture up so here it is -

This really is unlike anything that I have ever owned.  I have to tell you that I do have Chanel Blue Rebel on under it.  I am not really sure if it alters the color or not.  From what I can tell from the consistency, it should be the same without the blue under it.  Either way this is a must have for someone who likes glitter.  There were only 2 out of 3 pieces left at my Ulta.  I am seriously thinking about going back tomorrow to get the other.  This color is that gorgeous.

As for the other two products, one is a lipstick and one is a liquid Colorstay lipstick.  I was disappointed because I thought it was a gloss.  I did try it today and am not really sure if it is something that I will end up using.  I am going to try it again tomorrow and wear it for longer than 15 minutes.  That will be the true test.  The color is gorgeous, it is called Buffest Beige #002.  The lipstick that I got is called Sky Line Pink.  This color is a gorgeous frosty pale pink.  This is right up my alley!  Here is a photo of these -
Here is a picture that I found of the full collection which included more polishes, lipsticks, new eyeshadows, and also a limited edition lip palette.
My Ulta did not have the purple polish.  I think I might have to go search for this tomorrow at another store. Ulta has buy one get one free on Revlon items right now.  There is also a $5.00 off coupon that came in the mail.  I ended up getting all of these for a fabu price.  I will update you on whether or not I like the Colorstay lip color.  I have never tried anything like this before. 

In the case of rekindling a relationship with Gucci Westman after all these years - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy

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