Sneek Peek of a NEW POMP Piece!

Yesterday when I made my daily mail call to my son, to see if the mailman had delivered any packages addressed to me, his reply of "Yes" took me a little by surprise.  I for once was not waiting for any packages to arrive.  I asked if he knew where it was from and he said, "Its more of that jewelry!"  This actually had me a little baffled.  The last POMP piece I had ordered were my earrings and I already received them.  What oh what could this possibly be.  The whole way home I was trying to figure out the mystery of what could be in the POMP box?  Thank goodness it is only about an 8 minute drive because I could not wait a second longer.  As soon as I got in the door I immediately opened up the package.  The first thing that came out was a card with my name on it.  I opened the card and to my surprise it was a hand written card from none other than SHARON CASE herself!  OK so if me receiving a hand written card from Sharon wasn't a gift in itself, there was a POMP box enclosed.  I opened the box and there was the POMP signature pink drawstring bag.  I opened the bag and THERE IT WAS in all its gorgeousness.  She sent me the large disk pendant with the multi colored stones that she told me was coming out.  I actually saw this last week when Sharon had it on in an episode of Y&R.  I told her how absolutely gorgeous it was and now it is mine.  This piece is absolutely breathtaking.  This piece has a ton of sparkle and the size is absolutely perfect for someone who likes to wear a larger amount of bling!  I wore it to work today and EVERYONE commented on how gorgeous the piece is.  It sparkled in every light!  As you can see below it has sapphire, diamond, and citrine stones!  I cannot wait any longer I have to show it -

Ok really, come on now, isn't that one of the most gorgeous pieces you have ever seen?  I know your answer is the same as mine, YES!  The colors of the stones work so well together.  I actually wore it to work today with a black blazer and black tank top.  I came home to change before I went shopping with my sister and left it on with a jean jacket and white tank.  This piece looks gorgeous with anything.  It gave my jean jacket and white tank a little sophistication.  I know this will be a piece that I will reach for all of the time.  I told Sharon that this was going to be a huge hit once it is available on the website.  We all know that pictures of jewelry are great but seeing something in person really just makes it even more gorgeous. 

I am honored that Sharon sent me this piece.  As I said above, the hand written card was a wonderful surprise, this necklace really is so special.  Sharon said that more pieces would be coming out soon.  If this piece is any indication of what the rest of the new pieces will be like, there are going to be a lot of sell outs! 

While I am on a POMP role, I thought I would post a photo of the gorgeous silver hoop earrings that I bought last week as well.  Sharon actually had these on in yesterdays episode.  Haven't watched today's yet so I don't know if they were on again.
Ok so I couldn't resist, I put my POMP collection in a photo together.  The new earrings are the hoops on the bottom.  I think I need them in gold now to match my new necklace.  Oh and btw Sharon had on the cord bracelet yesterday on Y&R as well.  After seeing that on her wrist, I couldn't help but order two of them, one in each color.  Here is the website in case there is some crazy reason that you don't already know it  -

In the case of receiving a gift that made me feel so special - This case is SOLVED! 

THANK YOU SHARON! xoxoxoxoxox

Detective Kathy

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