B is for BURBERRY!

I still have some blogging to do which will include more IMATS items, until then I am going to share with you a few items that I have been loving lately.  I bought them the same day as IMATS but they were actually purchased immediately after at Saks.  I went to Saks thanks to my girl TaylieTot on Twitter.  I asked her where I could see, up close and personal, a Burberry makeup counter when I was in NYC.  She had suggested Saks and that's exactly where I headed.  I met this fab girly named Lisa who was more than happy to assist me with my purchase.  I guess I really didn't need much help because I was practically out of money, thanks to IMATS, and knew the exact two shadows I was going to gobble up.  I asked her for Pale Barley and Midnight Brown shadows.  Those are the two that I feel in love with after watching Tayler's video on  YouTube about her Burberry makeup.  I think I have a link in my first Burberry post, but I will add a link below as well.  You must check her out because she is FAB!  Let me tell you that these colors are absolutely gorgeous! I had it in my mind that I could only purchase two and nothing else.  If you follow me you know that I already have the Lipstick and two Glosses by Burberry.  Ok so I had my two shadows in my greedy little paws, and I totally steered clear of the lipsticks, because I went crazy at the INGLOT booth at IMATS (post coming soon).  I did however inquire about a pressed powder.  I was currently using my Chanel Double Perfection for touch ups during the day, and it was getting to be a little heavy.  I wanted something light and to just take down the shine if I have any.  I also didn't want something too dark to add a lot of unnecessary color to my already tanned skin.  Lisa helped me out with this perfect powder in my perfect shade.  So I ended up with only 3 Burberry products for Saks and the lovely Lisa.  Here is a photo of them below -

To the left is the Midnight Brown shadow, in the middle is my gorg new powder in Trench No.09, and shadow in Pale Barley on the right.  I have worn these two shadows every single day since I bought them.  They are AMAZING.  Let me tell you when I read a blog, or watch a YouTube video and they say that Burberry shadows are the best, everyone is totally CORRECT!  These shadows are soft, pigmented, and stay on all day.  Midnight Brown has a slight shimmer in the pan but not on the lid.  Pale Barley has this gorgeous shine but no glitter or shimmer.  They are just amazing.  The shadows are $29.00 and TOTALLY worth the price of admission.  As for the powder, which is actually called Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation, this is amazing as well.  Now that I am using my Gleam mixed with my liquid foundation, I only need a sheer powder to set and this fits the bill.  This is quite expensive at $55.00 but once again, totally worth the price.  The compact is classy, chunky, and gorgeous.  I don't mind a heavier compact that's why I like this one.

All in all I think that Burberry has some amazing products.  I must say I am still in LOVE with Chanel and my gorgeous friend Heather.  I did try to call Heather back today to talk about the new summer collection that just landed in stores.  So I am not giving up my interlocking CC's just yet.  I am just going backward in the alphabet and trying a little bit of what the letter B has to offer.

In the case of finding something that made me stray (just a little bit) away from my beloved Chanel - This case is SOLVED!  

Here is Tayler's info if you would like to check her out, you will love her, promise!  -

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