Bdellium Brushes = Love at first sight!

I know you are hearing from me a lot these days.  Two posts yesterday and here is another today.  If you know me at all, you know that I love to talk!  I especially love to talk when it comes to finding some fab things that I feel as though I have to share with you.  Yesterday I wrote about my new fav new product love Gleam by Melanie Mills.  Today I am going to write about something that I have never written about before Makeup Brushes.  I have never written about Makeup Brushes before because honestly, I have never really been that excited about them UNTIL NOW!  I mean I have them, obviously for myself and my clients.  I have always had a mixture of brands that I would use or pick up a brush here and there.  Last year at IMATS I didn't buy one brush and was a little sad because I really wanted to check them out.  This time I was going to do just that. 

I remember finding a brush brand on Twitter, yes I know that Twitter again, welcome to 2012 it is here to stay!  Anyhew, I found a brush company that mentioned that they would be at IMATS.  What really drew me to them was their yellow brushes in their Twitter picture.  This brush company is called Bdellium Tools.  Let me tell you as soon as I saw those yellow handles I immediately went over to the booth.  I am so happy that I did because here I am after all of these years of being a Makeup Artist, finally LOVING the tools that I am working with.  I loved them so much after I used them I came home and ordered a few more. 

Here is a little background about Bdellium Tools - First of all lets pronounce the company correctly - Bdel*li*um [del-ee-uhm, -yuhm] The "b" is silent. Next lets talk about the fact that these are Professional Antibacterial Makeup Brushes which also come in an Eco-friendly line.  There are different types of Bdellium brushes.  They have the Studio, Travel, Maestro, & Bamboo lines.  The line I chose to purchase are the Studio.  There difference between the 3, with the exception of the eco-friendly Bamboo line, is the handles.  The Studio and Travel lines are identical in hair content and shape.  The only difference is the length of the handles.  The Maestro Series hair content and shape are identical to the Studio and Travel lines.  The difference is the ferrule, which is nickel plated brass.  This may tend to be stronger and more durable than the aluminum ferrule used in the Studio and Travel lines.  I chose the Studio simply because of the gorgeous yellow handles.  There wasn't much price difference between the two, I just liked the color because it makes me happy.  The yellow reminds me of the sun, and you know how much I love the sun!  I also love the long professional handles. 

Ok so here is a photo of my new pretties -
I bought, from left to right, #980, #959, #949, #780, & #768.  From the moment I used these luxurious brushes I was totally in love.  I loved them so much I thought I would add a few more to my collection.  I ordered 3 more, which have shipped but are not here yet.  I will post pics when I receive them.  I ordered #934, #778, and #781.  These are all eye brushes.  When I was at the booth I kept thinking that I had so many brushes at home I would only get what I absolutely needed.  Well, as you can see once I used them I realized that I had to have all matching yellow handles in my collection.  OK so I am a bit obsessed!  I am thinking by the end of June I will have the entire Bdellium set!  Two of each, one for me and one for my clients!

So IMATS is over until next year so how can you make these beauties yours you ask?  Simply go to and place your order.  There is one stipulation before ordering, you MUST say the name of the company correctly.  Yes of course they can hear you so please practice and say it right! 

Once again a complete review where I could just go an and on and on and on.  The same disclaimer stands just like yesterday.  These opinions are my own, I am not getting compensated in any way, shape, or form for my review of these brushes.  I just LOVE them and totally want to share my love with all of you!  That's just how I roll! Speaking of rolling, let me roll on out the social media plug for this wonderful company!

Twitter -!/bdelliumtools
Facebook -!/bdelliumtools
Website -

If you have any questions about these brushes you can comment below, tweet me, or email me!  OH and I almost forgot about something very important, the price.  These brushes are so affordable!  Yes that is correct, wait until you check out the prices you will not believe how affordable these are for the quality.  I guess affordable luxury are the words I would use when talking about these brushes!

In the case of finding brushes that make me happy when skies are grey, come on they are the color of sunshine - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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