Burberry Makeup - Yes Please!

If you follow my posts you are probably thinking that Detective Kathy must be too busy spending her money on POMP Jewelry to purchase any cosmetics.  Well let me clear something up right here and now, the answer to that is that there is no way in H### I will ever stop purchasing cosmetics.  I have just been a little lax blogging about them!  So here I go with two of my new favs. 
I found another fab girly on YouTube a few weeks ago.  I started watching one video, which soon led to two, which soon led too, well lets just say every single one.  Here name is TaylieTot on YouTube, and Tayler in real life and she is amazing!  Here is a link to her beauty videos if you would like to check her out yourself -  Just to let you know, Tayler also has a fitness YouTube Channel as well -  This is right up Detective Lynn's fit and trim alley, so I know she will be checking that out! 

I came across Tayler's review and tutorial on Burberry Makeup and was completely intrigued.  I decided that I would make a Burberry purchase.  The two items that I ordered were Lip Glow in #14, Nude Rose, and Lip Cover in #1 Nude Beige.  She described the formulas as moisturizing and she was totally correct.  With a lot of nude lipsticks my lips tend to dry out and look cracked.  This lipstick does not do that.  I have been wearing it everyday since I got it and totally love it.  The colors are the most amazing nudes that I have ever been able to wear.  For me, nudes are either way too light, or they just look chalky.  They are never something that I can just throw on my lips straight out of the tube and be done with.  This is exactly what I do with these new beauties below -

These are absolutely gorgeous and compliment each other perfectly.  The packaging on Burberry Makeup is extremely bold and classy.  They feel like luxury products.  The slight scent of the lipstick is that wonderful light scent that is never offensive in any way.  As you can see the Burberry pattern is on the lipstick itself, and also on the tubes. 

All in all I am extremely happy with my lip products.  Tayler also recommends Burberry eyeshadows.  If you watch her tutorial you will see how gorgeous they look on her.  This will definitely not be my last Burberry purchase.  With that said, I will update you and tell you that I did indeed order more POMP jewelry.  I can have more than one addiction at a time.  Well, for as long as my wallet allows!

In the case of finding, yet another, fab brand of cosmetics and a fab girly on YouTube - This case is always OPEN for investigation!

Detective Kathy

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