The Soap Series Interview with Sharon Case

I just had to post this link for all of you that share my love for Sharon Case!  Last night thanks to Doug (@itsjustdouglas on Twitter) and Pam (@pam72210) from The Soap Series (@thesoapseries) many of Sharon's fans were able to listen live to an interview that Doug and Pam did with Sharon, and then they would be able to speak to her on the phone.  I could not believe that this was actually going to happen.  I called in and was actually the second person to speak with Sharon. My friend Bonnie from the third person to chat with our friend.  I have to say that I was so nervous before getting on the phone.  My anxiety was so high I thought I was going to get so tongue tied.  Once I was on the phone with Sharon, that all changed.  Once again I felt as though I was chatting with an old friend.  Sharon is so genuine, down to earth, and an amazing woman.  I felt so honored that I actually was able to talk to her.  I was also so happy that I was able to hear the voices of some of my friends who I have met through her. 

The interview was Sharon talking about Y&R, POMP, and many other aspects of her life and career.  I wanted to post it here so all of you, in case you missed it, would have the chance to listen.  As for Doug and Pam, I think that it is amazing that they have interviews like this with the soap stars.  They are really trying to SAVE THE SOAPS, something that all of us soap fans would love to help do.  Unfortunately, soaps are not as popular as they were years ago.  I remember watching soaps, especially Y&R with my mom when I was 9 years old. I always remember Nikki and Victor.  I thought Nikki was so gorgeous, and she still looks the SAME!  I think if you are a daytime drama fan you probably do connect some of the stars and shows with your past growing up.  As for this point in my life today, I love getting home and settling in for the night watching Y&R.  The clothes, POMP jewelry, shoes, MAKEUP, men, and story lines are so fun to watch.  Now with being able to chat with Sharon on Twitter and also now on the phone, I feel like I am watching my friend. 

Below is the link and as I mentioned.  Doug and Pam had their chance first to talk to Sharon.  After that was the part where Sharon and her fans were able to chat.  When it was my turn, after I got over my initial shock and remembered the lamb's name which was FANNY,and asked Sharon to move to Upstate NY,  I did manage to ask her a question, and NO it was not about makeup!  Come on now you all know I already have the answers to those questions.  OK so she did make a shout out to her favorite PRETTY GIRL makeup.  Now you cant really talk to the Makeup Detective without mentioning some type of makeup product now can you?

Click below, listen, and enjoy getting to know this wonderful woman who is not only gorgeous outside, she is gorgeous inside as well! 

In the case of getting to know Ms. Sharon Case a little bit more - this case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

Special Guest Sharon Case 03/27 by thesoapseries | Blog Talk Radio

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