A bloggers confession - Today I Cheated on My Love

My love Chanel of course! Thanks to the one and only Twitter I now have a new nail polish in my greedy little paws..or should I say on my greedy little paws.  If you follow my blog you know I have had a love affair with Chanel nail polishes since the 90's.  On Saturday I made the decision to stray away from my one and only Chanel and purchase a Nars polish.  I saw a TwitPic of this and could not resist.  I immediately ran to the computer, and did not even think twice.  Nars nail polish in ECUME was in my cart faster than I could say goodbye Novelle Vague here is something brighter and whiter.  Whiter is actually an understatement.  This color is full on white out white.  I have one thing to say about this, in the words of Jessica Simpson circa 2007, "I Think I'm In Love".  I am going to post a picture that will probably make my nail tech shake in her shoes, since I am not a good polisher.  With that said, I could not wait to get this on my paws.  Ok the wait is over, here it is -
I know, I know, this is a love it or hate it kind of color.  It is VERY trendy and I do actually remember white being in a few years ago.   This is not a color for someone who does not like attention, oh wait who doesn't like attention!  In a past post I wrote about some Chanel colors that were a little off the beaten path.  When people asked me why I wore them my response was, "Um Chanel made it, of course I will wear it."  I think my response to this polish will be, "Um Francois Nars made this color, of course I will wear it."  Actually if they know me, they expect just about any color under the sun to show up on my nails!

I am sure I will go back to my beloved Chanel polish, but for now it is fun to change it up a little!

In the case of cheating on my love and feeling no remorse...This case is SOLVED! 

Detective Kathy

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