Chanel Novelle Vague = AH-Mazing!

Since I have the best Nail Technician in the city, I really only get my nails done every 3 weeks.  As you know from my last few posts I have been loving Chanel's Mimosa polish.  I was looking at my collection and re- discovered a favorite from last summer Chanel's Novelle Vague.  This is a gorgeous teal color with a slight shimmer.  

*  If you would like a less expensive color to the Chanel, I would suggest For Audrey by China Glaze.  For Audrey is very similar to the Chanel with the exception that it is a little deeper and more creamy.  Just a little history on the color For Audrey by China Glaze.  It was actually inspired by the color from Tiffany & Company.  The color is identical to the Tiffany & Co. boxes.  Below you will find a photo of both colors for comparison -

Here is a photo of my freshly polished nails using Chanel Novelle Vague.  On my ring finger you will find another favorite, Starry Silver Glitter by NYC.  This NYC polish was found at Rite Aid and was $.99.  Can't beat that with a big fat bat now can you?

I am sure that I will go back to Mimosa next month but for now I am loving this gorgeous teal!  In the case of finding another absolutely gorgeous Chanel color to wear on my nails this summer - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


FaceFab said...

For Audrey has to be one of my all time faves, but I am seriously loving this Chanel on you!

The Makeup Detectives said...

Thanks I love them both! I usually use the For Audrey on my toes. I actually just ordered a polish from It is sup to be the new trend in polish - WHITE!! I cannot wait to get it. I will do a blog post when I do!

FaceFab said...

Please do post.
I've often looked at Nars polishes, but not made the dive. Let us know the quality, longevity, durability & how it applies if you can.

I remember white being the thing some years back, I guess its cycle is up again!