I wish fall would get here!

Of course I don't mean the season fall.  Please, we haven't even had our summer yet.  I am totally not one to wish the seasons away.  I just get excited for the new color collections to come out.  The collections are always a month or two ahead of the season.  For example, I called my favorite Chanel Beauty Advisor Heather today at Nordstroms, Mall of America.  She told me that fall is ready to ship out soon.  It should be here by the end of June beginning of July.  I am so excited because I have already been googling like a mad woman trying to see what I want to reserve.  Chanel by far is my favorite collection wise.  I get so excited to see what they come out with next.  They also make everything mostly limited edition and they sell out so fast.  I want to get my greedy little paws on some items, especially nail polish!  Those two little words, "limited edition" uh they get me every time!

Well, I ordered a powder from Heather because I cannot call her and not place an order.  That wouldn't be right (well that's what I tell myself anyway).  She will be calling me early next week with the exciting news about the fall collection and also the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July.  If you are not familiar with the sale, this is where cosmetic lines offer limited edition (uh that word again) products for pre sale.  Last year it was an eyeshadow palette that looked like Coco Chanel's buttons from her suits.  I will post back after she calls  and also do a haul when my package comes.  I only ordered the powder but she is always so generous with wonderful samples.  I will also post her information in case you don't have a Chanel counter near you.  She is absolutely AH-MAZING!  She always goes above and beyond.  Just like I always tried to do with my clients when I worked at counter. 

She did tell me that Chanel is coming out with a new Velvet Lipstick which will be totally matte.  She also said there is going to be a new foundation with a wide range of colors, especially deeper tones (like me).  I will leave you with this photo of Chanel gorgeousness that will have you too wishing fall would get here -

Hello gorgeous Peridot and Graphite don't worry you will be mine soon! 

In the case of getting my greedy little paws on some limited edition Chanel for fall - This case remains OPEN! 

Detective Kathy 

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