Fragrance Addict - Party of one!

If you follow my posts by now you know that I am not only addicted to makeup, I am also addicted to fragrance.  My newest treasure is one that was tweeted about by YouTube guru Dara - BelleDuJourNYC.  She said it was a must have, to me those two words are much like my favorite words, "limited edition".  As soon as I read that, I immediately went to the computer to order.  What exactly did I order?  It is a solid perfume from Tocca called Giulietta.  Yes, I ordered this based on a recommendation.  I knew that there was not a place around me that sold Tocca.  I had Tocca Cleopatra in the past and remember how gorgeous it was.  I figured this would be equally as gorgeous a scent.  The notes of the fragrance taken from  the Tocca website are -
Top notes: Bulgarian Rose, Ylang Ylang, Green Apple, Pink Tulips
Middle notes: Lily of the Valley, Iris Pallida, Vanilla Orchid, Lilac, Heliotrope
Bottom notes: Cedar wood, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

I truly enjoy fragrances that have Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla Orchid, Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood so I knew this would be a winner.

This arrived at my door from on Thursday.  I actually got to see it in person when I went shopping with my son the day before.  I was unaware that the Sephora there would have it.  Anyhew, here it is, (ohhh how I wish I had a scratch and sniff blog) -

On the right you will see the container that the perfume came in.  The left is the actual product.  This is awesome because it is portable.  I always keep perfume with me in my handbag.  I sometimes feel that my scents wear off throughout the day.  Portable fragrances are a great way to stay smelling fresh, and not weigh down your handbag.  This little cutie can fit in the smallest of evening bags! 

I like to put this on my pulse points and also spray one of my Fresh scents along with it.  For being a product that is solid, the scent seems to stay with me.   I have been using this fragrance with Sugar Lychee from Fresh.  The combination seems to work well together.  The Giulietta calms down the citrus in the Sugar Lychee. Together they are pure perfection. 

In the case of finding, yet another fragrance to add to my growing collection - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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john petter said...

Oooh such awesome goodies!! This seems like a great deal... 50 Cent