Shopping trip with my son!

Yesterday I decided to take a ride to the mall with my son Tyler.  He had been saying that he wanted a new cologne.  He is all out of his 10 bottles and says my husbands all smell like tobacco.  He is absolutely correct in saying that.  If you follow my posts you will know that one of my favorite scents is tobacco.  This is found in my Fresh Cannabis Santal, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Fresh Tobacco Caramel (obviously) and I am sure a few others that I wear. 

First things first, I went to Sephora to surprise him and with some new cologne.  I bought him a bottle of Versace Eau Fraiche.  This is an amazing scent especially for my son who is 17.  He told me that he wanted something clean and fresh.  He usually wears the colognes from stores like Express and Hollister.  Here are the notes in the Versace -
Top Note: Carambola, White Lemon, Rose Wood
Middle Note: Cedar Leaves, Tarragon, Sage
Base Note: Sycamore, Musk, Amber

No wonder I like it there is musk and amber involved! Needless to say he loved it too and was happy with my choice.  He of course did not come in Sephora because he said that it is for girls.  I think he headed to GNC while I was in Sephora.

Since fragrance is quickly becomming one of my favorite things to purchase, I could not leave Sephora without a little treasure for MOM!  I ended up getting Fresh's Sugar Lychee.  This is a gorgeous scent that will mix well with my Cannabis Santal.  When I was at the Fresh store in NYC the girl told me to mix two fragrances to create a custom scent.  Here is the description of the Sugar Lychee taken from the website -
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Italian Lemon, Lime Blossom
Middle Notes: Lychee, Lotus Flower, Freesia
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber

These fragrances are right up my alley!  The tobacco is missing but I am totally loving the amber and sandalwood that give this fragrance just the right amount of spice. 

No trip would be complete without a quick tour of the Chanel counter.  I  could not leave there without a little shimmery treat.  I purchased Chanel Glossimer in #287 Aurore.  This is a gorgeous shimmery light peach.  I am totally in love!  This looks gorgeous on top of MAC's Playing Koi lipstick!  Finally after a trip to Johnny Rockets, (it can't be all about me all of the time), we went to MAC to visit Detective Lynn.  I backed to MAC 12 empties and ended up getting 2 lipsticks, one in Honeylove and the other in High Tea.  These are gorgeous NUDES!  Yes, I know I said that I would not be going nude anymore however, I can pull these two off since they are a deeper nude.  Oh one more thing, I picked up a back up Stripdown liner.  I start to shake if I don't have a back up of Stripdown stored away in my collection.  I mean come on, what if I lose the two that are in my makeup bag and the one that is in my car?   I am going to put some pictures below for your viewing pleasure.  The lipsticks are as follows - High Tea on the left, and Honeylove on the right.  Honeylove is a matter color, and High Tea is a sheer lustre. 

All in all my son and I had a wonderful trip to the mall.  Just so you know the mall is about 45 minutes away.  We talked, shopped, ate, and bonded over fragrance.  What more can a makeup lovin momma ask for!

In the case of spending quality time with my son and making both of us happy - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy


FaceFab said...

Ok, I have honeylove, do I need high tea too? Say it ain't so?!?!

That glossimer is gorgois (in the words of mally, lol!). I think they HAVE to be my gloss splurge.

UHM, you are NOT old enough to have a 17 yr. old???

8O (that's an open gaping mouth in case you didn't know, lol!)

The Makeup Detectives said...

Hey Girly, Thanks for the comment about not being old enough to have a 17 year old but I am OLD! hahaha November will be a huge milestone bday for me. I am expecting a new Louis from my husband. I told him either that or botox! haha The gloss is a MUST HAVE! As for the High Tea that is NOT! It is pretty but very sheer. I LOVE HoneyLove and have been wearing that with MAC Plushglass in Bubble Tea over it. Now Bubble Tea is another MUST HAVE. Goes great over nudes especially for me with my darker skintone. I actually have a back up because I think it is Limited Edition!

FaceFab said...

Ok, bubble tea on the list & pass on high tea, got it! I usually do oh baby or one from the sun ray collection from eons ago that I can't remember. =/
Anywhoo, still don't buy it & I'm not to far from a well aged cowhide myself, though honestly it doesn't feel like it, nor do I focus there!
So I will say, whatever you're doing in life it's working for ya!
I'll be right after you in Dec.

FaceFab said...

Forgot to ask if the Sugar Lychee has ring of tart to it? The profile reads like it may have (which is so up my isle).