Cannabis, Tobacco, & Caramel Oh My!

I bet you really didn't know what to expect with a title like that!  What I am referring to is three of my favorite scents by Fresh.  When Detective Lynn and I were in NYC for IMATS we stopped into one of my favorite little shops called Fresh.  I love how bright and clean the Fresh store is and it always smells amazing.  The associates are always wonderful and happy to assist.  I used to wear a fragrance from Fresh called Fig Apricot a few years ago.  I loved this fragrance so much though today it is a little light for me. 

When I was in the store this time I remembered one of my favorite YouTube gurus Dara (BelleDuJourNYC) talking about a fragrance called Cannabis Santal.  When she would describe this I thought it was right up my alley.  This is actually a unisex scent and is quite unique. 

The description on actually reads -
CANNABIS SANTAL EAU DE PARFUM is a forbidden blend of patchouli, cannabis and rose. This sensual fragrance captures the raw energy of a man and the desire for him. 
When I asked the girl at Fresh, she told me that it is definitely unisex and that a ton of woman purchase it.  This is a very sexy fragrance which is similar to my beloved Tom Ford Black Orchid.  When I hear that a fragrance contains patchouli and rose, I am definitely on board! 
I purchased this while I was there, and Detective Lynn purchased a limited edition (you know how I feel about those two words), fragrance called Tobacco Caramel.  They only had one bottle of the Tobacco Caramel left at the store we were in.  They said that it was something that probably would never be made again.  This past Friday was time for me to call up Fresh and purchase another bottle of the much loved Cannabis Santal.  Of course with me the words limited edition were still lurking in my head.  I had to call around to see if anyone had the Tobacco Caramel.  I found it on Union Square in NYC.  They actually said they had a lot left.  I ordered that, which only comes in a very small size, 0.05 fl. oz for $22.50, and a 1fl. oz of Cannabis Santal for $32.00.  I ordered this on Friday and today, to my surprise, the UPS truck came to my door.  I received the two perfumes, a sample of another fragrance (which is amazing) called Citron de Vigne, sample of Sugar Rose Lip Treatment, and two skincare samples, Black Tea Age -Delay Serum, and Black Tea Age Delay Cream.  Below is a picture of my goodies from Jessica at Fresh. 

I am so sad that I don't have a Fresh store near me.  What makes up for it is the super duper fast shipping and all the goodies that were included.  What a wonderful shopping experience.  If you don't have a Fresh store near you please don't hesitate to call Jessica at 212.477.1100.  You will be treated very special just like I was. 

There is one thing about me posting this on the blog, I  hope Detective Lynn does not read this!! Her birthday is in August and this would be a perfect present for her since she thinks that it was limited edition!

In the case of me always smelling Fresh - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


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The Makeup Detectives said...

Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for your comment! I am so happy that you like the blog and enjoy the posts! I also love Rhiana, football not so much! hahah I will check out your blog as well. Thank you again for taking the time to write! xoxoxo Kathy : )