911 Beauty Call - Fashion's Night Out Edition

So from my last post I revealed that I do have a job other than entertaining all of you beauties out there with my humor and love for all things beautiful!  While I was at work last week in a room full of about 15 people getting a huge project done, my phone happened to ring.  I looked down and the name that came up was Heather!  Since I have no family members or other friends with this name, I knew it could only be one person, Heather from Chanel at the Mall of America Nordstroms.  I looked down at the phone as my Jason DeRulo ringtone at full volume played - "Day-O me say Day-O daylight come and me don't" I knew I only had "wanna go home" left to play before Heather hung up.  I debated in my mind for just a mere second not to answer Heather's call.  It is funny how in a split second all of these thoughts enter one's mind.  OK maybe they just enter my mind.  I knew that her call could only mean one thing...Chanel had something fabulous to offer me.  I thought that it could it couldn't be....or could it?  Could it be that she was calling to tell me that her counter was getting the limited edition only available at Chanel Boutiques nail polish collection from Fashion's Night Out?   I immediately reached for the phone and could not say hello to Heather fast enough.  I knew that with everyone sitting around and a huge task at hand I had to make this quick.  I don 't think I let Heather do any talking.  I asked her if she was calling to tell me about the polishes.  To my sigh of relief, she WAS!  She told me that she was getting a limited (very small) quantity of the FNO polishes in her store.  I told her that I would definitely take the light blue one, I couldn't remember the name at the time.  The color is actually Coco Blue.  I knew I liked that one the best out of the three and it looked the most unique.  Here are the three colors in this collection and they are all gorgeous -
Someone Tweeted about these babies a week or so ago and I was wondering how I was going to get my greedy little paws on them.  Heather answered my prayers and thanks to her, Coco Blue (and a few other Chanel goodies) will be mine all mine!  Oh and btw I am SO over the gel nails!  Not being able to wear my Chanel polishes is like taking away my Stripdown liner and nude lip combo...PURE TORTURE! 

I just have to say that Heather has really been coming through for me on the Limited Edition Chanel goodies lately.  I wish I could fly to the Mall of America, trot right into Nordstrom's and give her a great big ol hug!  I should be getting my goodies next week so I will post pictures of them.  Until then Graphite will be gracing my nails sometime within the next few days.  I know that Coco Blue will be a color I will wear a lot!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I will post another blog soon about some fabu new Holiday Chanel goodies that are coming out very soon.  I am still doing a little investigating.  One item I am so excited about I actually have a photo of it right here in my makeup room!  I will save that for another day.  Can't have too much Chanel excitement in one day. 

In the case of adding yet another Limited Edition Chanel product to my growing collection - This case is SOLVED!!

Detective Kathy

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