Dear Chanel, It's me Kathy......

This post is for Mr. Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Cosmetics.  Who knows he might just be reading! I am writing you to let you know that there is something I absolutely need you to create for Chanel.  I NEED, WANT, HAVE TO HAVE, AM BEGGING FOR Chanel gel nail polish.  After several years, I finally have my own cute little nails.  I love the idea of the gel manicure, however, the polishes just don't cut it for me.  They just are not my beloved Chanel, and not having Chanel on my nails is a little unsettling.  Chanel polish and my nails go together like Bronzer and a large kabuki brush.  Ok Peter we can compromise, just make one a season.  Is that really asking for too much?  Just package that pretty Mimosa, Novelle Vague, Peridot, Graphite, Black Pearl, or Paradoxal in a cute little tub to be used for a gel manicure.  That would really make me happy when skies are grey! 

So now that Peter knows how I feel, I will get on with showing you my new hot pink nails.  Don't get me wrong they are cute and all but they are just not Chanel. 

In the case of begging Peter to make me Chanel polish in gel manicure form - This case is NOT SOLVED yet!!!!

Detective Kathy


Samantha said...

I know I love, love, LOVE my gel manicures. So to wear the Chanel polishes I stick with a basic pedicure. It's my way of getting both!

The Makeup Detectives said...

I know, I do that as well but I am thinking ahead to winter when my toes will be covered. Then there will be no Chanel visible at all! hahahah I actually have Black Pearl on my toes now!!!

The Makeup Detectives said...

What colors do you usually get for the gel? My nail tech had a ton and I really had no idea what to pick. I went with a light pink and then had her put the bright over. Honestly, I always use whatever Chanel makes for the season! I am stuck on what to wear in the gel!