Just when I thought Chanel couldn't make anything prettier.....

Here I am again, twice in one day. This is something that just could not wait another minute, let alone another day.  As you know I have a few contacts at Nordstrom stores all over the country.  One is Heather at the Mall of America, and the other is Ondrea in Seattle.  It is basically whoever calls me first gets my order.  They are both the sweetest girls who would do absolutely anything to make sure my Chanel Limited Edition goodies arrive safely at my door.  With that said, here is something that arrived on a big brown truck this evening at 6:30 p.m.  I will post the picture before I even begin to tell you about it -

This beauty is by far one of the most gorgeous items that I have ever seen.  This picture does not even do it justice.  This is Ombres Tissees - Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges.  I received the call from Heather last Saturday about this and could not say the words "Put it on my charge!" quick enough.  I read about this a while ago and it was described as a highlighter powder.  When Heather was telling me about the new products that are part of the Chanel Ready To Wear collection only sold at Nordstroms and online now, I didn't realize she was talking about this.  The collection is called Les Aquarelles de Chanel and was first introduced by Peter Philips (my buddy), at the Couture show in Paris early Spring.  I did some investigation and found that this product can be used as a face highlighter and also on the eyes.  It comes in the black velvet pouch with a shadow applicator housed in it.  This product is definitely a must have for any Chanel lover or collector.  The photo below shows the product with the glitter overlay.  I haven't even touched it yet.  This is one of those, its too pretty to touch right now pieces.  The glitter overlay will go away once swiped.  I think this is going to work well on my tanned skin especially to highlight my cheeks and the eyes.  I am going to dive in and use it tomorrow.  For the remainder of the night I will sit here and admire its beauty.  Well probably not all night, maybe just another half hour or so.  I do have a life other than Chanel ya know!  I will leave you with one more picture of this compact in all its gorgeousness -

In the case of purchasing yet another limited edition product from Chanel before it goes to Chanel Heaven - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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