Sneak Peek - Chanel Holiday 2011

As I mentioned yesterday in my Chanel post, Holiday is coming out very soon!  I have to admit I look forward to each seasons offerings even more than the one before.  Chanel never seems to amaze me when it comes to color.  There are many items that are coming out but one definitely stands out in the crowd.  This product is Lumiere Sculpte de Chanel Highlighting Powder.  This is the photo that I printed out and have had hanging in my makeup room ever since. (I would like to give credit to for the photo which I took from her blog site).  I was told by Heather that the print on the powder is actually a replica of one of Coco Chanel's belts from her collection.  How freakin exciting is that!  Spring was her lover for pearls, and now its one of her belts.  Chanel not only makes beautiful products, they all seem to tell a story of Coco Chanel's intriguing past.  When I purchase something from the collections I feel as though I have a little piece of history and a little piece of Coco Chanel.  I think we knew each other in a previous life!  I am sure we shopped for handbags and pearls together.  Here is the photo that has graced my makeup room wall -

Have you ever seen anything that GORGEOUS??? I know, I know I have only been writing this blog for a few months and every time I turn around I purchase a new highlighting powder!  I can't help myself they are all just so gorgeous.  When I see that sleek, elegant, classy black case with those interlocking CC's something totally comes over me and I can't help but say "That MUST be mine!"   OK you know how I get carried away when it comes to talking about Chanel, happens every time.  I think I should get a tattoo that has a bow with the Chanel CC's hanging from it.  Oh wait, I already do have one!  Is that a true Chanel addict or what?

So moving on there are also quite a few other products in this collection.  As you can see above there is a red lipstick and polish.  The polish is called Rouge Carat.  There is a gold liquid eyeliner, and Feerie Soft Shimmer Powder.  I know that there are two glossimers, one is a shimmery gold, and the other a shimmery beige.  Chanel also includes sets with their Holiday Collections.  There is a magnifying mirror compact which I already have from years ago.  It came out as a Holiday limited edition and of course it had to be mine.  There are also some wonderful sets that include makeup bags.  These can be seen on My Beauty Black Book blog site which I posted above.  She actually has the inside scoop on everything including photos and the look book photo straight from the Chanel counter!  What a lucky girl!

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. "
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

In the case of Chanel coming out with a breath taking Holiday Collection for 2011 - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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