New York City Haul - Lush, Sephora, & Inglot

Well I am back from NYC! I survived a Tornado warning on Friday, and a horrific hail storm today!  In between my coming and going, I had some gorgeous NY weather.  Saturday was a perfect day so we went to the beach.  No makeup there just fun, sun, and ocean waves! Oh and crab bites on my toes.  Let move on to Sunday now shall we?

On Sunday we made our way into the city.  Even thought I said it would not be a shopping trip, I did manage to sneak in a few stores.  The first store that I can face to face with was Lush!  I had never been in a Lush store before so was excited to venture in.  I was not the only one who ventured in, my son and husband followed.  Believe me, it was NOT to see what Lush had to offer, it was just a way to get out of the heat!  I have to say that I was quite overwhelmed going into this store.  Everything smelled so ah-mazing!  I didn't know what to look at first.  I ended up getting something that I thought was a body cream.  It was actually a face and body scrub called Ocean Salt.  The smell was Divine and I could not resist. It is described as sea salt, lime, and vodka. I need this in cocktail form for the pool!  This is something that I probably would have passed on if I knew it was for face and body.  With that said, I used it tonight and it made my skin feel so soft and silky.  This is definitely a keeper in my book!  The next item that I got was a chunk of soap.  I bought the Figs and Leaves which smells yummy! I am a sucker for anything that smells of fig.  I bought some lip products as well.  I had heard about the Lip Scrubs so I couldn't pass these up.  I got Sweet Lips which is cocoa absolute and vanilla extract.  This makes your lips feel soft and smooth and it tastes yummy!  I also bought the Lip Balm in Honey Trap.  This is a creamy scent with honey, vanilla, and shea butter.  The final lip product that I bought was a Lip Tint in Double Choc.  This is a dark chocolate, vanilla, and brandy scented tint.  You can apply it very sheer or darker for more color.  These lip products are ah-mazing!  The final product that I bought from Lush is a perfume solid in Vanillary.  You know what a sucker I am for perfume.  This is real vanilla, and tonka absolute.  All in all I will say that though Lush is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely worth every penny!  Thanks to Lush I don't think I will ever need to eat dessert again!  Here are the products -

Next was Sephora!  I was excited to visit Illamasqua when I went to Sephora since I don't have it here in mine.  Unfortunately, the stock was a little low on the products that I wanted.  I really wanted the Metal Palette, and also Fable Lipstick.  Those were two products that I was so excited to try and review.  I will just order from to get the products that were out of stock.  I was so happy to at least see a display.  I love the name and have always been curious about the brand.  I ended up with Sonnet Lipstick which is a gorgeous coral nude.  This color looks so pretty on and is a wearable nude.  I also got the Powder Foundation in PF240 which is the darkest that they had.  I used it today and it matched my skin perfect.  I am so happy with my purchases from Illamasqua.  I cant wait to order more!  I only bought two more items from Sephora, once again husband and son standing there getting cool, (feeling like I have to rush, I hate that)!  I got a YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm in #1 Lush Coconut.  The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, typical YSL.  The gloss is VERY sheer.  I just swiped it on my lips quick when I got home so I will have to report back on this one.  I want to try it with my liner to get the true color payoff.  I am thinking that it will be sheer. This is a great color to throw on when your lips need a little moisture.  I was thinking about trying it over the Illamasqua Sonnet for a little shine.  The final product that I got was a Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut.  Oh my I have typed Coconut quite a lot tonight!  Here are my Sephora goodies -
Just as we were about to wait in the long line at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, I detected something in the distance - was it - could it be - did I lose my mind and forget that INGLOT was in Times Square??? I was so excited..well you know how that goes!  I could hardly contain myself.  I had to just run in quick and take a peek!  A peek I did, I ended up getting something that I love, love, love!  It is one of the palettes in the Freedom System.  I did purchase one for lips at IMATS in April, along with a lot of other products from this brand. I wanted a palette that held eyeshadow, bronzer, and a blush.  That is exactly what I created.  The bronzer is a soft shimmery shade #17.  The blush that I bought is a shimmery berry #32.  I bought two shadows for the palette, one a shimmery grey # 393, and the other a matte gold #498.  This palette was only $44.00 and TOTALLY worth every penny!  Here is my palette -

There was one more item, cosmetic related that I bought.  This product is by Comodynes and it is the Make-up Remover wipes for face and eyes.  I used these the other day when I got them and they are wonderful.  Very soothing on the skin and they removed all of my makeup!  I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand again.  I hear they have a wonderful self tanner. 
Well that was my small NYC haul, not bad for only one day in the city with my husband and son in tow!  NYC is one of my favorite places, I love the excitement and all the different people.  Here are just a few of my favorite photos -

In the case of spending the day in NYC and grabbing some blog worthy goodies - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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