Excuse me miss what color lipstick are you wearing?

Yesterday while I was indulging in one of my guilty pleasures - watching The Young and The Restless, the show came to a stop.  Literally I stopped the show to inspect the gorgeous color that graced one of my favs lips.  This favorite of mine is Sharon Case.  Sharon is her name in real life and on the show.  On the show she is Sharon Collins, Newman, Abbott, Newman, and soon to be Newman again once she marries Victor!  Sharon always captivates me with her beauty.  While I am usually focused on her gorgeous hair, flawless skin, or her jewelry which she creates herself from her line POMP (which will soon be available at, this time I was drawn to her lipstick. 

After seeing this color on Sharon I had to open up the case and investigate.  My investigation did not have me armed with my normal magnifying glass, this time it was with my Twitter account.  What better way to find out what product Sharon had on her lips then to ask Sharon herself (@Sharonlcase on Twitter).  I hopped right onto Twitter and did just that, my gosh I LOVE social networking.  It makes my job so much easier! 

Sharon tweeted me that she had on a lipstick from  Of course I immediately hopped onto the site to find the color that Sharon had on.  I am thinking the color is "Lets Go Shopping".  This color is described as a wonderful creamy pink brown.  What a perfect name and hopefully the perfect "Sharon" color.  Before I place my order I feel another Tweet needs to take place.  One to Sharon and
Y&R's makeup artist Patti Denney (@MakeupPatti on Twitter).  WOW what I wouldn't do for Ms. Patti's job!  I will keep you updated with my reply Tweet from Patti. 

In the case of finding what color lipstick graced the gorgeous Sharon's lips the other day on Y&R - This case is still OPEN for further investigation.  Hey give me some credit I did get a tweet from Sharon!

Just in case you don't know who she is -

See I told you gorgeous!!!

Detective Kathy


Just "Gisell" said...

Living that dress and color!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear that Sharon's setting up a web site for her jewelry line! Thanks for the heads-up! ~ColonnadeLynn

The Makeup Detectives said...

Hi Gisell, I agree about that dress,though Sharon looks good in anything she puts on!

Hi Lynn, Your welcome! I cannot wait to order. I wrote, on Twitter, last night to Sharon's partner Elif and she said it will be up and running next week!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Can't wait to see it! ~Colonnade Lynn