2012 Is Here and Spring Has Sprung!!!

Ok if you read my title and you know beauty you will know that both of the statements above are true!  2012 is obviously here, you know we drank champagne and wore funny hats on our heads the other night.  Spring has also sprung at cosmetic counters all around the town.  If you follow my blog you will know that I am totally a CHANEL girl and the nano second that spring was on counter, some of it was being sent my way.  I only ended up picking up two products from the spring collection this time.  Not that the entire collection was desirable, I just had to stock up on some favs that were running low as well.  Also I had to put an end to my shopping Chanel madness, come on now even Santa has his limits!! So without further ado here are the products that Santa put in my stocking this year -

All I have to say is - How the heck did Santa know that I wanted all these ah-mazing products! He must read my blog or be the one writing it ; ) Ok so here they are from left to right - Double Perfection Powder Makeup in #170 Toffee, Eyeshadow in Beige Lame, The "STAR" Blush Horizon De Chanel, Nail Polish in May, Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in #31 La Furtive (an online exclusive), Rouge Coco Shine in #52 Fetiche, Tulip Lip Liner, Perfection Lumiere Foundation in #60 Beige, and #63 Beige Ambre, and last but not least #02 Brilliance Glossimer.  

The Double Perfection Powder is my holy grail and a refill since I hit pan on my last one. Beige Lame shadow is GORGEOUS! This is totally a must have in any shadow lovers collection.  I find myself wearing it all over my entire lid and using a brown or taupe in the crease. Blush Horizon De Chanel is absolutely gorgeous.  It is totally a splurge, which I usually don't take on blushes.  The color is a shimmery baby pink and I have worn it everyday since I got it.  The May polish is pretty but for me a little too normal.  I probably would have passed on it if I saw it in person.   It is absolutely perfect for everyday.  The foundation is ah-mazing as well.  I have to say that this is one of the best foundations I have ever tried to date.  The reason I have two colors is for when I self tan and when I do not.  I also like to "cocktail" my foundations to create my perfect color since my coloring always changes.  Brilliance Glossimer was a blast from the past for me.  This was the very first glossimer I ever bought many years ago when they first came out.  Heather, my fav Chanel girly, called it a "cult favorite".  If you love that shimmery silvery light pink, this is a must have for you. The Velvet lipstick is non drying especially for a matte color.  The color to me is similar to my MAC Honeylove.  Unless you are a total Chanel-a-holic like me, I would probably get the MAC for $14.00.  With that said, spend the money on the Blush, Foundation, and Beige Lame.  These products are totally worth the price of admission!

Ok so there you have it ... my Santa Chanel haul.  I did get some other cosmetic products as well but you know that Chanel has to have its own special post. 

Just to let you know what I am currently investigating - I got the inside scoop from Heather who told me a little about Summer 2012!  This is going to be a bronze collection with a ton of colors that will be must haves for me and everyone who likes to be bronze beauties. I will post when I have more details and some pictures! Heather told me that the bronzer is to die for and limited edition.  You know that is like music to my ears, and to my wallet!

In the case of Santa getting me exactly what I wanted for Christmas - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy


Chelle said...

Oh my!! Drool Drool... I have the "Beige Lame" shadow and love it too! Wow! You must have been very good this past year since Santa got you that wonderful haul! Please post the Chanel summer info when you get it. I am already interested since you mentioned that it is bronze! I'm a bronze lover! <3

The Makeup Detectives said...

Hey Girly! Its your birthday today!! YAY!!! I will post the summer info the minute I hear from Heather! I am so looking forward to the bronzer as well! I am a bronzer lover too! xoxoxox