Update on Sharon Case's Jewelry POMP

Yesterday while I was doing my usual stalking of my Twitter news feed, I came across an exciting post.  Sharon Case announced that her Jewelry line POMP  is now available.  I immediately went on and found so many of the pieces I have been drooling over for the past months.  Sharon's designs are absolutely breathtaking.  It's funny that on Friday's episode I was staring at Sharon's gorgeous diamond pendent and now it will be mine.  I only ordered one piece, this time, from the site.  It was so hard to choose because every single piece is stunning.  I chose the Pave Coin Pendent in silver as my first purchase.  My next will be the Crystal Cluster Earrings.  I am so excited to receive my necklace.  I know this is going to be a piece that I will wear all of the time.  I have a favorite diamond cross that I received for Christmas about 3 years ago, this piece will look perfect layered under it.  Here is a photo of the necklace taken from the POMP website -

Isn't it gorgeous?  I will update you when I receive my piece.  I just had to share with all of you just in case you don't have a Twitter account.  I didn't want any of the Sharon fans to miss out on these pieces.  I have to also comment on the prices of her pieces.  This pendant above is $29.95!  I think that is TOTALLY reasonable for a piece that looks like this.  Also to actually own something that the gorgeous Sharon has created is actually priceless! 

Here is the website  Go check it out and post a comment below letting me know what you think of the pieces, and if you decided to purchase any!

In the case of owning a unique design by my favorite Daytime Diva - This case is SOLVED

Detective Kathy

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