A few of my favorite things .....Moisturizers

I am a total product junkie.  If someone blogs or tweets about a new product I have to try it.  I have my skincare routine down to two creams that I am totally in love with.  One is Chanel's Ultra Correction Line Repair.  This is amazing and doesn't break me out!  I feel as though my skin is smoother and my wrinkles are less visible after using this for about 2 months now.  I tried a sample and fell in love.  I just purchased the full size jar from Nordstrom at the Mall of America.  I call and order all my Chanel from Heather at the counter, she is such a doll.  If you ever want extra special treatment from a Chanel Beauty Advisor, Heather is your gal!  Her number is (952)883-2121.  I actually found her name and number on the blog -  I am so happy that I did.
My second skincare product of choice is one by Clarins.  This is a self tanner.  As you can tell by my photos, I love to be tan!  This product is called Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse.  Once again another amazing product.  I usually use this at night and the Chanel in the morning under my makeup.  This product gives me believable color without looking orange and fake.  It makes my skin soft and smooth and also doesn't break me out.  I have been using this product since December.  I got the full size jar in January after trying a sample.  I still have over half of the jar left.  This product is for face and body, however, I only use it on my face and neck.  This is a wonderful product.  In the case of finding the right moisturizer - this case CLOSED!

Detective Kathy

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