Lips - Primer, Liner, Gloss, & Lipstick

When it comes to lip products I am a total junkie!  I just keep collecting lipsticks and glosses like it is my job!  I am sure that I am probably like most people and look down at their lip collection to find all similar colors.  I really don't stray away from a nude or nude pink lip. 

Step 1 - MAC Prep + Prime - This is a must have in your makeup bag especially when you are going for a matte nude look.  Nude lipsticks can often look chalky and show lines and wrinkles on the lips.  This product will soften your lips and get them ready to have that gorgeous nude color of choice.  I use this on and also around my lips to soften the lines. 

Tip - When applying a matte nude lipstick, press the lip color on your lips gently.  Never just swipe it on like you would do with a regular lipstick unless it is a glossy nude.  This will help it go on soft and not look like you have concealer on your lips.  Another tip is to choose a liner that is similar to the lipstick.  One shade deeper would be good.  You don't want to have that dark lined lip!

Step 2 - MAC Lip Liner in Stripdown - Do you see the nude lip developing! This is my holy grail liner.  I have a ton of others but always go back to this one.  I found it about 6 months ago and cannot use any other.  Chanel Nude is also a great neutral but MAC is less expensive and the formula is wonderful. 

Step 3 - That gorgeous Matte Nude of choice - If I had to pick my all time favorite nude, it would have to be MAC Peachstock.  This is probably the one I always go back to.  The colors below were the ones lucky enough to make it into my makeup bag, (I know I need help) - From left to right - Chanel Rouge Allure in Insoudante, Chanel Rouge Allure in Mythic, Inglot #263, Inglot #224, MAC Peachstock, YSL Rouge Volupte #2 Sensual Silk. 

Next I will move on to lip glosses!  I had a favorite that I used all of the time and that was Chanel Glossimer in Blizzard.  Whenever I was having a bad face day I would put on Blizzard and it made everything look better.  I have not had Blizzard in years since it is not a nude gloss.  When I went to IMATS I found a color from Inglot that is it's doppelganger.  It is Inglot Sleeks gloss in #62.  This is my new go to color when I am running out of the house or having a bad face day.  It makes everything look better! 

On to the glosses that made it to my makeup bag.  They are as follows, left to right - Inglot Sleeks #62, Inglot Sleeks Cream #92, Chanel Glossimer in #151, Chanel Glossimer #64, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Insoudance, MAC Creamsheen in Partial To Pink, and Nars Turkish Delight.  With the exception of #64, most of these are used over one of my nude lipsticks. 

There is one more lip palette that I have been carrying in my makeup bag ever since I got it.  I will actually save that for a post all its own!

These are my go to products of the moment.  I guess in the case of the Nude Lips, this case is definitely SOLVED!   Next up - the eyes have it!

Detective Kathy

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