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I was so excited when I got home from work yesterday.  My first Jouer package had arrived.  I purchased two lip glosses.  One is in the color Blush, which is described as creamy baby pink.  The other is Mimosa, which is described as shimmery golden pink. 

The tube is really unique.  If you go onto the website you will see that all of the compacts and lip gloss snap together.  This creates a palette which can be customized.  I love the idea of having things together and customized with my own colors.  I ordered a powder that will not be here until Wednesday.  Once I receive that I will show you how the lip gloss and powder snap together. 

I am not going to review these glosses yet since I haven't even had a chance to wear them.  I was just so excited I wanted to show you the colors!  I will review them once my powder arrives.  At first glance I can tell you that the colors are very pretty.  They are subtle and light.  They seem like they will be moisturizing as well.  I am sure that I will be pairing these with a lipstick under them.  The package is really cute and I like the unique shape. Below you will find some pictures of the two products, Mimosa is on top, and Blush is on the bottom.  Along with the glosses I received two samples of their Luminizing Moisture Tint in Deep Bronze.  I will be giving this a try as well. 

I am excited to try these glosses the next few days and also to receive my powder.  I will do a full review once I have had a chance to use these products for a while.

In the case of whether or not Jouer is going to be a keeper in my makeup bag - This case is still OPEN!

* If you sign up on the Jouer site they have email specials often.  I actually ordered the powder and it was 20% off with the email.  They offer their "Signature Collections" which are coordinating palettes already put together by makeup artists.  There is free shipping as well.

Detective Kathy

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