Review - Nude/Pink Lip Trio

I wanted to post a quick lipliner, stick, and gloss review.  The trio that I have been loving the past few days has been the three that were featured in my Ulta Haul #2 post.  The products are as follows - Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner, Kat Von D Celebutard Lipstick, and Smashbox Limitless Gloss in For Keeps.  I had never tried the Smashbox glosses before.  I have to say that I am very happy with the product.  I will be purchasing more.  Just a quick note that the Kat Von D lipstick is not from Ulta, it is from Sephora. 

These three products create the most perfect wearable nude/pink on me.  I use the Too Faced liner first to outline and fill in just a little.  This color is a lot lighter than the Stripdown that I use from MAC.  It is also more pinky nude.  From the first moment that I put this on I could tell that it is going to stay on.  It has a waxy feeling, in a good way, like it will not move.  Next I use the Celebutard right from the tube.  If you read my post about nude lips I told you that I rarely can use any type of nude directly from the tube.  Celebutard is definitely an exception.  It goes on with a matte finish,  that is why I need the gloss on top.  Over the top I add just a little touch of the For Keeps.  I have to tell you that this trio stays put and looks gorgeous!  Here are a few pictures of the products -

In the photo, the gloss looks frosty, it is not frosty at all.  It is very shiny and that is what the camera is picking up.  The liner is on the top and a small swatch of the lipstick is in the middle.  I know it is hard to tell from the pictures just how pretty and wearable these colors are.  I suggest running, not walking, to your nearest Ulta and/or Sephora and picking them up!

In the case of finding a pinky/nude lip trio - This case is SOLVED!
Detective Kathy

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