Foundation and Primer

Yesterday I started with my two favorite skincare products, today I'm moving on to foundation and primer.   The term "Makeup Detective" came about because Lynn and I are always on the search for products that perform.  I also say that I don't necessarily believe that less is more when it comes to makeup as you get older.  This is one case where I feel that more works for me.  As I age my skin needs more moisturizer and also a primer under my foundation.  When I was younger I never had to worry about this.  I would just put on the foundation and I was out the door.  My personal goal is to soften all of the lines around my lips and eyes.  Here are the products that I use to accomplish this task.

Step 1 -MAC Line Filler Base - This works amazing to soften the lines around my lips and eyes.  I put a small amount on after my moisturizer every morning.  It goes on like silk and never cakes. 

Step 2 - MAC Studio Finish Concealer - The color that I use in this is NC42.  I use this around my eyes to help conceal any dark and also on any blemishes that I might want to conceal.  I use a concealer brush to help this product go on smooth and even.  A little goes a long way.  I personally use my concealer first before foundation.  This is a personal preference as I know a lot of people use it after the foundation.  This may differ on my clients based on their skin.

Step 3 - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - The color that I use in this is NW35.  I use a small amount that I put on the back of my hand.  One pump does one side of my face.  I have a foundation brush though I actually prefer my fingers to apply this product.  If I were using it on a client, I would definitely use a foundation brush. 

TIP - In my years working in cosmetics I have personally found that a sponge for foundation really just soaks up all of the product and doesn't move around evenly.  A foundation brush will distribute the product evenly and give an almost flawless effect.  If you start in the middle of your face and work your way out.  This uses less product on the jaw line and more product where it is needed. 

Step 4 - Inglot AMC Pressed Powder - The color I use in this is #66.  If you are not familiar with Inglot they use numbers and not actual colors.  I use this with a big fluffy brush and put it all over my skin.  This makes my skin matte and not cakey at all.  I also use this to touch up throughout the day. 

These are my go to products of the moment.  I guess in the case of foundation and powder, this case is SOLVED!   Next up - Bronzer & Blush!!!
Detective Kathy

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