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As you continuing reading this blog you will find that for me, when it comes to nail polish, I am a Chanel girl through and through.  It all started back in 1994 when Chanel launched an extremely dark polish color called VAMP!  Demi Moore was seen wearing this in the movie, "Now and Then".  After seeing the movie I immediately called my sister Lori to go to the Chanel counter and GET ME THAT COLOR.  I was never really into nail polish back then but I was fascinated with this almost black shade.  I can still remember the day when she called telling me that they did not have in stock and there was a waiting list for the color a mile long. When I finally got my hands on Vamp nail polish, there was no turning back.  Lets just say that I was never put on a waiting list for any Chanel polish again!

My obsession with Chanel started with one polish and has gone much further.  Throughout the years I am always called to get the newest, hottest, limited edition, sell out shades.  There has been colors like Vamp, Black Satin, Blue Satin, Vendetta, Black Pearl, Paradoxal, Particuliere, Jade, Novelle Vague, Azur, and a limited edition collection of 4 that were made for the grand opening of the Chanel Boutique on Robertson Boulevard just to name a few.

Just when I thought Chanel couldn't possibly come up with new comes Summer 2011 and MIMOSA!! This is truly one gorgeous color.  Here it is in the bottle and on my nails -
It is funny because throughout the years people have come up to me asking me why I have such odd colors on my nails.  My response to them is - "If Chanel creates it, I will wear it." 

Can't wait to see what the Fall 2011 is going to bring to the tips of my fingers!

In the case of finding a unique polish for all 4 seasons - This case is SOLVED!

Detective Kathy

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