A break from the makeup talk ......

So today was obviously the Royal Wedding.  I had my DVR set to record this blessed event.  I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and found myself glued to the TV.  It brought me back to the day when I watched Princess Diana and Charles get married in 1981.  WOW that was so many years ago, I was just a young girl!  I probably wasn't even tan back then. 

My son is 17 and I asked him this morning if he knew who was getting married.  His response to me was, "Two famous people".  I then asked if he knew who those famous people were and thank goodness he said yes.  I told him to go and take a look at the wedding on TV for a minute.  I explained that someday his children will be watching William and Kate's children getting married, and he could tell his children he watched their parents.  I really cannot believe how time goes by, how things change, and people grow.  This was a wonderful moment in history that I am happy I was able to witness.  God bless William and Kate, may they live a long and happy life together.  Princess Diana must be very proud of her boy. 
Kate looked absolutely glowing and gorgeous.  Her sister Pippa looked gorgeous as well. Two words that come to mind are classy and elegant!

In the case of Prince William finding his soul mate - This case is SOLVED!!! 

Detective Kathy

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