Upcoming Investigation - Jouer Cosmetics

Just a sneak peek of whats to come this week -

I placed an order with Jouer Cosmetics!!! Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn't until I watched YouTube videos from MissGlamorozzi (I will put her YouTube link below).  Don't worry, me being the good detective that I am jumped right on the case!!  I had to order some glosses to see what it's all about.  Once I receive the package, I will do a review and let you know if Jouer is something that needs to be investigated a little further!

Here are some fun facts about Jouer Cosmetics -

Jouer means "To Play" in French, and play is exactly what I will do when my package comes.  Jouer's mission statement - They have wearable colors, intelligent packaging, effortless beauty, quality formulas and they are beauty's little black dress. 
I am excited to see what Jouer has to offer.  It seems whenever I investigate a new cosmetic company, I start with their lipgloss.  If the lipgloss makes it into my makeup bag, and not just into my collection, I know it's good.  Lately I have been liking smaller and unique cosmetic companies.  I will be tracking the FedEx package like a stalker the next few days.  I cannot wait to get to the bottom of Jouer!!

Detective Kathy

MissGlamorozzi's YouTube link -

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